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First Mature Sauerbraten Release
Sauerbraten, the followup to the cube engine, has its first mature release, with a new lighting system and mostly working gameplay. The sauerbraten engine allows map editing in game much better than Cube ever did, and as such it is truely mappers heaven.

info and screens:
There goes my evening. 
I Second That 
I loved the approach you took with the cube, and I cant wait to see its next gen incarnation. 
I've Browsed 
your site forum before asking this question so sorry if I missed any related answers to it. The principles involved in cube geometry are similar to those in subdivisional modeling. Is it possible, at least in theory, to import models into sauerbraten with a good subdivisional modeler like Wings3d? 
I didn't try Cube, but running around in the Sauerbraten editor was pretty damn neat. It was really easy to just sit there and start making blocks, I thought it was very intuitive. I don't know how to do any of the angling stuff, but it's pretty fun making a ton of blocks as it is. Looks good so far, keep at it. 
wonder how u handle hidden surfaces? are they auto removed? 
nm I read the text 
It is very unlike subdivision modelling. Sauerbraten's geometry structure is unlike anything else, and convertion (even from its closest cousing, Cube) is a bad idea. Besides, using a modeller to create geometry for Sauerbraten would completely defy the point, given that using the later is about 10x quicker and more fun.

Sauerbraten does back face (wow!) and view frustrum culling, but not yet occlusion culling. That's for a future release. 
10x Quicker 
um, thats reverse for any complex geometry 
A Little Thing... 
It would help numpties like me if the first line of the "info and screens" page said something other than "a new version of cube", because I don't (didn't) know what cube is either :)

Sounds very cool now I've read around a bit, though. 
Looks like a pretty big upgrade from Cube. Is that real 3D I see? :D 
Great work Aard, just messed around in this a bit and it's lots of fun messing around with the cubes, maybe I'll try and make something with it someday. =) 
Sauerbraten is a German speciality (�sour roast�), consisting beef roast marinated for several days in a sour/sweet marinade of vinegar and/or beer and spices (cloves, bay leaves, peppercorns, onions, etc.), and then brasied in the marinade. Crumbled Gingersnap cookie crumbs are frequently used to thicken the pan juices.

P.S. Shots look like it's visually a lot better, which is cool. 
frib is aliiiiivee! what's up dude... come see me in irc.

A bal map for sauerbraten? ???? profit!!! 
Played with it for about five mins here at work. Jeez, just as easy as I remember Cube editing being. Good work Aard!

Is there an invert mouse command yet? default mouse is strange to me.

Oh, and rename the engine Cube^3 :D 
Will do! I'll just have to install some irc client at home. 
Invert mouse is in the autoexec.cfg.

This kind of engine makes me want to make very weird conceptual maps... 
I want to see what that looks like! :) 
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