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Polish Duel Mappack
The final version of Polish Duel Mappack has been released today. It is a set of five maps designed for 1-vs-1 fights (most of the maps have also 2-vs-2 option) for Q3 CPMA. The pack can be grabbed from the official PlDuel page - there you'll find a list of all available mirrors and a lot of interesting informations about the maps and their makers.
You can check the pack in practice at Swelt's server
Have fun!


I checked the full directory, and all the (big) screenshots are really good !! Nice work.. ! 
I Like The Second Shot 
looks nice. very nice? yes. very nice. 
Dont Play Quake3 But Install 
i install then plduel2 and 4 are very good nice textures!!! but like more plduel2 becouse of the light�s more clean map! good work! 
3 is my favourite, both graphically and gameplay wise. 
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