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#terrafusion. Move To Quakenet?
After the recent weeks of netsplits and difficulties with Gamesurge, I'd like to know if anyone is opposed to us moving to Quakenet?

The irc server is and channel will remain #terrafusion. Please join in support.

If you do not visit #terrafusion, don't bother replying.
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i'm tired of gamesurge splits.
let's move to proper quakenet, fellas :> 
Yes And 
for more info 
I haven't had any problems with netsplits to be honest. But I don't mind where the channel goes as long as the general status quo is maintained and there is good discussion of mapping, porn, gaming, the stupidity of other gamers/other humans, obscure music, general philosophy and accusing each other of being ravingly gay. 
[02:35] <scampie> metlslime, Vondur: either of you opposed to a thread at func asking if anyone minds a move to quakenet?
[02:35] <metlslime> i think that's okay
[02:35] <Vondur> yea 
On Reflection. 
I vote no (to the move, not to the thread). 
just name yourself MrShambler or Shamblah you whiner. 
I Am Comfy 
where I am. 
Also, Moving Forward 
Quakenet's channel bots are no where as indepth in their user levels, which means that the power will shift more toward all ops having mostly equal power. I won't be protected as much, and I'm sure you will all enjoy that. 
I will support this move as long as czg promises to improve his general behaviour and stops harassing/making sexual threats against me. 
Mostly Indifferent, 
but if you're going to move the channel anyways, how about naming it something more relevant than Terrafusion?

(of course, I don't have any good suggestions). 
renaming tf is totally out of the question!!!

but moving it sure whatever. Dont care. 
yes plz 
by the way, i have encountered many more netsplits in quakenet than in gamesurge so far.... 
What's It Matter 
Me and RPG are banned. Hi RPG. 
The difference being that RPG is likely to get unbanned :P. 
I vote that Shambler goes ahead and registers the channel and then encourages people to move over so that he gets ownership. 
Too Late, Scampie Already Did 
Actually I thought he probably would. 
I don't care which one really, doesn't matter much to me. The only way this really affects me is with speed mapping, so if we do switch over I imagine we'd have a #speedq1 on quakenet? 
Think About It 
Who here actually uses quakenet? Are the netsplits in fact better? If Spirit is right then there's no point. 
Neither RPG or Phait are banned currently.

in any case If you do not visit #terrafusion, don't bother replying. 
Gamesurge has been sinking into a slow demise since the day they took over Gamesnet. Their Chanserv is the only good thing about them.

There is a channel on Quakenet ATM to test out the network and come visit if you want. 
Netsplits In Gs? 
didnt experience any netsplits in gs ?!? qnet sucks, too many kiddies. im there anyway tho, so it doesnt matter too much :) 
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