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The Lost Chapters
info and screenshots:

direct download 15.5mb:
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Review Is Up: 
I bet it has a score and all =| 
I really liked Eric (wonder, who is that) map
That was interesting

Necros looks impressive, but those areas you can't get out from are silly. Gameplay was meh - left them fight eachother 
Forgot That 
"but those areas you can't get out from are silly"

that annoyed me a lot too. 
Those screens look quite bright, or is it just me? 
I was wondering about this before completing the review
FitzQuake's seemed too dark... I used DP for those shots, and they're completely unmodified
My take was, well, at least you can see what's going on in the shots 
screens need some more contrast

but did you rate the levels like said in site faq (out of 10 for construction/looks + out of 10 for gameplay) 
hmm, screenshots looks ok to me, although i could adjust them easily.same as most of the other reviews.

As Tronyn mentions, if anything its best to be on the side of too bright, [so you can see the details] rather than too dark. 
Thanks for the review, i really like to get feedback to my stuff. 
Some Great Looking Maps, But ... 
Ionous' map was a bit boxy and had too little armor (only in secret), otherwise it had solid gameplay and sufficient ammo/health. Secret were difficult to find and a GL would've been nice for variety in combat.

Eric's was very different and in a good way, having diverse architecture and interesting lighting (doesn't q1rad have any -extra samples ...?). Layout felt explorative although not very intuitive. Combat was challenging, especially with the stiff ammo shortage (mainly shells), but manageable.

Zwiffle's was almost in traditional [Kona] style with two-story layout and with attractive blueish ingredients. Combat was pretty tense with many close-up ambushes but had good balance. Couldn't find the secrets ...

Kell's Lucifer map was very good-looking (in all aspects) and more in recognizable Contract style. However, I found combat too hard and frustrating as well as progress being confusing. Too many teleporters and similar walkways. Btw, why was this map called secret?

Kell's Golden Sorrow map was even better-looking, but gameplay was again too hard. The GK trap felt absurd (taking on four droles and some scrags in a confined space with pea shooters) and the exit arena was also unbalanced with lava everywhere.

Necros' map was unfortunately in the same vein; very good looks (although with an unfinished feel), but frustrating gameplay. Fighting the drole hordes was weird; them having both the power of the RL (while the player had nothing) and much higher speed. Not to mention their rage attack ...

Vondur's map had much better gameplay; even the usually annoying Chthon fight was reasonable, thanks to sheltering architecture. Visuals were good, very vertical but maybe a bit repetitive and some more room for movements wouldn't hurt.

The final boss map was very good-looking but the vermis was tricky to deal with before finding out how to use the shield effectively. The vermis itself had great skin and animation and resembled of the Dune worms, albeit a bit smaller ...

General impression was great theme and still varied maps and the new enemies looked good (especially the drole and vermis), but were unbalanced. The drole and voreling were too powerful/fast for typical fun Quake close-up combat.

Most drole fights were just a matter of using the most powerful weapon as fast as possible and at secure range to avoid heavy damage or instant death. Pretty annoying after a few rounds. The polyp wasn't so bad, except maybe for its whiny sound. Its damage was reasonable and it was rather eager to get into infighting.

One contributor to the unbalanced gameplay was probably the fact that you couldn't accumulate weapons. Some of the maps seemed to expect the player to be heavily armed and not coming in with just the shotgun and no armor.

Still, impressive stuff! I hope there'll be more maps in this style but with better gameplay. 
I like the Lost Marshmallow 
re-post with http:// please... 
There should be an http:// tack-on bit of code...

I dunno why this happened, but when I relaunched QUake and reloaded my save later, the skin showed. At first I thought "what the... is that the monster?" but I wouldn't believe it. ;) 
Are you using FitzQuake 0.75 by any chance? That looks like the skybox bug. 
http://that's http://a http://terrible http://idea.

Also: give 0.80 a try. Some people like it. 
It's Not A Terrible Idea 
Many other sites do it.

Anyway, I'll give 0.80 a try. Oh by the way, since there is a lack of model interpolation in FQ, the hanging bodies looked kinda odd as they "rotated". 
since net was broken last night I actually got round to finishing the chapters. (And checked a bit of those old maps I played earlier.)

I played Vondur's map first back then weeks ago and I like it the best from all the chapters. A bit tight ammo, some annoying jumps and at least one wank-the corner drole and a similar vore. What's the use to put such (or any) monsters in a box / lower pit / where you just have to patiently ssg shoot-hide-shoot-hide them. Boring. The boss didn't do me one point of damage - I was too well shielded.

Kell's golden whatever was nice, kinda an intermediate style map. Some tough fights but manageable. It felt kinda comfortable.

Zwiffle's map was in my opinion a bit too modest and 2-d. I ended up running past enemies in the end since I had no ammo.

Ionous' map was the toughest - I had to put the droles and vores infighting many times by running and attracting the vore balls and making them hit the drole. Lots of save-loads and retries. Some wank-the-corner vores on the high platform. A bit boxyish and uglyish.

Necros' map was almost unplayable because of bad fps - it was just too open for the quake engine and the hordes were a bit too big. At least give some ammo! And the places where you could drop to but not get out were bad. Map felt a bit unconsidered, although it had it's pretty places and atmosphere (the droles majestically descending the huge stairs). Ran past enemies in the end here too.

Eric's map was an odd experience. Almost no monsters in the early part - that would have made a difference. And maybe a bit more guides to the player - now I was wandering back and forth a lot. The latter part of the map was awesome. Talk about a library. :)
Was the cemetary supposed to float in void? At least there was no ground brush there for me and the stones were in mid-air. And what was the thing with that book? More back story please.

Kell's lucifer platformvoidmap was ok'ish I guess. Good-looking at least. A bit similar walkways and no clear idea what to do and where to go to - spent a lot of time just wandering. No idea what the keys and buttons did.

End - I was curious what happened when I pushed all the buttons (was waiting long)... I thought there was some gimmick there, until I realized what it did. The boss model and animation and the attack idea was extremely nice - but the gameplay mechanic could have been more interesting.
Btw now I tried to jump to the teleport before the kill but it just didn't work, just fell to death what didn't make any sense. You should have made it so it's not possible to jump in.

Whole pack:

Death knights and SG/SSG with reasonable retreat space make very boring combat where you never take any damage, but still take long to kill them because they have so much hitpoints. Actually death knights are quite boring in most situations.

The new enemies were refreshing - the polyp was a bit annoying when it was invisible, but I guess I could bear it. The drole was a bit too strong overall. If his running dash were shorter, it could be a more bearable enemy. The voreling was funny. The hammer was definitely a good idea. The powerups were allright. Not very often used though.

Overall: good effort, this is a pretty big thing.

Make for the next project a more linear progression for better feel and inject some story! And don't be afraid to give other weapons than ssg. ffs! 
Very Worthy Map Pack 
Just wondering though, is Kell gonna release the Source code for those monsters? ;) 
Finally got back home, downloaded and played it.

A very good pack of good maps and great theme.

Thanks Kell & Necros and everyone contributed to this project.

As for me, I enjoyed Kell's void map and Vondur's one most of all. Mosters were good (though Polyp was annoying) and those little baddies (don't remember their name) were very fun. Boss wasn't that fun but was good anyway. Models were cool. Flying fires were amazing.

Contract Revoked never ends, keep 'em comin'! 
I'm currently trying to make a map using the chapters features and can't find the original documentation for mappers working on the pak. I know there is a bit in the contract revoked: the lost chapters thread, but can't find the stuff that was on kell's site (contract_tutorial.html)

Can anyone help? 
If You Download 
The original workstuff, there should be a tutorial in there on how things work. >_< I think it's an .html. 
I had guessed at close, but no bacon :(

I'll probably get some more mapping done tomorrow, then scrap it and give up sometime next week ;) 
Great Thanks 
Eric's map impressed most of all 
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