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Speedmapping Returns! New Speedmap Pack!
Speedmap pack #93 marks the return of Speedmapping!

This pack was organized by Zwiffle, and he was joined by Hrimfaxi and Headthump to create 3 maps in the week's theme: No Bases.

Visit to download the pack. And while you're there, the archives have returned, so grab some of the old school packs while you're at it!
Hrimfaxi's was really good. He worked 5 hours on it. Thump's was surprisingly large, though it had it's problems. Not bad considering he was drunkish when he made it. Mine is not better than Hrimfaxi's, despite the name.

Oh yeah, sorry for screwing everything up this weekend. I'll try harder next week! 
Webby Quibbles 
"Latest Event: Speedmap #93 7/24/04" -- an odd date.

Also, the link on the front page is wrong (should be, not

Good to see speedmapping back! (haven't played the maps yet, bloody dial-up) 
Blame scampie I guess. He fixed the webpage. There's a working link in the speedmap thread a few posts up. 
Nice Ones! 
Hrimfaxi's have a very good textures quality and placement! good to have u gays back again! 
Nice Ones! 
Hrimfaxi's have a very good textures quality and placement! good to have u guys back again! 
zwiffle's - good choice of textures, good lighting and simple but not at all boring gameplay. A short little romp.

headthump's - lighting was b0rked - I think you maybe screwed up your sunlight - so I played in fullbright. Messy layout+architecture and some annoying bits with stairs higher than standard height etc. But plenty of combat and a decent evocation of the E2 vibe.

hrimfaxi's - OMG a knave speedmap!!11! good layout, great lighting, nice features like the pillars and spiral stairs. Combat got hard and I godmoded the last shambler, but was an enjoyable voyage from beginning to end.

Cool, keep it up :) 
Thanks Kell, 
Very perceptive observations as well -- I had Wizard Manse and Hell Revealed for Doom2 on my mind when I was pushing the brushes around. 
Well Well. 
Headthumps - Crashed GLQuake, GG.

Zwiffles - Standard small speedmap.

Hrimfraxis - Excellent, worth playing by the standards of NORMAL maps let alone speedmaps. Okay it's 5 hours but even so. Nice design quality, decent layout - obviously both simple but it's a SM-ish, and fun and well balanced gameplay.

Someone tie Hrim up and force him to make normal Q1 SP maps. 10 hours should be enough =). 
Great Pak 
Hrim's was best with its Contract feel and vertical action. A bit uniform textures and stark lighting, but very nice and roomy brushwork.

HeadThump's leaked and will probably crash most normal engines. Otherwise a nice map with very varied texes and brushwork and a great dome design at the exit.

Zwiffle's was smaller but with good texes and layout. As usual a bit stiff with the ammo but sufficient.

Good, solid gameplay and challenge in all maps. 
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