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Download the pack anyway. It's something to do for a couple minutes, eh? Authors include Tr0n, bambuz and Zwiffle. The theme for this week was 'Down the Rabbit Hole'
Zwiffle may yet put some screenshots of the maps, or some actual info on the page.

Everyone loves to stare at those huge panoramic screenshots and rich back stories :) 
sm94_bam: a bit tight in most places, and a lot of point-blank ambushes. Very dark lighting, but still fun and lasted a goodly time. Ending is evile.

sm94_tron: um, bright, odd and Most Obviously Alice Related. Nice castley thing. Combat made much gibbage.

sm94_zwiffle: nice lighting, decent layout and challenging combat. Smart texture choice again. 
yeah I haven't done much mapping, and never sp. Still getting the hang of monsters / their placement. 
Some Carnal Funage 
Zwiffle's gets the prize for good game play. You got me gnashing my teeth a few times. I think the textures could have been varied up a bit, but the usage was solid all the way through.

Bambuz, a few good moments, but hunting for the gold key door at the end was annoying. I've got a bias for clear layouts, so its probably a personal nitpick.
Nice job on the lighting just inside the IkBase entrance. It was worth taking a moment to notice.

Tron, gets the prize for fallowing the theme consistantly. Rocks were cut nicely, and the texture was a pretty shade of green though no variation. The colors were all consistent with a Alice theme and inspired odiously pleasant thoughts.

I made a map for sm94, but it was a complete dog, so no submission. Maybe next time. 
got tron in 8 secs, can be done in 6 I think.
zwiffles I got in 13 secs, can be done in 11 if optimized I think.

fun maps. 
More map goodness. :D 
These follow in the grand tradition of speedmaps. 
Fun Pack 
Bambuz' map was extremely dark (lit by iklite!), had a big HOM in the GK room and some annoying cramped corridors. But gameplay was fun and reasonably balanced, although the GK route wasn't very obvious.

Tron's was very varied in textures and had some weird lighting, but combat was solid. But how did the brushwork get so messy?

Zwiffles' was pretty small, but with good and consistent looks and gameplay. The SK trap was dodgy; first time I got in I managed to sneak out before the doors closed and then I was shut out. Two HellKnights in those cramped quarters was rough though ...

Keep it up! 
Good Work! 
i loved all maps very goods :) just hate that beatch vore that had kill me wend supose to be a end in sm84_bam :) good work! 
thanks, it's really constructive, I'll pay attention to those things next time :) 
what do you mean HOM in the GK room?
The slime room? certainly it was small and
few brushes, no hall of mirrors for me. 
Turn on gl_clear and look at the ceiling to the right at the end of the room; a big part is just a HOM. I think it's caused by the pointy rocks meeting the ceiling in a bad way. 
worldcraft's vertex editor is bearable in user interface but it produces such waste at times. :C
I should switch to gtkradiant but its really hard to find decent depth documentation and q1 support is flaky (like the textures thing which requires some handwork all the time). 
brrr worldcraft for me is to hard...just start something but it was in Quark, but is realy hard take many time and i dont have that much time :( is a shame becouse i realy want to learn to mapping...maby if i go to a qhlan i may find someone with pacience to teach me for a few hour�s! 
There Are 
Decent tutorials for worldcraft (in the help file) and gtkradiant (in the net at least)
for making simple rooms, and it's easier from there on. 
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