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Top N Games
ok, its lame, but seeing all the top 10 threads popping up I had to do it. Yes we have had this thread a million times before, but personally my list has changed a lot since we last had this thread on qmap (last time it was 90% FPS, now some other genres have poluted my mind), and I hope maybe others have found new games as well.

Anyway, starting this thread gives me the opportunity to stick my list right at the top:

0. Doom 1&2 (SP)
1. QuakeWorld (MP)
2. Gran Turismo 2
3. Gothic 1&2
4. Advance Wars GBA
5. Total Annihilation
6. Descent 1&2
7. Cube (omg the arrogance! :)
8. Quake (SP)
9. Dungeon Keeper 1&2
A. Jedi Knight 1
B. Wipeout PSX (1)
C. Morrowind
D. Diablo 2
E. Puzzle Bobble / Bust A Move
F. Serious Sam 1&2

(ok, I made it a hexadecimal list, sue me :)
Jedi Knight 1 
is that dark forces or a different game? 
Different Game 
It was originally called Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II or something. 
is that the quake engine based one? dark forces was 2d right? So jedi knight II is then dark forces II or something :) 
no. there is:
Dark forces: custom doom-like engine
Jedi Knight (1): custom portal based almost quake level engine
Jedi Knight II: quake 3 based 
mark me down as another wipeout addict. ;) 
My List... 
In no particular order

Quake (hehe, how original :P)
Ultima 7 (both parts, althougt the first one gives more freedom)
System Shock 2 (I started it recently)
Turrican 2 (best platform game ever)
M.U.D.S. (old weird sport game)
Final Fight (the arcade)
Monkey Island 1 & 2
Rainbow islands
Parasol Stars
Master of Magic
Xcom: UFO and Terror from the Deep
Super Mario 3 
Oh C`mon Not Another One Please 
you are killing this board 
speedy your tolerance is admirable. ;) 
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