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SM96 Crashes Into Flames
But still manages to give birth to 2 beautiful baby maps before being consumed by the burning wreckage. OK, one is beautiful, the other is kinda ugly, but I'll let YOU decide which is which!!
Omfg Why Is Thsi News? 
totally should have gone into General Abyse.

Sorry for being a cock tonight, I'm going to bed now. 
Fun As Always 
sm96_zwiffle.bsp took one quick go. After seeing a shed load of shamblers and a quad I thought hmmm, better be quick on this one. Almost lost it about halfway through. :)

sm96_tron.bsp - damn that black shootable button behind the Vore!! grrrrr. I was doing my nut in trying to find out how to open the first door. Anyhoo, pretty cool map once you figure that part out.

I loves speedmaps me ;) 
go make proper giant sp level 
go make proper giant sp level

Ummm yes well. Zwiffles was what it was. Trons was a pretty cool map for a speed map apart from the button. Yay for RLs again. 
Sorry About That Black Button... 
After years of mapping without a 3d card I often forget that glquake doesn't support fullbright colours in textures, will remember that next time. :) 
I Made A Very Small Map 
but the net has been dead for a couple of days. (i'm not writing this from home)

Well, it was shit anyway...
I can upload it someday. 
Hell Yeah! 
e-mail it to zwiffle and I am sure he could link your map from the page as well as a seperate download maybe. 
Did It 
Tough Maps 
Tron's map had good but challenging gameplay, mainly due to lack of health (and/or armor). Visuals were OK, but outside lighting was weird (overlapping low-wait "sunlight" in different directions), why not use proper ambient sunlight?

Zwiffle's had interesting texes, but no real gameplay and not enough ammo (or one too many shamblers ...).

Keep it up! 
The Outside Lighting 
I did actually originally have a proper sunlight setup, but when I tried to compile it Tyrlite crashed. Swiftly running out of time, rather than spending hours tracking down the offending entity I just switched to arghlite, which I couldn't find sunlight settings for. 
:) Cool 
come from 15 days in holidays so there it goes my reviews!

sm96_zwiffle :) a shamblers orgy!!!

sm96_tron very nice map! very simple, nice textured and with a real nice game play!

congratz to all 
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