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Teh Intarweb!
Thread for general intarweb discussion. Don't like it? Piss off to the next "p1mp my lame alpha map / quiz contest / mod design document etc etc" thread then.

Okay, most of us are intarweb veterans to one degree or another, and most of see it grow and expand and the trends that come and go. So discuss any general net / net-cultured related shit here.

Myself, I have a few thoughts for starters...

1. Website funding via banner and other ads - increasing all the time, getting more intrusive and more desperate to get the ads in your face, obviously mostly to cover site costs. Is it actually a feasible business model? Is it sustainable? Given I've clicked on about 2 adverts in about 250,000 page views (and one of those I felt soiled doing), where the hell is it all going?

2. Download sites - getting more and more fucking annoying. These days it takes bloody longer to find a download link for the average 200meg game demo than it does to download the damn thing. The glory days of finding a direct download within a click or two and snatching it into DAP are long gone. Now anything like gamingsite/com/fpsdemo.exe is guaranteed to be a multi-page mess of increasingly obscure and recursive links to nowhere. One would think that these sites would be quite keen to give us promotional materials for games that allow them to exist in the first place....but no they make this sort of promotion as obtuse as possible. Stop it please. Game devs, get some deal and some bandwidth sorted and get your promotions to your customers as easily as possible.

3. Pr0n - god it is ridiculously fucking accessible. Okay so it's been ridiculously fucking accessible for ages, but even so, anyone who claims the intarweb is a tool of satan spreading the disease of perversity, depravity, and entirely correct. Okay, so I like pr0n, but even so I do worry what that much availability of filth (i.e. a lot of it and a lot of totally hardcore stuff) can do to the kids of today (e.g. intertia, phait etc...).

4. Pr0n again, vs. gore this time - why are these lumped together?? I mean stuff like Stile, where I *very* occasionally dare to pop in to see if there's some wacky fetish nonsense there, but hardly dare click any links for seeing someone drill his own eyeball out or equally repulsive shit. Okay so there's the whole "OMG" voyeuristic deal....but even so it seems strange that the perverse is so readily lumped with the horrific. To me anyway. Anyone else find even the weirdest pr0n kinda okay, but the mildest gore just fucking foul?

5. Online communities - well cool, like-minded individuals, easy communication, global communication. Yeah!

Ummm yeah so discuss any shit...
People likeing gore = all faith lost in humanity. 
I Concur 
with RPG. Ogrish and shit seriously disturb me, I can't understand how people can look at shit like that for pleasure. I really can't. Stile has some good porn, but I stopped going there after seeing some .jpg link of a girl popping an eyeball out of her head. Real or not, I do not find that sort of stuff ... viewable at all, really.

Porn = good, but there will always be those fucked up people who like to see pics of people cutting their own dicks off (FUCK YOU JAGO I HATE YOU!!!! >:( ) 
Fat Queer Angry Cocks From Outer Space That Glow And Make A Noise 
Ads are a hassle, especially the flash overlay breed. If I (and you) was really bothered by them, I'd install some ad filtering proxy or something.

For your downloading, please to be using the fucking bittorrent you shmab. (

Porn should be gotten via bittorrent too. If inertia takes damage watching some black dude get fisted by a guy in a clown costume and enjoying it, well, that would be really funny.

People don't like gore, they happen upon it and are like EWWWWWWWWoooooo what the hell is that? and they can't help but look. Sites who serve up gore (, stile sometimes) just do it because they are omg so edgy and d�rk�r. On the other hand, the japanese and their guro totally freak me out. Waita Uziga, brrr.
Safe articles:

Online communities are cool especially when they are dedicated to photoshopping nude characters from LotR:

And cats! 
Downloads: I never seem to have all that much trouble(?). Apparently I either don't download much stuff, or else I'm just lucky.

Pr0n/Gore: They both have a smooth continuum from "cool!" to "OMG bleach my eyes". Of course, I suppose it depends on how you're defining "gore". If we're talking about violence/pain, I have certain short clips that make me giggle every time I watch them (e.g. the dumbass drinking the flaming shot that he forgot to blow out first and almost setting his friend on fire ala Dhalsim, the dipshit trying to jump his bike and slamming his face into a bush, the kung-fu guy who starts off so cocky and then knocks himself retarded when he tries to do a back flip and headbutts the floor)--I love seeing stuped people fuck up. Now, would I enjoy them as much if someone was *seriously* hurt? Well...define seriously, but no. :)

It's all on a sliding scale, and the point at which someone becomes uncomfortable rather than entertained will change from person to person. Same deal with porn. I'd actually rather watch a guy drilling his eyeball (as revolted and horrified as that would make me) rather than watch some of the seemingly popular porn where women are painfully abused, treated like shit, and are obviously just enduring and waiting for the "cut". Fuck that shit and I hope everyone who enjoys it dies in a fire.

Note for the slow: Nowhere in the preceding am I saying that "okay" is completely relative. There will be some disagreement and shades of gray, but some things are obviously just wrong unless you have psychological issues or an extra chromasome or two floating around. 
Ever Read The Gore Discussions On Stile Forum Or Blog Wars? 
Apparently gore is an aquired taste. I remember someone saying he initially hated it, but now he likes it. Blargh.

Pr0n/Gore: They both have a smooth continuum from "cool!" to "OMG bleach my eyes".

I agree regarding porn, but I disagree entirely about the gore. Absolutely no gore is cool in my opinion. Not even the non-bloody stuff you discribed, pjw; and especially not the penis-cutting thing Zwiffle mentioned. And then there was the subsequent 100-post discussion about whether or not it was completely photoshopped. Ugh. 
is ok, if you use proper firewall that cuts off ads on sight (agnitum outpost)

is good cuz there's t0rrentz0r and #warez and irc so u can waste your time chatting and warm up router leeching stuff.

is good cuz there's a lot of good sites that inspire and offer nice tutoruals

is good cuz there's free pr0n

is a tool of satan 
The Internets 
1) Addblock. And yes, it does pay off. Hell, do you know why there's so much spam? People profit from it, i.e. some actually buy the stuff. "Oh looky, I can refinance the mortgage of my bigger penis with generic v14gr4!"

2) I've never had an issue with this, since local gaming mag has an awesome, extremely accessible DL site.

3) Freedom of speech etc. blah blah. Nothing good parenting can't solve (rare commodity these days though).

4) GURO! No, I don't get it either, but there are worse things. (see point 5)

5) This, like the rest of the internet, has two sides. Get an account of Yahoo groups and take a look someday. It's like a trip to the Bizarro World. 
Not organized well enough, and doing so is a major task. It'd probably mean compartmentalizing too many things into genres/titles/definitions and before you know it you've offended somebody because their ___ doesn't fit anywhere.

I mean how many of us have searched for something that IS out there only to have to wade through hundreds, thousands of non-specific information? Maybe it's the search engines... half the time it's not utilizing the power of a search engine.

Also um the internet is addicting I can attest to that. Damn the internet and damn me more for not having the discipline. 
The Good Old Days 
It's easy to condemn the state of the Internet these days. Things like Microsoft helping the Chinese government to erode it's population's freedom. Spam, spyware, and corporate intrusion at probably an all time high. Banal weblogs. MPAA & RIAA suing everybody. Everybody pimping their ass trying to turn a buck. Maybe things were better 10 years ago.

However, I still find there are plenty of happy, altruistic people out there. Plenty of sites of interest that aren't bogged down with ads and pron diallers. I still enjoy the Internet as a whole even though it is harder to wade through the shit. It's just a shame that Internet newbies don't get time to find their feet these days before hitting the minefield. 
you will like the site im building... launch will be soon! :) 
Some really interesting views here. Teh g0re thing first.

PJW - I agree with the continuum thing. However for me at least the threshold at which gore becomes unbearable is much lower than that at which pr0n becomes unbearable. But I think like you part of my sensitivity is about people being hurt/abused. I am not....squeamish about "abusive" pr0n, as most of the abuse is faked/exaggerated like every other aspect is (even though of course the job itself may suck), but I am....contemptuous of it. Like I've seen fairly un-hardcore p0rn with some moron ordering the girls around like slapping their ass and "suck my dick you bitch" and I just think "Shut the fuck up this is so juvenile and boring and completely unsexy". And I've seen some twisted shit where the girls are treated more as equals and it's much more palatable even if the acts are more perverse.

And, like what you said about the "blooper" clips, the more people get hurt the worse it is. I'll happily watch mad car crashes, stunts gone wrong and shit, as long as people aren't getting hurt in them. Like the one Fric posted of the Germans building a bonfire with petrol firelighters - that was fucking funny BECAUSE the guy, even though he got doused in fire, escaped laughing with just burnt eyebrows. But if there's people getting, it's fucking horrible, I don't want to see that shit for "entertainment".

CZG - Sites who serve up gore (, stile sometimes) just do it because they are omg so edgy and d�rk�r - haha! Still, they have an audience for that shit.

That NWS link you posted....that just is fucking funny. I don't find that offensive at all, sure it's fucking weird but there's no pain/violence/horror involved.

It does bring home part of the difference between the pr0n and g0re things - pr0n (at least consensual pr0n) is about acts that, however perverse, are for the purposes of pleasure (okay, apart from maybe harcore S&M, but that is both p&g). G0re is about things that are horrific and almost always have involved people's suffering to one degree or another, with little pleasure involved.

I was reminded of another good example of this - the "vibrator up the urethra" video inertia is so fond of. Okay so it's a bit fucked up and probably fairly uncomfortable (!), but it's a consensual act performed to satisfy an individual's choice of perversions, and although it looks fucking weird, I suspect the guy has "gradually widened" and it's not so dissimilar a body modification to those who extend their piercing holes.....which brings me neatly back to that pic of your CZG =).

The penis chopping off....that was borderline for me. In terms of actual bodily damage and gore, it's fairly minor....I wasn't so squeamish about it. In terms of the psychological aspects and considering why a person does that and what happens after, it's pretty psychologically disturbing.

I am glad to see people sharing a similar distaste for the g0re stuff though, as it seems in "hardened" online communities like this, people can be blase about it... 
Other Thoughts... 
Fric - Nothing good parenting can't solve Well, fair point, but even assuming parenting is as good as it should be, are parents really prepared for these new media and their possible consequences....the way society and media are changing and's a lot for a parent to deal with and take on board. I'm sure parenting is damn hard enough without the evils of teh intarweb....

Phait / Mega - myself, I don't have those issues with online stuff, sure there is X amount of shit out there, both just lying around AND being intrusive. But as for finding the information you want?? I think the internet is fucking great for that. Imagine having to go back to using libraries and shit?! I keep wanting search functions and find-on-this-page functions and stuff IRL....reality is so clunky and slow compared to the net.

Seriously though, I think the internet is a huge technological advance (in terms of USE of technology, not the actual tech), for both communication and information sharing. I think for that it really is what it should be (given various flaws but what do you expect??).

Finally, as for the ads and shit, I have no current problems with them, I have flash disabled, don't get many pop-ups, generally stick to know sites and stuff, and can tolerate the few extra banner ads. So I wasn't complaining, just wondering where the whole thing is going.... 
people, keep some vacation of all the porn and gore and violence and the whole fucking internet.

I'm getting sick of it all.

I'll loan my computer to a friend and start doing other stuff. It's summer after all. 
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