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Ideas/themes/franchises Games Should Be Based On??
Like, basing them on films, tv series, books, etc etc. Already plenty of games based on Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, a fair few based on movies and TV shows generally of no real interest, and some on comics or books of somewhat more interest. And of course the occasional and vastly improving game based on the ultra-rich GW universe.

What I think is good for the gamer about these games is being able to experience well known STUFF (characters, creatures, troops, settings, technology etc) from an interactive playing perspective - the familiarity and recognisability of that stuff can make it more enticing and give the gamer more of an attatchment than a completely arbitrary game universe.

So given that (feel free to disagree tho!), what sort of media ideas/themes/franchises do you think it would be good to have games based on? What would translate really well into a game world and be most intriguing to play??
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Yes, I know there's a metric asston of these games already, but damn it, MAKE A PROPER SIMULATOR FOR ONCE. All these "DFA Pizza Challenge Quakewarrior Assault Fest" games are getting old. 
I have some ideas that I really, really want to see come to light with a mod... but I don't know when I might pursue this. I like to think I would make a good creative director or some such, because I tend to recognize when things need improvement (I mean, have you seen alot of the crappy Doom 3 mods or skins that people are eating up but they're really way behind id Quality?) -- now that may be pretentious, but it would be beneficial to have someone with this attitude (while still humble) in a mod team.

Now, what would translate well to the game world. I dunno, I think we have enough fictional games out there, I'd like to see more present-day oriented ones, maybe simulators. Call me a dork but I'd love to play the role of a police officer, not like Max Payne, much more involved. Remember the original SWAT (or was it SWAT 2 with the FMV?). 
Some Really Classic Science Fiction 
could be ripe for the exploitation -- I'm thinking Zelazney's Lord of Light, Cordwainer Smith's Instrumentality of Mankind, or Bradley's Darkover series.

These titles are probably too obscure for a mainstream audience, so how about this -- ABC pays out a big fat wad of dough to Cyan (Myst)to develop Lost: The Game. 
Some Really Classic Science Fiction 
could be ripe for the exploitation -- I'm thinking Zelazny's Lord of Light, Cordwainer Smith's Instrumentality of Mankind, or Bradley's Darkover series.

These titles are probably too obscure for a mainstream audience, so how about this -- ABC pays out a big fat wad of dough to Cyan (Myst)to develop Lost: The Game. 
Games Workshop Titles 
There' s enough mythology and varietyt here to produce good games. 
jsHcK - sounds promising, you got any links for Car Wars media for us to check?

Zwiffle, I agree with that post in general. Star Wars etc, well they are strong universes, but they do little for me, just....the style doesn't appeal as much as others. AVP2 was great though, I think that definitely does have a well translatable style. I mean fuck, Aliens, who DOESN'T want to play that as a game??

nitin, well, that goes without saying!! You could probably make enough games for us gamers to play from the rest of our natural lives from GW universes =).

My thoughts....well when I think of gaming, I only really consider what I like - FPS, 3PS, RTS and RPG. And I do sometimes experience media that would translate well to that. Mostly books I think, don't watch too much visual stuff... Unfortunately I'm struggling to remember what ones have stood out at the moment!! Will think... 
Real World 
I'd like to play a simulation as an animal. I've always wondered what it would be like. FPS style.
Think about it - being a salmon.
Or an insect or a bird - flying would be fun! You'd have to catch food, avoid predators, mate, build a nest etc.. There are lots of forces and conflicts going on in the nature all the time.
Of course you shouldn't make it boring but not too easy either. 
Games Games Games! 
Reeling them off like a MOFO :

1) "Aliens" team strategy game (FPS). smartguns, pulse rifles, aliens. Like Republic Commando but FUCKING DARK AND SCARY AND PIDDLE RUNNING DOWN YOUR LEGS!! Couldn't go wrong if u tried. ALiens VS humans in multi-player of course.

2) Starship Troopers "mass combat" game, this is already being made... WOOT

3) Total Annihilation 2... this is already being made (Supreme Commander) :D:D:D:D

4) Time Team 3D! �_�

5) Hard Boiled 3rd person shooter. This would pretty much be like Max Payne except with evile japanesse people in it with massive guns that never run out of ammo ever. And stuff explodes 10x more violently than imaginable. Cinematic carnage. Has to have a "save the babies" subgame.

6) Like others said, any wh40k game has potential to own all, especially if they made an fps! (A good one that isnt GAY and a CONSOLE ported POS) Space Hulk 2006 anyone??? :D~~~ Also Necromunda would make a good game. Could even incorporate the rpg aspect of it (making your team better, getting better guns etc)

7) Yeah im tired now. 
A Streetcar Named Desire 
Car Wars Links 
Try these links for more Car Wars information.

Steve Jackson Games

SJ Games - Official Car Wars Page

AVRO - What Is Car Wars?

Classic Microgames Museum - Car Wars Page

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team - Links Page

I was a Car Wars tabletop fanatic until I got my first computer (Apple IIc) and discovered Wizardry. 
Unexploited Classic SF 
Isaac Asimov's Foundation universe as a Civ-style political strategy game.

Rudy Rucker's Software/Freeware/Wetware universe as an RPG or MMORPG.

Any game at all taking place in Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix universe. 
Great ideas, esp the first and last. Actually, the first interesting RTS idea I have heard in a while (no offense above posters, it is just no longer my genre of choice, Age of Empires is the antiQuake IMHO).

The last idea could make for a great Deus Ex killer. BTW, Heavy Weather was pretty decent, and the short story Dora Bangs blew my mind most bitterly (he has written a few dogs though). 
If They Did It Right 
The Warhammer/WH40k universe has the potential to pwn each and every one of the other gaming franchises. It's just I've never really seen it done "right" yet.

I'd love to see a Massive Combat(TM) FPS based in the WH40k universe, and a proper single-player campaign, not this lightweight multiplayer bollocks. And maybe the same thing in the Warhammer universe, except it would be more of a slash-em-up/magic-em-up with the medieval fantasy setting. 
I Thought Of One! 
An Alice-type game based on the Labyrinth film. That could pwn =). 
Only if Jennifer Connelly got her puppies out. 
But Seriously 
I agree with smabs - that would kick arse. (Was I the only one who was scared shitless of Labyrinth as a kid?) 
Yes. You pussy. 
It's Okay Kinn 
David Bowie's hair gave me nightmares too. 
No one can blame you
For walking away... 
Something similar to what Shambler said, but what about the Dark Crystal? Those roller-skating horseshoe crab thingies were cool enough. 
Cheesy Fantasy/SCI-FI 
While I am at it, I have envisioned games for these flicks since I was a kid:

Beastmaster -- the ability to shift control to your animal companions could be nifty

Logan's Run -- post-apocalyptic hide n' seek

The Sword & The Sorceror -- coolest blade ever! 
My dream title? It would be a text based adventure game. But with a bigbudget to really get the chat AI going well. You could even bolt on a 3d view of what is happening.

It would only sell seventeen copies but I would play it. :) 
I was really looking forward to American McGee's Oz, I liked Alice and figured Oz would be even more acid-y, but sadly that fell through. The toys look cool though.

Anyway, I was thinking about it and thought Oz would make a REALLY cool MMORPG. Don't ask me why, but it'd be neat to be like a flying monkey soldier in a flying monkey army attacking a myriad of mechanical tinsmen with axes/swords/chainsaws, having scarecrows/lions swarm out while the little Lollipop Guild shoots magical candy beams at everyone else. As an example.

I think lots of children's stories could be turned into fun, wacky, more adult oriented games, Alice already has been, Oz was going to be. Ummmm can't think of anymore popular ones, but would like to see Oz. 
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