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SM97 Found In Iraq!
Though hardly a threat, the US Government has proudly announced that terrorists in Iraq were planning to unleash SM97 on unsuspecting citizens around the world, but the US Armed Forces put a stop to it before anyone was harmed.

So, we put it up on the internet instead. SM97 - aka "Nowhere to Hide" with subtheme "We Miss You, CZG!" has been released, with 3 maps by Tr0n, Zwiffle and first-time Speedmappist Generic!!

Details, download and dark screenshots can be found on:
Fun Maps 
I enjoyed all of them this week.

sm97_tron: BEST MAP EVER. should all give money to me for being so awesome. Or something. ;)

sm97_swiffle: FLAMING PENIS!!! Ahem. THis felt a lot like a deathmatch map in playability, not always a bad thing, although after finishing off the last Shambler I still couldn't find the end of the level and only randomly hit it after noclipping around to see if I had missed something.

sm97_generic: DAMN YOU VORES!!! Nice and big, another fun map. Very basic brushwork (a given since these are all speedmaps) but worked quite well I thought.

sm96_bam: BLAST FROM THE PAST!!! Well, just from a week ago but nontheless it was good to play Bams overdue entry for last weeks theme. This map was actually the most fun I had in the pack, the sloping ground outside meant that when fiends jumped, they jumped a FUCKING LONG WAY. A little low on ammo but I great possibilities for enemy infighting, by luring the Ogres grenades onto the fiends I only actually had to kill one Ogre myself. :) Also, was giving the quad damage against the Shamblers a theme in last weeks pack? :) 
Bam - only map I cheated on this week. Neat take on the idea.

Zwiffle - the ending message was better than the map and probably took more mapping skill.

Generic - quite nice actually, relied almost entirely on infighting which is cool but could have done with a tad more health to encourage that (as there was piss all ammo). Go make a full map, generic.

Tron - nice room, probably best tribute to CZG. Woefully unbalanced gameplay but the design is worthy of a room in a full map. 
Bam : Reminded me of those "my house" maps everybody used to make for Duke3d. :)
Zwiffle : LOL!
Genenric : Same as Shambler's comment really. Good effort, once you get over the "oh shit! no ammo!" ;)
Tron : Great looking for a speedmap. A tad easy because most of the fiends decided to go skinny dipping in the lava. One of those things that can't be helped with limited mapping time. Good fun though.

Thanks all. 
Less than 8 hours... 
What The Fuck Shambler 
Why are you so fat? 
CZG Go Speedmap. 
You ass. 
For Shcambler 
Good Bunch 
Bambuz' map was a bit tricky and I first thought I couldn't get 100% kills when I remembered that the axe can sometimes be useful for other things than secrets ... No lighting makes any map look bad, though.

Generic's had good brushwork and texes, lots of infighting and was great fun. Actually, infighting was probably required due to ammo shortage. Lighting was weird though; fullbright and darker areas mixed.

Tron's map was best, had undoubtedly the most Quakey feel and some real harsh (but survivable) gameplay. It took me several attempts to just get off the lower area. Great oldskool cave style and texes. Lighting was good (especially the lava pit), although some lower areas were too dark.

Zwiffle's had good brushwork/texes, lighting and sufficient ammo :) But taking on three shamblers with a DSG was a bit tedious. One telefragged, next causing heavy damage in melee combat and last one slowly sniped with the SG. A SNG or quad would've made a lot of difference here. 
It will be a little longer, not because of me intentionally delaying, but rather due to trying to figure out what is causing a compiler error of doom (tm). It will be out as soon as I get that figured though. 
o.k there it goes my opinion!!!

sm96_bam.bsp not bad was fun untill the 3 shambler�s :)

SM97_generic.bsp cool map but!!! (more amo please...)

sm97_tron.bsp best map in pack real playble map

sm97_zwiffle.bsp nice textured!!! the end rocks!!! :p

nice work guys!!! 
Oh, cool. Thanks for letting me know.

I don't mean to volunteer someone else, but if you need help just post something in the Mapping Help thread. Lots of helpful people watch the thread, such as aguirRe for example. 
for all of the groovy feedback, in particular:

Tron -- I thought your map rocked this pack!! You managed to supersede the level of mayhem I attempted to achieve in my map AND your brushwork was fantastic!

AguirRe -- Infighting was the key to my map, although I probably could have added more ammo and the option of going back and annihilating everything :D I did want to try using the Sunlight setting to light this map, but I ran out of time. I may post some questions about that later...

Shambler -- Sure, what kind of map would you like?

Everyone Else -- Thanks for playing and sorry about the ammo :) 
Try this:
light -fast -soft -extra4 -gate 1 -light 40 -addmin -sunlight 170
-sunmangle 45,-80 -sunlight3 70 -range 0.025 -dist 0.9 sm97_generic

It overloads sunlight onto your existing lighting. 
One you feel inspired by making =). I think if SM97 is what you can do in a speedmap time, you should be able to make a good full length map... 
How did it end up like that, did you try the above line or what happened? I've uploaded a batch file here that you can use:

Make sure to get the latest Light from my site. 
Okay, I downloaded the newest Light program and ran the batch file. The results were much better this time:

(although the screencap is kinda dark)

Thanks a bunch! 
Thanks for the vote of confidence! 
That's More Like It 
although I prefer a GL-engine to check out lighting. Especially take a look at how the shadows now works in the two narrow passages. Noclip outside to get a better overview of the canyon.

All parameters can easily be tweaked to your liking. 
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