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LunSP1: Concentric Devastation
What can I say? It's done. 199 monsters on Hard difficulty, so get it and start blastin'.

Info, screenshots, and download:
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The readme (haha, right):
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Thanks to all who contributed, and have fun.
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Try adding engine option -heapsize 48000. If the heap is low, the engine might start thrashing objects in and out and then the disk icon in the upper right corner is flashing. This info is also in my ToolTips. 
I launched the game with PatMan (a utility which allow to select mods / See my website for those who are interested), and in the command line, I had only -heapsize 16000. I 've just changed the value up to 48000, and it works fine now. thankqs a lot.. 
It's Probably 
sufficient with 32 MB, but 16 is definitely too small for FQ (default is 32). 
I was able to finish the level thank to aguirRe help, and I think it was very good. Very good design architecture, many interconnects, interesting textures (even the rocks ;)...), and very good as well lightning effects.
Maybe the level is a little bit confusing sometimes: I was completly lost 2 or 3 times due to the amount of interconnection... you see the area where you have to go, but you are unable to find it... my memory have still to be improved...
In anyway it's a really good level... I had fun for sure.. Thanks for this Lun' ! 
hope u made the DM map ;) is easyer know becouse the map is done just a few changes...eheheh 
Fine Fine Map 
except the end. Some very funky architecture and well connected although a bit more direction would have been good.

As for the end, given how much you complain about frustrating, luck dependent gameplay where the player almost has no chance first time around, I was surprised to see that sort of fight in your map.

Apart from that, it was great. 
Almost Done 
I'm playing on Hard and have found this to be a fun, interesting, well built and expansive map with some big scale areas. The sounds and textures borrowed from Q2 fit in well. The new enemies are good and are not frustrating.

I have found 4 secrets and the crate and I hope to find more after taking a second look. The ones I have found are clever and varied.

I am at the end battle with slime Cthon and I guess my brain isn't working becuase I haven't got the combination right yet so I decided to take a break and make my comments here. I played with the buttons before waking him and haven't quite got the formula.

Aside from that, this is a great map and much needed in these quiet days. 
Finaly got around to this, great work, I really like the layout: I always felt a bit lost, but never enough for it to be a nuisance, which is exactly how I like maps. =)
New monsters were nice, visuals were great, was able to zap Cthon once (pure luck), then died and couldn't be bothered to try again though. =\

Great map. 
Managed to get a copy of the map to my PC.

Enjoyed playing, even if I do suck at Q1SP. Got lost a few times (I'm inclined to agree with the need for a few arrows), but not enough to annoy me. The new monsters worked well, although I'm not a huge fan of the red enforcer's shield (I don't like the fact it forces a particular (blitzgrieg) play style).

My only problem with the boss fight was the repeat speed of his projectile firing, slightly longer delay between shots would have made the whole thing slightly more bearable. 
Wow! I'm so happy to see that the awesome naming conventions pioneered in my maps are still wowing the crowds to this day! :)

Haven't had a chance to play the map yet, looks good though! I might just reinstall quake for this special occasion... 
If LunSP1 were to receive your approval I would be happier than a clam in a field of dutch tulips. 
Not that I don't appreciate everyone else's approval, of course. I'm also happy about that. 
Hello IP Adress! 
This map sucks, and you should never map again! My eyes are really sore from watching your crummy maps. Please hault this onslaught. 
My soul has withered.

Like a clam in a field of Dutch tulips. 
Someone slap that evil DaMaul impersonator around with a trout. The real DaMaul has yet to play Lun's map. 
My deepest sympathies, now please refrain from comparing IP adresses in this thread. 
Go suck a uranium fuel rod. 
Lunsp1 Speedrun... 
Run to GA, drop down, use Fiend to get onto slope and jump to YA, run round and press both buttons to extend bridge, run through and rightwards, kill annoying monsters then steep slope slide to GL. Drop down, run back to bridge, double GJ off any lurking monsters to exit.

Any takers? 
Challenge Accepted 
Oh, and as for enforcer shields, here's the breakdown.
When they spawn they have no shield, and when they're awakened the shield activates at 0. It recharges a few points per frame based on difficulty (it's 1 + skill). HP's are subtracted from shield strength first, then health. Therefore, the best tactic is to never relent on the attack so that you don't waste too much ammo chipping away at the shield because you're a lazy bum and let it recharge. Nailguns are therefore best (SNG is damned effective), shotguns not so good (single shotty is basically impossible on skills higher than easy). Grenades do enough damage that it's inconsequential.

While this was almost never really taken advantage of in the gameplay, the shields are particle shields only. The lightning gun will fire right through it, shorting it out and reducing it to zero with no penalty. When the attack stops the shield recharges as normal.

It'd be fun to see a Q1SP that makes something of that ... ;)

It just so happens that I'm creating a SP mod at the moment, that will make Quake a much more interesting challenge. So I'll be re-using some of your code (and the "Grunt Chopper" model) for some of the tougher monsters ;-)

Hopefully, I will be releasing a major part of it at QExpo, although that depends enirely on how much work actually manage to get done over the next 2 weeks :-/

Feel free to pass on your thoughts...

Finally Played It 
Lighting was maybe a bit too bright, but it was very effective overall. I agree with Kell about the bridge that turned to stairs--very cool. Architecture was very sound and pleasing.

I wasn't so impressed by the red enforcers because they tended to take way too may shells to kill. I might have tried the nailgun on them, but I'm not about to waste precious nails on an enemy I don't know how to kill. I did suspect that the shield degenerated after each hit and then regenerated, but I wasn't sure how fast or how often. I ended up just blasting them with grenades after I got the grenade launcher.

Furthermore I have basically the same comments on the Cthon fight that everyone else had: too frustrating, not enough clues, no way out of the slime, and the slimeballs were nearly instant death. I even spent about 15 minutes in the room without picking up the red armor so I could figure out how to do it, and I still died three times after Cthon got added to the mix. The last bit of gameplay was rather easy compared to this fight.

The close-quarters fiend/slimefest at the beginning really chafed my chain, too. Otherwise combat was pretty good and offered some challenges and variety.

Ammo balance seemed a bit odd. At one point I ran out of ammo, and had to take a completely different path to try to get somemore before I met more enemies. Overall, the ammo seemed pretty tight at the beginning, and very plentiful at the end.

A good map and well worth playing until you get to the boss fight. 
RPG, thanks. :)

Feel free to pass on your thoughts...

Go for it. Just put me in the readme. 
Lun: Just Put Me In The Readme 
No problem :-) 
Played it only yesturday
Didnt mind green chton - just had to reload couple of times.
Layout lacked logical progression and I got lost a bit.
Easily jumped some gap that required brige triggred from other side ;/ so I think I played a section of the map 'backwards'. Oh well, non-linear layout got its ups and downs.
Cant say that slaying doezens of axemen or circling tougher enforcers was much fun... well, but secrets were nicely done.
One huge wide section with repeating beams and Chton room looked really good (esp the light effects on the electrodes). 
Jam Sandwich 
I know I am late to the party on this one (4 years too late) but I have always been a fan of Lunaran's Q3 work, so with my new Q1 exe in hand it is time to try the lucky skill dice on lunsp1.

I want to feel really excited and enthusiastic but for some reason I feel let down. I know lunaran in person so I just hope he does not take what I am about to say to heart. I expected the map to rock with amazing brushwork architecture and glorious textures that melted together to form some new base artform but I did not see anything like this.

I began with skill 0 in a very cool start room and an AI walking away from me. I felt so confident of surprise I decided to whip out the axe and have some fun with hand to hand combat instead of using the gun! It went really well and I was soon on my way through very squarely cut rock borders and some green slime that clashed with everything else around it.

The map had a nice gentle start and I was soon hoping and skipping across rocks on my way towards some mountain base. I dropped down some rock face and then bam! I had some fiend chewing my neck for breakfast. Sure I can appreciate the shock value but that thing nearly killed me and I was not even at the base! grr was not happy with this. :(

Not in a good mood from the fiend encounter I ran around a corner to see the base and felt my heart sink with disappointment. I was expecting some brushwork master piece, but the front of the base was square and rough. So I saved the game, exited Q1 and checked I had the right pak file. It was from Lunaran ... I was playing the right map, so back to Q1 and on with the map.

After a while of ignoring the visuals I found the combat was really good, it felt balanced and the AI felt like they were placed for a reason. I liked the new blue enforcers with dual weapon attacks, the mallet enforcer felt strange because they had no gun and did not feel threating because they moved too slow. The red enforcer was cool, I liked the shield effect but I assume because of my skill level it was toned down. It should of been more deadly because they were the top enforcer.

The layout was damn cool, lots of choices of where to go and loads of vertical stuff and paths which wrapped around on themselves showing new routes I did not see the first time. I never felt lost and I always felt like I did not have to worry about trying to find that last locked door.

Eventually I got to the final boss room and I did not read the above thread on what people had said about it. I assumed when I got into the room there would be something cool to do with the buttons. So I ran around the room looking at everything, worked out a route around the room and collected the YA which started the event.

I could not and still cannot work out what you are suppose to do in that room. I could not spend any time watching what things did because I was constantly in combat trying to avoid death or being knocked into the slime. (which is also death, just a bit slower) Eventually I flipped on god mode and randomly hit buttons until the ceiling things were in the right position to kill the boss.

Overall I enjoyed the skill level combat, I thought the new AI was fun, but due to the way the map ended I dont want to play the map again. Which makes me sad because the middle part of the map really shined and I thought it would be cool to play again. I really don't understand what went wrong and why no beta testers said 'Hey Lun, you should change the end of the map, it is confusing and not fun' :( 
the mallet enforcer

It's a grunt with an axe, honey... 
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