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The One Lun Didn't Tell Us About...
Coriolis Force for WH40K: Dawn Of War.

Info, screenshots and download:
[ ]

That's an RTS map, BTW.
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Well I don't have DoW so I can't comment on the map fully, but the screens look too good to allow this thread to drop uncommented.

Cool stuff. It appeals to me to see a particular aesthetic translated across game engines and genres like this. It also takes me back to when I used to make WH40K tabletop scenery out of polystyrene packaging and plastic storage tubs.
And I like the crashed ship with the trench ploughed across the ground and half-buried space marines sprawled about. It always warms my heart to see those power-armoured prats get what's coming to them :P 
Dunno what symbol my 0rk clan has again...

Anyway, well there's a few of us who play it, Me and Zwiffle and one of than/daz (I get those two muddled).

Gonna check this one out with some AI shizznit soon, if I can remember how to play. LOL, DOW got me back into figures, which got me straight back out of DOW... 
This makes me want to whip out my paints and pick out some of the couple of hundred or so unpainted figures I have hoarded (most still in their blister packs) over the years :{

Last time I did this though, I burned out after a couple of weeks and ended up making a quake map :{ 
Last time I did this though, I burned out after a couple of weeks and ended up making a quake map :{

Sounds good to me. Get to it! :) 
Doesn't work with V1.20

Lun, does it work with V1.30 only? 
as with all my stuff the latest patch is necessary. 1.3 offered options to turn off rendering of things like water, and since the entire map is above the waterline deactivating that helps the overdraw, which this engine (and I fear also this map) is already heavy on. Sorry if you weren't keen on the balance changes in 1.30.

Also, thanks for the news. :D 
Oh Right. 
Actually what I'm not keen on is that doesn't have a no-CD crack for 1.3 >:(. Still, will update and try it... 
I played it in AI skirmish. Seems pretty cool, although I suck at DOW at the moment so couldn't get much of an idea what was going on.

I must say I'm not a fan of symmetrical arena-type maps, nor larger multi-army maps, but this seemed to do that sort of job well, coherent, well made, plenty of req. points for the taking and all. Just not really my thing, but seems at least as good as the standard maps. The central bit was some sort of thematic hook, though. 
I prefer maps asymmetrical too, but they're not as easy to do in an RTS. I pushed for as much irregularity as I could without doing anything I wasn't sure wouldn't wind up making any particular spawn point more/less valuable than any other. The central bit doesn't really have much symmetry that lines up with the rest of the map at all, and the rocky bits between start points are all different.

For two days work I'm happy with it :) 
i cant find a 1.3 no cd for dow if u know were to get one plzz tell me 
No No No 
keep this crap off this messageboard please.

Heres an idea : BUY THE FUCKING GAME (!!!!!!) 
Eh Daz 
No-CD-cracks != w4r3z

I use them all the time, from gamecopyworld who explicitly state they should only be used by people who have purchased the full game.

Okay you can't police that but equally you can't tar people with the same brush. 
while i'd be willing to help a known community member find a no-cd crack, some anonymous llama who can't type might as well be begging for warez. 
Its not me btw 
Ah Sorry Metl... 
I didn't see post #10, I only saw post #12 and thought he was replying to us and Daz was replying to #12. 
actually i'm not sure that he was, on second glance... :P 
After looking at my referer logs, it seems that just having the word "crack" on a page throws up a flare for these shady characters. 
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