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Methctf1 - Central Hub
The final version of Central Hub (methctf1) for Doom 3 CTF has been released.


Download the map here:

I Didn't Know There Was A Doom3 CTF 
This looks like an improvement on your previous work. Take a look at how the best mappers don't just create a map but an enviroment, with themes and patterns. Keep at it and keep improving, nobody was born a good mapper. 
Nifty Looking 
Makes me want to get RoE :) 
Pushplay: I want to believe that I created an environment and not just a map. Here's what Casey of Threewave Software said:

"MethCTF1 is an enjoyable competitive map with great flow."

Kaziganthe: You can get RoE for about $20 :)

I want to believe that I created an environment and not just a map.

That's how I map too. :) 
Nice Looking!!! 
the map have a great looking nice work!

hey why doesn�t nobody in here make a Quake1 dm map with these textures??? convert then to 8 bits but realese with 24 or 32 bits for modern clients read! ruins by Dakoth was realese like this or zaka schloss 
404 Error 
Links don't work 
JPLambert is down about since last will be up soon! 
OK, I will check it later ;) kthx 
Haven't Downloaded Yet 
But the shots look quality. When I get my system back up from bluescreening at start I'll grab and and give it a run through. Looks like you have a clean layout, which is always nice. 
Thanks for the comments guys.

-Method got hacked, and won't be up soon, at least thats what Paradoks said, so maybe you should look for screenshots to show elsewhere Trinca. 
nice map, but seems too blocky 
Speedy: It's clean and fast paced, so you don't get stuck. Judging by your name you like fast pace. Thanks for the comments.

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