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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer
So I was actually mapping the other day, trying to deal with my sprawling, incoherent maps and projects, and I thought, what I'd really like to do is something smaller and quicker. Which caused me to think up my *very own* rip-off of The Lost Chapters! The idea is very similar: a contest to create smaller maps, with some common custom content (in this case Soul of Evil's), and a common theme, playable in any order.

Here are the rules:

1) Single player must be supported: skill levels, cooperative, and deathmatch are not required.

2) With the exception of a sky texture, all textures must be from the Soul of Evil textures . contains 3 wads, available on the downloads page at

3) The level must contain no more than 1500 brushes

4) The level must contain at least one "forested" outdoor area. Whether this effect is achieved through brushwork or the use of misc_tree or whatever else is up to the mapper.

5) At least one type of custom monster must be present (see for a list).

6) The map's title must come from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Announced July 15, maps must be submitted by email to me ( by September 10. Release date is September 15.
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That looks very sexy. But where are all the trees?


The Lorax 
i will add then soon ;) :p map is at beginning :\

base map had eat me a lot of time... 
for some reason i like the first shot better (without the roofs).
imo, you should remove the outer castle walls and come up with something else for seperating the parts. maybe just sky?
it looks like a potentially nice map if you extended the gameplay area to the rooftops - as i said, several atriums with multiple layers. could be a wicked 'backtracking'/trickjump map if done properly.
if you insist on keeping the outer walls, at least scale their texture up by 2 or 3.. 
no castle walls were just to close map... already start adding mountains :) copy paste from CZG07 :p 
wtf is tronyn doing 
progress is being made, slowly but surely, on various projects including this. 
hehehe my map is in progress i�m not working in anything else!!! happy new year to all :) still in my wifes dady home :p slow internet... 
tronyn did u get my email? if not what is your email? the one that is in your profile? 
Tronyn does soe got same m onster spwan like Quoth with no need to trigger_teleport and info_teleport_destinacion? if so going to kill me some brushes :( and already got 1200 :\ and i need then all to finish my vilage with some details... 
Looking Good... 
You can use func_spawn just as in Hipnotic or Rogue (I'm not sure if this is how Quoth does it)

you just make an entity func_spawn where it's supposed to spawn, with the desired angle, and it has these attributes:

key value

targetname (say "bob")
spawnclassname "monster_ogre"
spawnfunction "monster_ogre"

the last two, are both just the monster you want to spawn, for example monster_ogre

so then in this case, when "bob" is triggered by touching a trigger, grabbing a key, etc, the ogre spawns facing whatever direction, in the spot where the func_spawn entity. Clear as mud? Thought so :)

oh and don't worry about going over the brush limit if you need to, I did. Good god did I ever. 
thks will try today :) i got plenty of time to map now hope i can finish my map in january!!! 
When Is The Release? 
Just a rough idea will do, I'll have a play with the entities and some brushes and see if I get any ideas. If it's too late then not to worry. 
Well It's Just When Everyone's Map Is Ready; 
I'm kind of hoping in the next couple months, so say, the spring or something along those lines 
Cool Tronyn, 
I'm a bit tied with the Base map for the next few weeks, but the layout for the Indian Summer map was worked out some time ago. I'll get to work on it again straight away after Base is complete. I tend to get less burned out when juggling a few different things. 
Tronyn howe things going? my map is almost complete more 2 weeks maximun and is real to rock and roll 
If you see this, please contact me via email 
tronyn sent u my .bsp for u to give a look if is ok to pack!!! 
Ok, A Status Update And A Few Questions: 

I have been talking to Patrick Martin lately about including the new Dragons stuff he's working on in this release. It sounds promising and will almost certainly be in the final release (if not in the first test version).

I actually expect this project to be out the door this summer, or at least my portion of it to be complete. I request the following:

-My primary level for this project is pretty close to a first beta. I've already had a couple volunteers for testing which is great, but I will need a couple more testers.

-I need to know who's still working on a map & a approximate timeframe or guestimate on that.

-Trinca, is your map still being included in this pack? (I noticed you had a vanilla Quake version uploaded somewhere & reviewed it (very nice) for UWF for a forthcoming update)

-I need someone to do one or two tiny code bits (nothing unusual or ambitious, should take anyone marginally competent with QC less than a day).

-I need some suggestions for ambient noises and skyboxes. I want to make my stuff really atmospheric and these would both help. For a skybox, I'm looking for something like autumn woodlands, around a lakeshore would be nice. For sounds, I'm looking for stuff like rushing water, bird calls (not too annoying though), leaves blowing, bells chiming, etc. Post any suggestions here or email them ( (primary) or (secondary)).

-I also would like suggestions for an outdoor, medieval-ish deathmatch/arena map I could include with the package for the new Arena gameplay mode. 
sure Tronyn i just wanted map to be run on SDA i didn�t release it! was just for SDA becouse map have multiple roots. if u read .txt of map it said is not a release... 
Alright Cool 
yeah no problem, lol sry I rarely pay much attention to readmes, time to start I guess. Headthump, Zwiffle, are you guys still in?

Might have got a Qc guy, we'll see. Still looking for the rest of the stuff. 
I Don't Want To Cause Any Delays 
but if the deadline is in August, I can complete the one I have for it in time. Do you mind an IkBlue leaning towards Coven of Ebony style map? 
For Sure 
Yeah, sounds good, the end section of SoE was fairly like CoE anyway, except with better caves.

Ikblue is nice. 
If you still have my map and it still meets the requirements, then sure, I'm still in. 
Tronyn and i will sent you another version becouse i change a few stuff 
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