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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer
So I was actually mapping the other day, trying to deal with my sprawling, incoherent maps and projects, and I thought, what I'd really like to do is something smaller and quicker. Which caused me to think up my *very own* rip-off of The Lost Chapters! The idea is very similar: a contest to create smaller maps, with some common custom content (in this case Soul of Evil's), and a common theme, playable in any order.

Here are the rules:

1) Single player must be supported: skill levels, cooperative, and deathmatch are not required.

2) With the exception of a sky texture, all textures must be from the Soul of Evil textures . contains 3 wads, available on the downloads page at

3) The level must contain no more than 1500 brushes

4) The level must contain at least one "forested" outdoor area. Whether this effect is achieved through brushwork or the use of misc_tree or whatever else is up to the mapper.

5) At least one type of custom monster must be present (see for a list).

6) The map's title must come from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Announced July 15, maps must be submitted by email to me ( by September 10. Release date is September 15.
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Count me in. :D 
Great Idea 
More SoE stuff would be very nice! 
Sounds Great, 
I think I'll actually have the time for this one ;) 
Sounds Like A Good Idea 
Presumably it has to involve bastard hard monsters and falling in lava and a sorry lack of excessive secrets?? :P.

Actually, I just realised I never got round to playing SOE....oooops....'pon the dl w3rd. 
Hmm, I don't think I've ever played SOE, but those screenshots looks damn nice... downloading. 
I Like The Idea 
Something i'll probably pursue in between lulls in my other project. 
i sure remenber very good this one... have two entrances at start deathmatch and single, i�ve realy had great�s time in the past with this great pack ;) thks tronyn to bring more fun to us! hope everything goes well 
Entity File 
Does anyone have an entity file for SOE (for Radiant or WorldCraft)? 
I think you set the entities normally according to the list, then just test it under SoE, and the monsters get converted normally. Not sure, but that's what I'm going by, otherwise I'm sure a .ent file would've been supplied as well. 
I downloaded and installed SOE. Looking good so far, but for some reason the game crashed on me in the 2nd map (Devil's Pass?) with some QC error. 
Misc Tree? 
Where can i get that? 
We had repeated reports of that bug, but we were never able to determine what caused it. I had another version of the BSP with the cutscene which causes that crash removed, which I sent to users who had that problem. If you like I can poke around and see if I still have it, or, for a quicker solution, once you get to the area with pillars and a teleport destination, simply noclip to the left through the wooden bars rather than going the non-barred route to the right. 
An Abbreviated Version Of The SoE Entities 

func_exploder - creates explosions.

func_spawn and func_spawn_small - a much better way of spawning items and enemies.

misc_corpse - a corpse.

misc_explobox - replaced with a medieval barrel

misc_meat - a pile of gibs. doggies like it.

misc_tree - set a key 'cnt.' the values 0, 1, or 2 set the type of tree.


item_artifact_empathy_shields - empathy shields

item_dragon - summons a dragon to fight for you, in SP or DM. A modification of the Horn of Conjuring from Scourge.


grunts and enforcers are automatically replaced by corresponding types of Goblins.

fiends, vores and shamblers can be switched from light skins to dark skins by setting the "skin" key to 1. A shambler can be given explosive attacks by setting spawnflag 2 (value 4).

monster_knight - some will randomly be tougher with modified skins.

monster_hell_knight - spawnflag 2 (value 4) gives him more health and the fireball attack; skins are 0)silver 1)hell lord 2)bane

monster_wizard - unless 'skin' is set to '1', you will get a "drake" - Rescoe's green skin. setting skin to 1 returns to default skin.


monster_axeman - set a key 'skin' and choose a value - 0) default 2) thug 3) ogre 4) zombie (latter two are unused).

monster_acolyte - the least powerful magician

monster_sorceror - mid-level magician

monster_warlock - a very nasty magician

monster_trogboss - the end boss as seen in soe2m5

monster_troglodyte - a 'normal' variation of the trogboss (not used in soe).

monster_bane - episode one end boss as seen in soe1m5

monster_dragon - requires a lot more explanation. See dragons.txt in 
Oh, And To Clarify A Couple Of Things, 
I'll likely release the package both with and without the SoE progs; that way, people who already have SoE won't have to download the custom content again.

I'll be making the start map for this also, and as in Lost Chapters it will have entrances to all the maps which can be played in any order. 
Should we avoid using the boss monsters, I assume you would want to use at least one for the climatic finale? 
Can Czg Make A Map For This? (please) =) 
ive been on vacation.

this sounds exciting.
SOE is one of the best paks ever. =)

My fellow map-reviewer cannot, of course, review his own map pack [!!], so i will be writing reviews for this project. =) 
I think I've found the cause of the QC cutscene crash in soe1m2. It happens only on Easy skill and is caused by missing precaches for the rubble models. It works in the other skills because then some misc_trees(!) fix the precaching for the rubble models.

The bug is in the func_exploder/func_multi_exploder functions in hip_expl.qc, where the rubble is not precached properly due to an unused count variable blocking it.

There are some kill count issues as well that I'm trying to track down. 
I can confirm that my crash happened on Easy skill. 
I think I've managed to fix the kill count issues, too. 
With Three Weeks Left 
for the WIP bit, how is this coming so far Tronyn? 
My bit is pretty good so far. Not really good so much as almost done. Lighting/layout is close to done, just gotta add details and monsters. Oh, and a name. But it should by the 10th. It won't be good, but it'll be done. And the forest area is "sort of" a forest, not really, but pretend it is. :) 
*should Be Done By 
i <3 czg 
I'm not very optimistic about finishing my map, but i'll still take a stab at it. 
I've had some severe computer trouble that's prevented me from doing basically anything. I'm worried that I might need to reformat and reinstall windows even which would be a huge pain in the ass. Anyway I've got someone much more knowledgable than me coming to look at it tomorrow to see what has to be done.

My map is probably about 50% done; given a working computer I should be able to make the deadline (or close to it anyway). 
I've Had My Share Of Those Problems, 
and I'm sympatico.
I have my layout done. I want to replay SoE this weekend, to make sure my map stays thematicaly consista.

The difficult part is trying to find a good Tolkien quote. I don't have that last book of tales that has the good verse in it (LOTR verse tends to be on the serviceable side, gets the job done, but few memorable phrases).

Can we subsitute something from Led Zep's, 'Battle of Evermore?' Half way kidding there, though there are a few good ones in it. 
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