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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer
So I was actually mapping the other day, trying to deal with my sprawling, incoherent maps and projects, and I thought, what I'd really like to do is something smaller and quicker. Which caused me to think up my *very own* rip-off of The Lost Chapters! The idea is very similar: a contest to create smaller maps, with some common custom content (in this case Soul of Evil's), and a common theme, playable in any order.

Here are the rules:

1) Single player must be supported: skill levels, cooperative, and deathmatch are not required.

2) With the exception of a sky texture, all textures must be from the Soul of Evil textures . contains 3 wads, available on the downloads page at

3) The level must contain no more than 1500 brushes

4) The level must contain at least one "forested" outdoor area. Whether this effect is achieved through brushwork or the use of misc_tree or whatever else is up to the mapper.

5) At least one type of custom monster must be present (see for a list).

6) The map's title must come from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Announced July 15, maps must be submitted by email to me ( by September 10. Release date is September 15.
Count me in. :D 
Great Idea 
More SoE stuff would be very nice! 
Sounds Great, 
I think I'll actually have the time for this one ;) 
Sounds Like A Good Idea 
Presumably it has to involve bastard hard monsters and falling in lava and a sorry lack of excessive secrets?? :P.

Actually, I just realised I never got round to playing SOE....oooops....'pon the dl w3rd. 
Hmm, I don't think I've ever played SOE, but those screenshots looks damn nice... downloading. 
I Like The Idea 
Something i'll probably pursue in between lulls in my other project. 
i sure remenber very good this one... have two entrances at start deathmatch and single, i�ve realy had great�s time in the past with this great pack ;) thks tronyn to bring more fun to us! hope everything goes well 
Entity File 
Does anyone have an entity file for SOE (for Radiant or WorldCraft)? 
I think you set the entities normally according to the list, then just test it under SoE, and the monsters get converted normally. Not sure, but that's what I'm going by, otherwise I'm sure a .ent file would've been supplied as well. 
I downloaded and installed SOE. Looking good so far, but for some reason the game crashed on me in the 2nd map (Devil's Pass?) with some QC error. 
Misc Tree? 
Where can i get that? 
We had repeated reports of that bug, but we were never able to determine what caused it. I had another version of the BSP with the cutscene which causes that crash removed, which I sent to users who had that problem. If you like I can poke around and see if I still have it, or, for a quicker solution, once you get to the area with pillars and a teleport destination, simply noclip to the left through the wooden bars rather than going the non-barred route to the right. 
An Abbreviated Version Of The SoE Entities 

func_exploder - creates explosions.

func_spawn and func_spawn_small - a much better way of spawning items and enemies.

misc_corpse - a corpse.

misc_explobox - replaced with a medieval barrel

misc_meat - a pile of gibs. doggies like it.

misc_tree - set a key 'cnt.' the values 0, 1, or 2 set the type of tree.


item_artifact_empathy_shields - empathy shields

item_dragon - summons a dragon to fight for you, in SP or DM. A modification of the Horn of Conjuring from Scourge.


grunts and enforcers are automatically replaced by corresponding types of Goblins.

fiends, vores and shamblers can be switched from light skins to dark skins by setting the "skin" key to 1. A shambler can be given explosive attacks by setting spawnflag 2 (value 4).

monster_knight - some will randomly be tougher with modified skins.

monster_hell_knight - spawnflag 2 (value 4) gives him more health and the fireball attack; skins are 0)silver 1)hell lord 2)bane

monster_wizard - unless 'skin' is set to '1', you will get a "drake" - Rescoe's green skin. setting skin to 1 returns to default skin.


monster_axeman - set a key 'skin' and choose a value - 0) default 2) thug 3) ogre 4) zombie (latter two are unused).

monster_acolyte - the least powerful magician

monster_sorceror - mid-level magician

monster_warlock - a very nasty magician

monster_trogboss - the end boss as seen in soe2m5

monster_troglodyte - a 'normal' variation of the trogboss (not used in soe).

monster_bane - episode one end boss as seen in soe1m5

monster_dragon - requires a lot more explanation. See dragons.txt in 
Oh, And To Clarify A Couple Of Things, 
I'll likely release the package both with and without the SoE progs; that way, people who already have SoE won't have to download the custom content again.

I'll be making the start map for this also, and as in Lost Chapters it will have entrances to all the maps which can be played in any order. 
Should we avoid using the boss monsters, I assume you would want to use at least one for the climatic finale? 
Can Czg Make A Map For This? (please) =) 
ive been on vacation.

this sounds exciting.
SOE is one of the best paks ever. =)

My fellow map-reviewer cannot, of course, review his own map pack [!!], so i will be writing reviews for this project. =) 
I think I've found the cause of the QC cutscene crash in soe1m2. It happens only on Easy skill and is caused by missing precaches for the rubble models. It works in the other skills because then some misc_trees(!) fix the precaching for the rubble models.

The bug is in the func_exploder/func_multi_exploder functions in hip_expl.qc, where the rubble is not precached properly due to an unused count variable blocking it.

There are some kill count issues as well that I'm trying to track down. 
I can confirm that my crash happened on Easy skill. 
I think I've managed to fix the kill count issues, too. 
With Three Weeks Left 
for the WIP bit, how is this coming so far Tronyn? 
My bit is pretty good so far. Not really good so much as almost done. Lighting/layout is close to done, just gotta add details and monsters. Oh, and a name. But it should by the 10th. It won't be good, but it'll be done. And the forest area is "sort of" a forest, not really, but pretend it is. :) 
*should Be Done By 
i <3 czg 
I'm not very optimistic about finishing my map, but i'll still take a stab at it. 
I've had some severe computer trouble that's prevented me from doing basically anything. I'm worried that I might need to reformat and reinstall windows even which would be a huge pain in the ass. Anyway I've got someone much more knowledgable than me coming to look at it tomorrow to see what has to be done.

My map is probably about 50% done; given a working computer I should be able to make the deadline (or close to it anyway). 
I've Had My Share Of Those Problems, 
and I'm sympatico.
I have my layout done. I want to replay SoE this weekend, to make sure my map stays thematicaly consista.

The difficult part is trying to find a good Tolkien quote. I don't have that last book of tales that has the good verse in it (LOTR verse tends to be on the serviceable side, gets the job done, but few memorable phrases).

Can we subsitute something from Led Zep's, 'Battle of Evermore?' Half way kidding there, though there are a few good ones in it. 
Did you get my mail? I sent mine in, wanted to confirm wether it got through or not. 
hope you get it sorted out.

A virus i am guessing? 
Yeah, My Computer's Barely Functional Right Now, Alas 
but zwiffle, I did get your email. Thanks. 
Is The Date Still Set For Sept 10? 
I got a good chunk of level completed over the last week, but because of my schedule this week, I think I'll barely hit the 10th for completion. 
I wont need extra time if you do keep the date. I have a smaller level that can easily fit the theme with a retexture job, if worse comes to worse. 
Heh, No 
I'm not going to make sept 10 myself. I could do that, but then my map would be crappy and I've got a finale in mind that's too cool to shun. I find it pretty sweet that I'm able to map at all now though, and every program doesn't crash after 4 minutes. Ugh. 
big day is almost :) i will died with this wait... my heart wont handle... 
I'm Going To Attempt One 
last big push this evening, if Reallife L.L.P. doesn't interfere, yet again. 
chif know that i learn to make someting is to late for my map :(

wend will be release Tronyn 
I don't know if he will, I think he only got one map, and that was mine. 
if he give me 15 days i could start making one... my test level"school map" is almost finish... :) 
I Did Recieve Zwiffle's Map 
And last I heard Ionous and Headthump were working on maps (status unknown...)
My own map is actually still unfinished. I have put this on the back, back burner while I finish other projects (primarily a single Q1SP map and the arcane episode, in that order). It will be released at some point for sure - in the meantime, if anyone else wants to make maps (like Trinca) go ahead, there's plenty of time :) 
Ah Yes... 
My map decided to suck, and not go anywhere.

So, the chance of me making a map for this is slim, since this isn't my main quake thing right now.

But, if i do get stuck on my current map, i'll give this a try again. 
o.k then i will start one... if can use the monster�s place becouse o no qkr file for quake is just ask u Tronyn to place the monster�s on it :) 
"no qkr file for quake" lollll

for Quark 
A specific qkm file for QuArK is not mandatory at all if you are maping for a specific mod (it also depends of the complexity of the mod for sure...). In anyway, if you have a good idea of the monsters and items included in the pack (and about what you exactly need !), just use copy-paste of standard monster/item into specific monsters/items in the map: just change the monster/item name to what you need according to pack requirements... fill/add the mandatory fields.. Normally, QBSP/VIS/LIGHT tools don't care if the the game is a standard quake or a specific mod.. and then you shouldn't have compilation problems.
Also, don't forget to copy the pack file in your tmpQuark directory (where the compile log files are located), it will allow you to play the map with all the embedded mod features, and then to test it directly from QuArK ;P

BTW, I'm currently using this methodology for my current project that use a specific monster, and it works fine !! 
as usualy thks JPL ;)in january i will start the map! 
Hey Tronyn, 
And last I heard Ionous and Headthump were working on maps (status unknown...)

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for the bottom line), I have been on the road for the last several weeks. I don't know when I'll have the time for mapping. Withdrawals are severe; Radiant haunts me in my sleep. 
so how things going? i might start one next week!!! 
I'm Making Steady Progress, 
It's pretty large, so I might have to devide it in two maps to fall under the 1500 brush mark. That is okay by me.

One thing I've been meaning to mention is that the Source of Evil page is no longer accessable due to the restructuring going on on PlanetQuake.

I recall there being an sdk for SoE, and a choice of a few wad files. It could prove helpful, though I can get by by stripping textures from the .bsp's and entity list as well, if it isn't available. 
then i will make one! 
Didn't I submit a map for this? 
He He 
post #37. Sorry, but Tronyn's system crashed last fall, and then my system crashed, project has had
a few setbacks. 
where can i get the kit??? can someone host anywere? my trsp3 is in beta testing so i got time to start another!!! full fill my happy hours at work got nothing to do!!! :p 


Though it seems that the Soul of Evil page is intentionally left blank, rather than a server problem. 
Sorry About That! 
Well, I hadn't checked the original post - actually, the original link redirects one to the same blank page.

Trinca, the devkit is here: 
erc thks very much i will play soe again to be inside the ambience again :) and then start mapping!!! 
Thanks Erc 
that helps bunches 
it shouldn't be blank, I'll have to log into my PQ account and see how I can make the site available again.

cheers guys. 
Trinca / HeadThump 
No problem, I'm glad to be of help. As a site note, FilePlanet links for the downloads of the Gamespy hosted sites goes like this: (this is the default part)
/tronyn (name of the hosted site; as in -planetquake/tronyn-)
/ (filename, in it's full length)

So the final link should be:


Suppose I'd like to get the Crescendo of Dreams - first I change the hosted site to necros (with a slash before the name, of course), then add the filename: The link would be..

Hope that helps - good luck with the maps. 
my map is in progress but my base map are taking me many time :) i will try to finish as son as possible! 
might want to see if Tronyn is still around since Puksar is having trouble reaching him. It sounds like another system crash kind of thing.

I worked on it a bit this Summer but haven't touched it in about a month; here are some bits I plan to keep
but I'll have to change those textures to fit the SoE theme. This map is more CoE like though. I've attempted to make an IKBlue
map that is as much terrain as it is interior. One day I'll get it right. 
Sorry Pulsar, 
that was and editing mistake! Not implying anything associated with the word puke at all :) 
500 brushes :) now is realy going!!! since i finish my base map! is in beta testing! i�m already working full time on this ;) i might have it finish sometime in december i hope! i cant get more then 1500 ;) so there are not much space left... 
Okay Well 
I suppose since I have more time I can go back and work on my map some more, since it can take another ~500 brushes or so. Since Trinca is pretty excited about his, I should at least spiff mine up so his isn't better than mine. 
:p Zwiffle u are noob :p

mine still need a lot of fixes!!! 
That looks very sexy. But where are all the trees?


The Lorax 
i will add then soon ;) :p map is at beginning :\

base map had eat me a lot of time... 
for some reason i like the first shot better (without the roofs).
imo, you should remove the outer castle walls and come up with something else for seperating the parts. maybe just sky?
it looks like a potentially nice map if you extended the gameplay area to the rooftops - as i said, several atriums with multiple layers. could be a wicked 'backtracking'/trickjump map if done properly.
if you insist on keeping the outer walls, at least scale their texture up by 2 or 3.. 
no castle walls were just to close map... already start adding mountains :) copy paste from CZG07 :p 
wtf is tronyn doing 
progress is being made, slowly but surely, on various projects including this. 
hehehe my map is in progress i�m not working in anything else!!! happy new year to all :) still in my wifes dady home :p slow internet... 
tronyn did u get my email? if not what is your email? the one that is in your profile? 
Tronyn does soe got same m onster spwan like Quoth with no need to trigger_teleport and info_teleport_destinacion? if so going to kill me some brushes :( and already got 1200 :\ and i need then all to finish my vilage with some details... 
Looking Good... 
You can use func_spawn just as in Hipnotic or Rogue (I'm not sure if this is how Quoth does it)

you just make an entity func_spawn where it's supposed to spawn, with the desired angle, and it has these attributes:

key value

targetname (say "bob")
spawnclassname "monster_ogre"
spawnfunction "monster_ogre"

the last two, are both just the monster you want to spawn, for example monster_ogre

so then in this case, when "bob" is triggered by touching a trigger, grabbing a key, etc, the ogre spawns facing whatever direction, in the spot where the func_spawn entity. Clear as mud? Thought so :)

oh and don't worry about going over the brush limit if you need to, I did. Good god did I ever. 
thks will try today :) i got plenty of time to map now hope i can finish my map in january!!! 
When Is The Release? 
Just a rough idea will do, I'll have a play with the entities and some brushes and see if I get any ideas. If it's too late then not to worry. 
Well It's Just When Everyone's Map Is Ready; 
I'm kind of hoping in the next couple months, so say, the spring or something along those lines 
Cool Tronyn, 
I'm a bit tied with the Base map for the next few weeks, but the layout for the Indian Summer map was worked out some time ago. I'll get to work on it again straight away after Base is complete. I tend to get less burned out when juggling a few different things. 
Tronyn howe things going? my map is almost complete more 2 weeks maximun and is real to rock and roll 
If you see this, please contact me via email 
tronyn sent u my .bsp for u to give a look if is ok to pack!!! 
Ok, A Status Update And A Few Questions: 

I have been talking to Patrick Martin lately about including the new Dragons stuff he's working on in this release. It sounds promising and will almost certainly be in the final release (if not in the first test version).

I actually expect this project to be out the door this summer, or at least my portion of it to be complete. I request the following:

-My primary level for this project is pretty close to a first beta. I've already had a couple volunteers for testing which is great, but I will need a couple more testers.

-I need to know who's still working on a map & a approximate timeframe or guestimate on that.

-Trinca, is your map still being included in this pack? (I noticed you had a vanilla Quake version uploaded somewhere & reviewed it (very nice) for UWF for a forthcoming update)

-I need someone to do one or two tiny code bits (nothing unusual or ambitious, should take anyone marginally competent with QC less than a day).

-I need some suggestions for ambient noises and skyboxes. I want to make my stuff really atmospheric and these would both help. For a skybox, I'm looking for something like autumn woodlands, around a lakeshore would be nice. For sounds, I'm looking for stuff like rushing water, bird calls (not too annoying though), leaves blowing, bells chiming, etc. Post any suggestions here or email them ( (primary) or (secondary)).

-I also would like suggestions for an outdoor, medieval-ish deathmatch/arena map I could include with the package for the new Arena gameplay mode. 
sure Tronyn i just wanted map to be run on SDA i didn�t release it! was just for SDA becouse map have multiple roots. if u read .txt of map it said is not a release... 
Alright Cool 
yeah no problem, lol sry I rarely pay much attention to readmes, time to start I guess. Headthump, Zwiffle, are you guys still in?

Might have got a Qc guy, we'll see. Still looking for the rest of the stuff. 
I Don't Want To Cause Any Delays 
but if the deadline is in August, I can complete the one I have for it in time. Do you mind an IkBlue leaning towards Coven of Ebony style map? 
For Sure 
Yeah, sounds good, the end section of SoE was fairly like CoE anyway, except with better caves.

Ikblue is nice. 
If you still have my map and it still meets the requirements, then sure, I'm still in. 
Tronyn and i will sent you another version becouse i change a few stuff 
Ok Trinca 
sounds good
and zwiffle could you resend your map, use thanks. 
Just let me know if my mail went through and everything checks out. 
worked out fine. The map is good, you're good at twisty-turny stuff, awesome/evil finale too :)

I'm shooting for the end of august with this and arcane both. 
Very Cool 
That will give me time to take a few design risks and see if they are to your liking. 
I have a few vacation days coming at the end of this week. I have been progressing slowly on the map this month, but a few more days of work and I'll have a pretty solid map to turn over to you. 
Me Again 
got much accomplished this weekend, but still working on it. Still, it's possible to get it to you before August is out. I'll have the rare chance to work on it during the week.

few pics: 
Looks like travail-inspired ikblue.

Dunno if a better combination is possible... 
Architecture and layout look really good so far, as does lighting, but I hope you plan to fix those textures. :)
Could be your best map yet. 
Thanks To Both Of Ya 
Looks like travail-inspired ikblue.

We probably have the same source of inspiration in common, to avoid aping Ikka more than is necessary to do a decent job with those textures.

but I hope you plan to fix those textures. :)

That's half the reason I haven't turned it over to Tronyn just yet! Thanks for your patience Zwiffle, I know you had your map ready a long time ago. I'm so damn slowwww. 
Still WIP 
calling it a night,

here is a couple of new shots:

I'll vary up that mono textured floor. Floors are easy so I haven't put any thought what to do with them yet.

This was a bitch to texture, but it looks wicked so it was worth it. 
Strike The 'is' 
in the first sentence
it be 'are' 
i suggest moving away from the specific style iikka used, unless you think you can do better :) 
unless you think you can do better :)

editors have come a long way since 1997, I'm sure Ikka with GTKRadiant 1.4-1.5 would still wipe the floor with my sorry butt.

Ikka's style in the ikspq2-4 series was based upon late Islamic design that used vast open vaulted spaces like what you would see in the Taj Mahal. What I'm doing here is quite a bit more primitive, like the Parthian design of Pre-Islamic Persia using chunks of blocks in the upper divisions to create a signature appearance.

I decided to hold on to the Moorish prefabs I made for a map in the Mortisville project. 
I think it looks very good!

And don't listen to inertia, he's just grumpy that no-one plays slip.bsp. :( 
I took the smiley to mean he was kidding around. 
no-one plays slip.bsp

Eh, that should be _almost_ no one please.

Old Soul Of Evil 2002 QuakeC Devkit Request 
Dear Tronyn! Please send me a QuakeC devkit to an old Soul Of Evil 2002, if it's possible.
Regards, Alexander. 
(That site PlanetQuake is no longer opens and that link on fileplanet is no longer working.) 
Here you go:

Whenever someone needs a Fileplanet file, send me proof that it was publically available or your own and I can get it to you. 
Thank you, Spirit, but I found QuakeC sources separately, by myself. Here it is. 
I wasn't sure I still had that; I went rummaging around on my computer and online, and so far all I found was Fat Controller's page on the iste(the programmer for the old SOE):

As a point of interest, there are shots of his (unreleased/unused) start map for Arcanum on here:
Of course, distrans' start map was classy as they come.

I noticed on QuakeOne you also mentioned the source code for A Roman Wilderness of Pain: that would be the latest version of the source for the Drake mod. 
Hello. All is almost good but from where can I download models v_plasma.mdl, candlenoflame.mdl and v_rocks.mdl, and sounds ssg.wav, plasma1.wav and plasma2.wav for ARWOP? Maybe, some models and sounds were soon renamed. 
sounds: x_muddle.wav and x_slow.wav not found, too. 
Wow, thank you for the link, I have been curious about the QC for the Drake mod for a long time and to see an older version was amazing. I especially love all the dragon code with pets and different types and tricks to prevent melee/range monster problems. It even has the Fric bot QC included, but does not seem to be active. That is something that Tronyn maps could use for sure! :D 
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