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Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer
So I was actually mapping the other day, trying to deal with my sprawling, incoherent maps and projects, and I thought, what I'd really like to do is something smaller and quicker. Which caused me to think up my *very own* rip-off of The Lost Chapters! The idea is very similar: a contest to create smaller maps, with some common custom content (in this case Soul of Evil's), and a common theme, playable in any order.

Here are the rules:

1) Single player must be supported: skill levels, cooperative, and deathmatch are not required.

2) With the exception of a sky texture, all textures must be from the Soul of Evil textures . contains 3 wads, available on the downloads page at

3) The level must contain no more than 1500 brushes

4) The level must contain at least one "forested" outdoor area. Whether this effect is achieved through brushwork or the use of misc_tree or whatever else is up to the mapper.

5) At least one type of custom monster must be present (see for a list).

6) The map's title must come from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Announced July 15, maps must be submitted by email to me ( by September 10. Release date is September 15.
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Ok Trinca 
sounds good
and zwiffle could you resend your map, use thanks. 
Just let me know if my mail went through and everything checks out. 
worked out fine. The map is good, you're good at twisty-turny stuff, awesome/evil finale too :)

I'm shooting for the end of august with this and arcane both. 
Very Cool 
That will give me time to take a few design risks and see if they are to your liking. 
I have a few vacation days coming at the end of this week. I have been progressing slowly on the map this month, but a few more days of work and I'll have a pretty solid map to turn over to you. 
Me Again 
got much accomplished this weekend, but still working on it. Still, it's possible to get it to you before August is out. I'll have the rare chance to work on it during the week.

few pics: 
Looks like travail-inspired ikblue.

Dunno if a better combination is possible... 
Architecture and layout look really good so far, as does lighting, but I hope you plan to fix those textures. :)
Could be your best map yet. 
Thanks To Both Of Ya 
Looks like travail-inspired ikblue.

We probably have the same source of inspiration in common, to avoid aping Ikka more than is necessary to do a decent job with those textures.

but I hope you plan to fix those textures. :)

That's half the reason I haven't turned it over to Tronyn just yet! Thanks for your patience Zwiffle, I know you had your map ready a long time ago. I'm so damn slowwww. 
Still WIP 
calling it a night,

here is a couple of new shots:

I'll vary up that mono textured floor. Floors are easy so I haven't put any thought what to do with them yet.

This was a bitch to texture, but it looks wicked so it was worth it. 
Strike The 'is' 
in the first sentence
it be 'are' 
i suggest moving away from the specific style iikka used, unless you think you can do better :) 
unless you think you can do better :)

editors have come a long way since 1997, I'm sure Ikka with GTKRadiant 1.4-1.5 would still wipe the floor with my sorry butt.

Ikka's style in the ikspq2-4 series was based upon late Islamic design that used vast open vaulted spaces like what you would see in the Taj Mahal. What I'm doing here is quite a bit more primitive, like the Parthian design of Pre-Islamic Persia using chunks of blocks in the upper divisions to create a signature appearance.

I decided to hold on to the Moorish prefabs I made for a map in the Mortisville project. 
I think it looks very good!

And don't listen to inertia, he's just grumpy that no-one plays slip.bsp. :( 
I took the smiley to mean he was kidding around. 
no-one plays slip.bsp

Eh, that should be _almost_ no one please.

Old Soul Of Evil 2002 QuakeC Devkit Request 
Dear Tronyn! Please send me a QuakeC devkit to an old Soul Of Evil 2002, if it's possible.
Regards, Alexander. 
(That site PlanetQuake is no longer opens and that link on fileplanet is no longer working.) 
Here you go:

Whenever someone needs a Fileplanet file, send me proof that it was publically available or your own and I can get it to you. 
Thank you, Spirit, but I found QuakeC sources separately, by myself. Here it is. 
I wasn't sure I still had that; I went rummaging around on my computer and online, and so far all I found was Fat Controller's page on the iste(the programmer for the old SOE):

As a point of interest, there are shots of his (unreleased/unused) start map for Arcanum on here:
Of course, distrans' start map was classy as they come.

I noticed on QuakeOne you also mentioned the source code for A Roman Wilderness of Pain: that would be the latest version of the source for the Drake mod. 
Hello. All is almost good but from where can I download models v_plasma.mdl, candlenoflame.mdl and v_rocks.mdl, and sounds ssg.wav, plasma1.wav and plasma2.wav for ARWOP? Maybe, some models and sounds were soon renamed. 
sounds: x_muddle.wav and x_slow.wav not found, too. 
Wow, thank you for the link, I have been curious about the QC for the Drake mod for a long time and to see an older version was amazing. I especially love all the dragon code with pets and different types and tricks to prevent melee/range monster problems. It even has the Fric bot QC included, but does not seem to be active. That is something that Tronyn maps could use for sure! :D 
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