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Qexpo 2005
Qexpo 2005 is coming soon! For those who don't know, Qexpo is a biannual online celebration of all things Quake and Quake 2! This year it will run from the 10th to the 20th of August. Check out the site at for more information! We'd love to see as many Quake and Quake 2 mappers there as possible!
Exclamation! Mark! 
i wonder if the archives of the past qexpos are available? i need some info from there....

and qexpo 2005 = rockage! 
Second Vondur 
there was an excellent weapons mod presented during qexpo 2003 and I have not been able to find the damn thing since. 
if that was thq3 weps in quake mod, I think it got pulled. 
That Should Be 
the q3 weps 
but this one had a railgun that was more similar to Q2's than q3's--
I'm afraid the hard drives I had at the time are long gone.

I remember the particle effects from the weapons being very first rate -- taking environmental factors in consideration. It also had a vorpal sword with a satisfying slicing sound and gib effect -- does that sound like thq3? 
The new qexpo site has links to archives of the past two qexpos in the qexpo FAQ. One of them is on, so it might be incomplete, but if you're just after info it'll probably be there. 
It's great to see something like this. I'm looking forward to it. 
Nostalgia Moment: 
qexpo 2001: i release 2 rubicon2 screenshots.
qexpo 2003: nothing.
qexpo 2005: probably won't make it.
qexpo 2007: rubicon2 baby! (maybe, baby) 
Maybe the map with that cool zer inspired screenshot?


Or not. 
A switch just flicked on inside my head.

Must... produce... something...

Now all I have to do is resist the urge to play the copy of GTA: San Andreas I picked up yesterday. Ah, well... GTA can wait. 
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