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My new quake single player level "beyond the black sun" has been released.

Screenies and download are here:

Alternate download:
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First Run! 
Here's a first run demo:

11:54, skill 0, 33/33 kills, 2/6 secrets (saw another one but it looked like getting to it risked pointy death, so I was cowardly).

Was fun, though I didn't really have that much of an idea what I was supposed to be doing most of the time... 
Just a technical suggestion; avoid using curly braces {} or parenthesises () in texture names, it may cause problems as these characters delimit entities, brushes and coordinates in the Q1 map file format. 
Textures look gash in idgamma, that kinda spoilt it for me.

It was okay, pretty good I guess. Somehow it didn't do it for me as much as it could. Maybe the combination of textures and lighting. Gameplay was okay. The room with RA above was cool, running through that with the eyes.

I dunno sorry it's hard to say much about this map, I don't have as much of an opinion as I could. 
Some Good Things, More Bad Things 
My impressions:
Was completely lost after taking the gold key. Was also lost some more times. Maybe you could make the important doors more remarkable.
In the beginning there was lack of ammo and health and at the end there was too much from both.
Beginning was too hard, end was tad too easy.
Gameplay was good and fast in most places. I liked it.
Killing Shamblers from safe spots was boring.
Pentagram was useless (don't remember if it was a secret).
Found 3+1 secrets.
I didn't like the lightning and textures with fullbright pixels.
There were many obstacles disturbing movement.

Here is my demo recorded on hard. The second part of it is about being lost in a quake map :) 
rather nice level but textures spoiled it completely...
also it has werd gameplay situations like lack of grenadelauncher when u meet zombies... 
Will This Be Mirrored? 
Just looking for a simple download place without subscription or logins required. 
Doesn't The Old 
userid qmap, password qmap@qmap work at FP anymore? I think that is what I use. 
Very Nice 
textures and architecture, but gameflow was confusing with e.g. unmarked teleporters and uneven combat. Lighting was terribly digital and quickly saturated the already bright textures. With more balanced, ambient lighting and idgamma out of the way, this map looks amazing.

Here has also another new (or very updated) map heresp1, with similar characteristics but well worth looking into also. 
Looks like FilePlanet did renos. I tried qmap with qmap@qmap-dot-com and without the dot com. I don't feel like creating an account so I'll wait and see if a mirror shows up. 
I'll Mirror It 
Here send the file to the e-mail in my profile. Ultra fast downloads for everyone! 
ATTN: Mods. Add This Mirror To The Inital Post Please 
the map have a very nice layout but like Shambler said... some problems in textures... but the map was very nice and fun to play good work! 
I have made some modifications, the map is already uploaded. I think Trinka uploaded the last version. 
Guess Not! 
i have made white points in the walls :( going to download this version wend i get home...planetquake is a ban adress at my company! :p 
planetquake is a ban adress at my company

harsh man, harsh. 
isn�t fair...i just want to work properly... i take good informacion to my work at planetquake... :( they dont understand... 
Catalyst Review

Was a bit harsh on you. I find some of the general statements to be just plain wrong,

Quake maps just do not go with sunlight exposure, that can only be reserved for games like Half-Life.

Neh1m6: "Locked-Up Anger", for one. 
I find some of the general statements to be just plain wrong

I've only got half-way through the review and all I'm seeing is standard critic-itis. This fucktard believes reviews are an opportunity for him to tell everyone else how to map. Most of his statements are not only wrong, but arrogant. I could go on, but I'm not going to waste my time on drivel.
Perhaps not surprising that I've never read many of their reviews before. Makes me really miss Team Shambler :~( 
HeadThump ... 
That's hard... Sure I must make some progress.
So that mean my maps are ugly and unplayable. I just need some advices. With this article I am ashamed to map. 
I didn't see anything harsh about the review. Maybe it was a bit opinionated (re: sunlight), but it seemed like they thought it had an oldschool look and gameplay was lacking in some areas.

What am I not seeing? 
Screw 'em Here 
He even made Contract Revoke sound mediocre in his review of it. Maybe he has eye cancer or something. 
Sod The Review 
I still quite enjoyed this map and you realise, everyone has to start somewhere, even if it isn't the flavour of the month. 
i just quickly cheated through it, but i thought the texture colors worked well, the 0.5 texture scale worked, the build quality was consistent, the geometry was clean. There were some fullbrights in the textures (or as QMD calls them, "fullbright pickles") so be sure to test your map in winquake or fitzquake or another engine that supports fullbrights next time.

Other things to work on: more variety in brush shapes (rather than copy+pasting stuff quite so much,) more small brush details (don't overuse these, but they do help when placed around points of interest like doors, buttons, teleporters, and special items,) and more variety in room size. 
There Is 
an updated version with toned down texes/lighting and fixed fullbrights, it looks much better. Except that there now is a missing texture ... 
Wow, people still using idgamma :o 
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