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Doom 3 Scans From USA Today: Life Section (newspaper)
I haven't seen these shots anywhere else (yet).
I'll type up the article later :\
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2nd Screenie 
most in that second screenie looks quite awesome IMHO. 
We're going to need a bigger boat... 
We're going to need a bigger boat...

I remember that quote from Blood, but surely that originally came from somewhere else. Whare? 
You know that joke about a girl and her dog ? 
Wrong Window, Ignore 
Could`v Made Those Scans 4x Times 
Yes I Could've 
but that'd make them about 140 k each.. do you reall.. oh wait, you broadband bastards.. nevermind. 
Kell, you rock! 


p.s. they look phat as, dude....get the higher quality scans in... 
Two New Non-scanned Images 

monsters they haven't showed so far afaik, not too exciting though. 
you just need to post full urls and this board makes them links, right? silly me.... 
If You're Not Gonna Finish Them Urls... 
...I will:

Lost souls. Okay, not as creepy as the originals though, but I guess they look better ingame when they are moving. Most stuff do.

Spiders? uh, okay...
At least they're not realistcly sized spiders. And they're not actually spiders either, since they've only got six legs. They kinda remind me of the scrabs, from the oddworld games. 
cheer czg.

lost souls look kind dodgy IMHO, from those shots anyway. As for those spider thingies, they look like poor imitations of mini-arachnoids. 
They look more like an offshoot of John Carpentars The Thing. Someone at id has seen the flick. I wonder if the head crawler jobbie is in the game The Thing.... 
lost souls look kind dodgy

What do you mean, kinda dodgy?! 
As in 'tame', or possibly 'cute'. I dunno, they just look like slightly annoying pets rather than manic flaming uber-demons from the netherworld.

...but I'm just a doom-hating quake luddite, so hey... 
Just To Keep This Here Updated 
The doom 3 video showing at E3 has already been posted in all it's glory on IGN. Unfortunately, only those with a subscription can get at it. (If you do got a subscription, by all means, drop by #TF and share!)

For us rest, there's a not too shabby shakycam version of the same trailer at this link here:
This is in WMV format btw... 
...Oh Yeah 
That's from an Xbox btw. 
My shock was that someone could use such lenient terms of reproach when describing a thing so poorly created. Honestly, I was disappointed with their lameness and I do hope the monsters are more monsterous in the final version. 
maybe you meant to say "What do you mean, kinda dodgy?!" 
Yes I did.

Also, I shall not privilege any of you with justifications for my choice in use of the bold tag, for anything worth knowing is already known.

Furthermore, anyone who tries to argue with my illogic shall be berated by more illogic. 
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