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Sigma Quadrant Released
Kaiser has released his third map from his planned Escape From Deimos singleplayer Doom 3 mission pack. More information can be found at his website.

Downloading now, interesting to see what his third map will be like. 
OK - Spoliers? 
By far his best map. My only real complaint: invisible monsters. Completely invisible, except for when they attack. This is unacceptable, and honestly ruined the map for me. I know it has to do with the "invisible virus" story, but they just are not fun, it's like he took the imp-crouching-behind-a-door thing and multiplied it by 10. It's very annoying and feels like cheating - I don't know why he added it in. Other than that, the finale is fun, even though it uses an invisible monster, and the rest of the map is pretty good. Kind of confusing layout, had to backtrack 3 or 4 times cuz I just didn't know where to go. Inventory is useful, didn't really use it a whole lot, but I got curious and once I figured out HOW to use it (the .txt file doesn't say shit, you gotta set the keys in the options menu) I used it once to get like 50 health, then never used it again.

Overall a great map worth the download and update, with a few semi-significant flaws. Kaiser has really improved the gameplay flaws from his previous maps, but added a new one. 
Zwiffle Said It Best 
agree 95% with him.

The monsters were not totally invisible, they had a very hard to see shine to them (Like just the gloss map was being rendered for example). Although I do agree that they WERE too hard to spot when in combat, "invisible" enemies + mutant owl neck syndrome = ALARM!

Apart from that, it rocked

and wtf, end boss invisible??? u must be blind, he is HUGE 
He had the smoke coming from the mouth and the rocket stuff, but honestly I couldn't see him otherwise. 
Nice Map 
I hadn't opened any proper d3 maps in months so I had forgotten how cool the engine can look.

I thought the gameplay started very nice, up until the archvile in the reception battle where it suddenly got a bit too overwhelming, and then it got alright again until the garage battle which was totally overwhelming, and then it was alright again and then the end boss sucked again. A bit because of the invisibility, a bit because of the small space in which to fight him. I thought the rest of the invisble monsters were alright tho. The invisible pinky was a bit hard to spot but the imps were glowing in flamboyant gay purple.
Overall a good map.

Inventory was a bit useless yah...

I played on easy btw. 
seriously, it shouldnt be invisible... I could see it perfectly, I dunno which one of us has the glitch tho :D 
more doom3. cool 
all i see on the screenshots are fucking hallways. did he reduce the creativity in layout from hallway-room-hallway to hallway-hallway-hallway? 
But all his rooms are hallway shaped. 
Refueling Station ( kaiser_2d3.pk4) rockes big time 
The monsters weren't invisible but if your 3d card doesn't support shaders in doom3 you probably can't see the monsters, I know I could see them fine, they were pretty easy though. 
Quick Thoughts. 
Decent map. Some good designs and details, but doesn't transcend the "just another base" syndrome.

Gameplay is pretty good and balanced. Some hectic combats and lots of ammo. Having the bot guide you around was nice. Unfortunately I never got the plasma gun despite searching every cubic pixel of the map.

The ending was shockingly bad despite having the most exciting room architecturally. I quickly resorted to cheating but couldn't even complete it with god + noclip. Just a typical crap boss ending.

The rest of it was good, though. 
Shit Ending 
is it as bad as the first map from him? 
Can;t Remember. 
But think "fighting a sometimes-invisible Cyberdemon on a platform above the void with various switches controlling a damaging laser that takes 15 minutes to recharge during which time you get repeatedly shot into the void by said demon", and you'd be, errr, entirely accurate :P

Go play Zombie's map though =) 
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