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Q1 SP - The Rest Is Silence.
At my Qexpo booth I have released my new singleplayer map 'The Rest is Silence.' It's a map that got delayed to the Lost Chapters pack, so you got to have this to play.


zip file (3.18 MB):
7zip file (2.13 MB):
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Ok I Played It! 
Good job. I found it pretty tough on skill 2, but maybe that's partly because I'm still getting used to the setup here at my new digs. There are some cool designs, and I'm glad you didn't give them all away in the screenshots.

I have to agree that the ending could have been better, though. It didn't feel like it was set up well, and it would have been nice to have more room to navigate.

Overall the balance was pretty good. The use of the new monsters seemed fairly good, but maybe a few more vorelings would have been nice.

Good job! 
Holy Shit! 
great work, came from holidays today and play this peace of art!!! man this 4 month was few time wayting for this great level!!! thks :) 
Problem With Darkplaces 
It's great map!! but with darkplaces (last version) the gold key is inaccessible. After i kill the walking proboscidean monster, gold key is still floating in the air. no problem to get it with noclip but.. I play the map exactly as i have read in manual - with lost chapters instaled. In telejano all works fine. 
Play it in Quake then, not Darkplaces. 
it looks like the last updates for DP is borked. I know it works in the version from oct 17 2004. 
According to aguirRe, it seems that last DarkPlace version(s) crashes very often now with no reasons... i.e, there are crash issues since the 2 or 3 last release... It's not the first time he mentionned the problem when testing my current map project... I hope LordHavoc will find a turnaround to solve this issue... ;) 
i use tremor client and always work fine in all mods! 
I Finished It. 
I played this through and it would have been very much at home in the Chapters universe.

I played on Hard and found it to be good - lots of crossfires to keep you moving but I found no battles to be unmanageable. I tend to be slow and use cover and infighting a lot so for the cautious player, this map is not unfair. I put down Vermis by running around in circles one way and shooting between the pillars. It was tough but not overly tough.

Good secrets - I think I found all but one but will return to find it (I hope.)

I liked the grand scale which was even more grand if you took an easy jump to a rooftop where you could touch the starry sky.

There were some nice touches with corpse models and crates full of books!

Great work... 
Holy Shit 
Looks like the guy finally went silent. 
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