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New Q1SP: "Antediluvian" By Metlslime
Here's a little Q1SP treat to start your holiday weekend off right. Antediluvian is a Q1SP with a rusty, damp "Wind Tunnels" theme. It was originally started in 2001, but only this year did I finally pick it back up and finish it.

Download: (1609k)

I've also released the .map source for this level under GPL. You can download that here: (353k)
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What Does Antediluvian Mean 

I'll give this a play in a few mins 
Wind Tunnels - how loveley
one of my fave themes in q1 
nice smooth oldskool environment!
and hi-quality brushwork! 
Very nice work! good classic style, gameplay was great, and progression was really intuitive.
Only found the RL secret, hmm... 
Water and Windtunnels! Surely amongst the most criminally neglected of Quakes gameplay devices. Thanks for putting them to good use. :) Great map. 
Oldschool Indeed 
nice map, architecture- and gameplay-wise. lighting fit, too.
the final fight was too hard, though, (at least on skill 2) and i'm always a little (too) fuzzy about textures like cop1_4 being not properly aligned, but then again this also added to the oldschool feeling somehow...
only 2/5 secrets (how does one get to the ra?).
are there any more 'wind tunnels'-like maps out there? 
Very Nice 
Nice architecture, excellent layout, well balanced gameplay until the end. The only spot i died, when two fiends materialized as soon as i hit the ground after the wind tunnel (skill 2).

Found 2/5 secrets, the nails and the RL. Red armor taunted me.

Now just finish Rubicon 2 and the zer-style map and all will be right with the world.


Rust in Peace - grc4beta.bsp ( i think )
by Mike Reute ( i think ) 
Fucking Lovely 
Only found 1 secret, the one right at the start :P

Excellent fulfilment of the theme; bits of interconnection of the layout, seeing later areas through bars and whatnot, but without getting lost.

Great brushwork; the platforms jutting out around the inside of pipes and rooms were my favorite structures.

Good use of the textures, getting the most out of that runic-metal subset.

Gameplay was pretty much flawless, although I took the most damage from drowning clanking around looking for underwater secrets :P
I played on Normal and found items delivered in just the right amounts at just the right times. Monsters were challenging without swamping the map or me.

Yeah, fucking beer it up for the Fitzy, people. 
Very Fun Map 
hey great map :) a shoot from my second run! didn�t find the last secret but i�m at work...will try at home later :)

found amo
found quad
found rl
found 100%

the other....roulf maby later!!!

great work :) 
Ooooh Metl U R Teh Cutie 
Nice one will give this a shot later. Looks more like The Wind Tunnels than The Wind Tunnels does. 
Yay! A great map. I played this in coop with a friend. I'll post the demos later ;)

Coopwise this map is perfect. If you die you don't have run endless corridors but you can almost ever direct jump back into the action! 
Solid map. Nothing that wowed me, but the whole thing was just solid. Solid. Everything was consistent, though I felt some of the combats were a bit uneven on hard mode. Other than that, it was pretty challenging, secrets were hard to see (I only found that not-so-hard RL secret) and ammo/health were placed appropriately. Maybe a little easy at the end, but oh well. I'd give it a 3 stars out of 3 and a half. 
It is a wonderful map that any self-respecting haberdasher should have in his collection. 
Qw Coop Demos 
temporary at:

have fun, we definitely had, eheheh :> 
here's my second run (first run was month ago when testing)

once again, very quality level!
/me hugs john 
i enjoyed it very very much. kinda like mix of wind tunnels and satan's dark delight. didn't find any secrets though... 
Thought The Monster 
placement was damn perfect -- played on normal setting. Good variety in their approach or how you were suppose to take them on. Also, the escalation of difficulty; in the last half of the map, it really did feel like an uphill battle increasing in difficulty with every scenerio. A top caliber piece of mappage. 
Well after Vondurs pleasantly ponderous stroll through Antediluvian, I figured I'd try my hand at a speed run. :)

It didn't quite go to plan [tripping over just a foot away from the playerstart was a bad omen], but I did have a very interesting encounter with a fish. 
Err! Sorry, My Bad. Forgot The Http. : > 
Reminds Me, 
On the vore lift out of the water one fallowed me
up and took a nip out of me. 

This was a lot of fun. In fact i was pleasantly surprised; the shots looked kind of average, but in practice the old-school feel was executed very smoothly. Lighting was noticeably well done, with very pretty spotlights :D

overall, great fun, worthy release, rubicon2 pleasethanks 
pleasantly ponderous

nice alliteration ;)

rubicon2 pleasethanks

seconded �_� 
Thanks for the praise, i'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I'll check out these demos when I get home.

More responses: Antediluvian, aside from being appropriate to the watery old sewer setting, also has an H.P. Lovecraft connection.

Rust in Peace was awesome and one of my favorites from 1997. Mike Reute unfortunately became a professional coder and has pretty much given up on mapping, though he did make maps for Monolith's Sanity game.

cop1_4 is sometimes impossible to align on strange brush shapes; I relied on people being used to seeing it misaligned -- all part of the old-school charm, I hope :)

Rubicon 2: with this out of the way i will hopefully work on that next, taking breaks to work on fitzquake of course :P

zer-style map: what is this? i have no memory of a zer-style map. 
best way to describe this is professional. Everything is very well done, no wow moments, but that's mainly because everything is consistently good. Combat and progression was very well thought out. 
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