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Warsow 0.061a Released
What is Warsow? Basically, Warsow is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS game that is using the QFusion (highly modified Quake 2) engine. Here is a sample screenshot: Despite the very low version number, I haven't had any serious problems with this release and found it to be a lot of fun. The official website of this project is at:

It has circle jumps, strafe jumps, double jumps, bunny hopping, wall jumps, dashes, dodges and ramp slides - so it's basically a trickjumper /pro-player dream. The 3 included maps are decent too. Here is a video showcasing the trickjumps in one of the maps:

The windows version is just 23mb zipped, so it's definately worth a try.

Win32 Download Link #1:
Win32 Download Link #2:
Linux Download Link:

It is worth noting that you have to press F3 to leave spectator mode and join the game. You can also use Radiant to map for this game, the official forums and Google will be your friends in this regard.
Radiant 1.5 Support 
Initially mapping for Warsow required using Radiant 1.3 or 1.4 and a bunch of messing around with config files and whatnot. I've just hacked Warsow support into Radiant 1.5 so now it's (hopefully) just a matter of me getting hold of SPOG before we can have a new Radiant release with native support for this game.

BTW, Warsow is very very addictive. 
where's the osx version? :/ 
What's The Server Fps? 
Thank you for posting that screenshot. The quality of that not only saved me downloading the mod, but also saved me reading the rest of the thread. 
Are you sure that's the Quake 2 engine? Looks more like Quake III to me... Wish I did deathmatch, it looks pretty cool. 
it's the qfusion engine which is a q2 engine project. warsow uses cell shading, that explains the look on the screenshot. 
At first, the screenshots discouraged me from trying it out as well, however they don't really do this game's justice. It's definately worth checking out. 
server fps is 25.

OS X version is being worked on. 
yeah, it's a bit sad how the maps in warsow look right now. the map on the screenshot also went through my hands. i did most of the graphics and changed the layout a bit (which is still crap :\)
(some screenshots of the map before i handed it back again: )

while the map looks quite silly right now (yeah, i know. it never looked too good), with the celshading they added on some parts etc, i'm confident they'll bring some consistent style to the game in future.
i quite like the gameplay and movement and stuff, but releasing the game in such an unfinished state isn't really a good idea, imho.

just wait for a more advanced version. 
We've Tried This At Work 
The new tricks and walljumping are fun as shit.

however, I still can't believe it's quake2 based no matter how much they insist. It's got the quake3 console complete with every cvar and command, even the obscure ones, the renderer produces identical effects with the exact same shader language ... I even copied the Quake3 pak file into the warsow base dir and was able to play with all the q3 player models in all the q3 maps. I copied my map pk3's into the folder and they all load perfectly.

With the q3 source just out two weeks ago, it seems much more likely they just imported their asset work, which would have already been md3 from work with qfusion, tossed in the walldashing, and spent ten minutes rehashing the same shitty looking cel-shading people have tried with q3 and q3map2 for years. The black outlines aren't anything engine related, it's just an expanded hull with the polies facing the opposite direction, colored black. That way they only draw as backfaces and you get a boxy black shape behind the model at only double the polycount!

The maps are full of errors where they tried to do this with the brushwork and it just comes out awful and broken. Cel shading looks like shit. Even really well done cel shading still looks like shit. It's an unfortunate shame that they decided to celshade as much as they can and go with the flamboyant toony style, but I suppose being French they can't be blamed. That four-colored map isn't half bad, and it might actually stand as good had they put ACTUAL TEXTURE AND LIGHTING in it.

Our goal at work is to put the q3 weapon models and behavior back in and just basically play q3 with walljumping. 
All Right 
So that came out fairly negative, but aside from walljumping I'm currently unenthused. 
i wouldn't really call racism _fairly_ negative. 
Er, the developer team is German, not French. 
German? They don't even have a good excuse then... =D

Oh, and I think cel shading can look quite good in games, I dig it (dunno about this game though, can't really be bothered to test it as it's multiplayer only and all). 
most of the team (and the founders) are french, acid and i are german ._. 
It has bots.

callvote addbots NUMBER 
I like wdm1(the green and black one) but I think the whole game would benefit from removing the cel-shading and getting a new player model(maybe just get a PPM off of polycount and use it after asking the author?). Also don't forget about the bunnyhopping Lunaran. 

In all seriousness, this sort of thing has been done/tried before, its called cpma. The difference *could* be that they might not be forced by one good coder to steer the project the direction he wants, as cpma is...

The cel shading, even if its hokey, indicates that the developers want to take this game in a different (and hopefully original) direction from "normal" FPS games. This is a good thing, keep it up.

I hope this turns out to be the ultimate fun+free progamer game, but for now I'm sticking to quakeworld. Good luck finishing the project! 
Server Fps... 
Just a hunch but you should triple or quadruple the server fps and it might be worthwile for people with normal connections.
What's the use of ping 10 or 20 if the server updates only every 40 milliseconds?
Should improve the control feel A LOT. 
Le France 
Oh, and I think cel shading can look quite good in games, I dig it

You see?! 
I thought you still loved me despite my frenchiness... =(

No but seriously, to continue being off-topic: There are plenty of nice console games that do cel shading nicely, even Wind Waker looked pretty good in my opinion. 
"even Wind Waker"... 


WIND WAKER LOOKS FANTASTIC DAMNIT (ok, it's not that great looking all of the time but some parts are just awesome)! 
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