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1 New And 1 Fairly New Q2 Dm Map By Jester
From his site :

My latest map is "Stress Fractures", which has a prominent vertical element for more varied gameplay and is decked out in a monochromatic color scheme. The map should hold up to 6 players comfortably, but anymore than that and weapons stay should be on.

Screenshots and download here :

The other one was released a month ago but didnt get a mention here so it's worth posting about.

The map is called Schizm and is a medium sized deathmatch all dressed up in Gothic attire. Big TY goes out to Maric for the great env, the map wouldn't be the same without it.

Screenshots and download can be found here :
looks very nice in those screenies. 
I don't know if you read the posts here, but these look pretty cool, as usual. 
Not Dling Yet 
As I don't currently play Q2 DM, but they do look very good from the screenshots. Big up Jester dishing out the quality. And big up nitin with the reportage. 
looks really really nice (well, i checked the page, all your maps look great at these screenshots and themes are very varied) but unfortunately i don't like quake II and don't have it at the moment to check the maps out. 
Both Are Top-notch... 
Jester's brushwork, lighting and texturing is as good as it gets in the Q2 world. His ability to create one quality map after another is amazing. This one plays pretty fast for a large, open layout. There are trick jumps galore throughout.

Two other recent maps of note by the three fingered fiend...

It is slightly reminiscent of Q3dm17... but plays better in my opinion. The texturing is a tad different but looks great and creates a nice atmosphere.

A very smooth playing ctf map with loads of z-axis, several routes and a very unusual atmosphere... a lot like Albino Black Sheep. 
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