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New Q1DM: "Pi - DMM5" By Drako
Here's a new map called 'pi - dmm5'. Dmm5 is a bit different from dmm4 in 2 ways: you can use your grenade launcher and you also have limited ammo, so picking up paks is part of the game). It offers a little different type of playstyle. It's on the servers as well as the OFQSP servers and a couple UK servers.

Screenshots + info:

To play: set it to 1on1, timedown to 5 minutes, dmm5, and overtime 1 minute (you might have to type overtimeup)

Nice Map Was Fun To Play :) 
o.k i did some waypoints for it if anybody want to practic offline... :) cheers

frogbots waypoint 
U Guys Suck... 
Man this is very ban...the guy made a dm map and no one said nothing... u guys rockzzzzz very nice from u guys, u just coment maps made bye your friends?


Okay I'll Comment 
DL doesn;t work. GG losers! 
But it does. 
DL Worked For Me... 
But I didn't really like it. Map seems off balence, not really clear why someone wouldn't just grab the RL, and hang near the RA the whole match protecting it. Plus the layout looks like a half finished concept, why is there a 'walkway' over the slime pit leading nowhere, but a teleporter IN the slime? Everything about the map screams 'follow me to the RA', with no interesting or branching choices for the player.

The look of the map is boring, and offers nothing of interest. Texture use seems to be a mash of this and that from various sets that don't work together at all. One thing I did like was the big circular texture on the ceiling over the slimepit. Lighting seems to be provided only to make the map visible, almost may have well made it fullbright and been done with it.

All and all, I can't say I'm that excited about this map or do I think I'd enjoy playing it. I'm sure some people may, more power to them. 
You DID play this map in dmm5 mode, right? 
I'm going to post about Park. It needs a release page here.

And this map is fun if played in DMM5 (cough scampie). 
No, but now that I read about it, the map makes more sense. Still, I'd rather play something with some strategy, just because you start with all weapons and armor doesn't mean that jockying for map postion, sneaking up on opposing players, and using teleport/pickup sounds to throw off your opponent; aren't part of deathmatch. You really can't do much of that here. A map like this seems the only thing you'd do is jump and shoot. 
Scampie is your opinion!!! at last something! u guys coment what ever u want ;) but coment for Drako make a better one next time... :p 
I'll say the same thing I told Drako. I don't like it. Not that the map doesn't have potential, I just really don't like anything about it at its current stage. Sorry. :( 
I uploaded a demo of Aeon and I. It's probably not either of our best games but it does go over a couple of overtimes. It's somewhat an indication of the pace you'd find. I wish I was a better player and moved around better, but oh well... Drako 
Nice demo :] 
Not bad demo, shows some good action. Still, I think it kinda shows the repetitive tactics that exist.

Get to the top, hold it. Someone will either walk there or teleport there (or try to attack you from lower ground). No other position is worth going to or holding, and there's little reason to move around. All you can do to get up there is somehow kill the guy on the high ground; try to run balls out up there; teleport and hope for the best. Can't really 'sneak' your way up there and 'backstab', any decent player can easily keep track of you and have a good idea how you plan to attack.

Drako: I hope you relieze I'm not against you or anything like that, just pointing out flaws where I can see them in hopes you can learn from them and do better next time. 
Well, what I think you're doing is trying to compare pidmm5 to a 'dm' map. This isn't a dm map, it's dmm5. Look at povdmm4 - one room with 5 spawns. All I did was add a bit of a maze and a few traps. 
Re: Mmm 
Well, what I think you're doing is trying to compare pidmm5 to a 'dm' map. This isn't a dm map, it's dmm5. Look at povdmm4 - one room with 5 spawns. All I did was add a bit of a maze and a few traps. 
were did you stole the textures? 
I named all those who'se textures I used in the readme - Drako 
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