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Real Oneway Glass In Quake ... It's Possible, But How?
I've been looking around for how to make one-way glass in way. I am aware of 2 or 3 "wrong" methods.

The correct method is employed in the map ID3

In the map ID3, there is an observation area below the DM6 red armor area. You can see everything above it, but shoot a rocket at it and it explodes on contact but from above you can't even see that area.

(Of course this is the "best" glass we have in Quake).

Away, I can't find any info on how to make this type of glass.

Anyone know? Is there a certain color in the palette that is 100% transparent and you paint that face of the wall with it?
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I didnt know about that way, nor do i know the answer to your question. but i found out you can make a "Glass" effect by making a brush as thin as you can and then texturing that brush with the "teleport" texture (you know the black with the white circles that move about). and tie a func_wall entity to it. now look at it in the game. It only works on some engines tho. 
Skip Texture 
I expect this is done using the skip texture utility. You can get this from It's an extra executable to run on your map after bsp, which will check all the faces to see if they have the texture "skip". Any surface that has this texture will be removed from the visible hull(but still clips rockets etc). How you'd achieve the effect in that map is to make a func_wall for the one way glass, and texture the bottom face with skip.

This may not be the only way to do this, but I'm pretty sure it'll do what you want. 
Arrgh, Broke The Link 
There's an extra period that doesn't belong, the link is 
I Kept Trying The Skip Texture And It Didn't Work 
... so you have kept me from going insane.

There is no func_wall in the id3 map, I did a text dump. It does have a func_plat in it and ID3 is a Rocket Arena'ized DM6 clone, but the Tyrann utility doesn't say it has to be an entity ....

The mod Starship has a forcefield in it -- an animated yellow pixelated particle haze. I might see if I can find the QuakeC that does that. It appears to be the same as that which appears in the Chthon death scene on E1M7 which also doubles as the radiation rune effect/spawn shields in Rune Quake. 
I haven't looked at the map in question, but i'm pretty sure if you are standing inside a func_illusionary, you can see out, but no-one can see in. 
this probably should have been posted in mapping help. 
the 'window' in id3 is a shootable trigger_multiple with a high "wait" value. this isn't a good solution, as each window will bleed the first time it is shot at.

the func_wall with skip texture trick is much better, although using the skip removal tool mentioned above will lead to the "one texture is missing from the bsp file" warning when the map is loaded.
there are compilers out there that support the skip texture in a 'clean' way, but i have no example at hand at the the moment.
(note that skip windows are transparent to the player, but monsters cannot see through them!) 
Skip Test ... No Funcs 
Didn't use func_wall, shoot it and it doesn't bleed it just impacts.

It'd be nice if that were built into a qbsp'ish utility, I can't see anyone using a texture named skip without the intended effect.

Now I need to figure out how to make it look enough like a window is there that isn't doubt to whether it is empty space or something solid without resorting to something only GLQuake supports. maybe some sort of mild pixelated stuff in the middle or a crack or a cheapy fake "shine".

(func_illusionary, don't see that in too many maps. It'd be nice for elements that are scenery that you don't want to interfere with movement). 
you're right. there is no warning message with tyrann's tool. i must have confused it with some other program...

making the window a func_wall allows you to killtarget it if necessary and it also doesn't interfere with the lighting. 
Skip Method And Func_wall 
If you go for using the skip texture in an actual map you'll still want to use a func_wall for the glass. This is because even though you can see through the removed face, vis cannot. If you build the window as a regular world brush, once you vis the map the parts of the map on the other side of the glass will not be drawn, and you'll get a HOM effect instead. Func_wall never blocks visibility so it'll work fine. It'll also make the inside edges of the window frame much easier to make, as they won't get clipped off.

As for a visual indication, the best visual indicator for glass in quake I've seen is in efdm9, which is certainly still around somewhere if you don't own a copy already. The windows in the map have 'decals' on them, marking the surface of the glass nicely. You could replace this effect with very thin white brushes to look like cracks, but the decals are nice and clean, a more stylish alternative in my opinion 
Forcefield In Starship Map 
Nice effect, just like a wall.

It is QuakeC though, and I cannot seem to track it down. 
Hipnotic Had One Like That 
Surely that source is released? 
It's From Hipnotic ... 
Heh, I figured that out last night ...

I decompiled the QuakeC using deacc32.exe and looked through the source and all the functions had "hip" in them.


Eventually, I came across a sample tutorial file on how to use the particle field from Hipnotic:

and the official devkit page for Hipnotic: 
Small Concern... 
I crunched your id3.bsp to a map and it must be a trigger_multiple with a wait function -1
Take a look at the and see yourself. 
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There is a normal clip texture in the standard levels. I assume you use that on just one side of the wall. 
Not Quite... 
brushes need to be entirely clip or not at all.

previous comments in this thread pretty much answered this. Not sure why this Noah's Ark spam resurrected the thread so successfully. 
Because We Are All Born To Fallow 
and need someone strong to guide us. 
Sorry For This.... 
I decided to resurrect this thread following the discussion started in Base Pack thread these last days. There plenty of informations in the previous posts, but things are not really clear on the method to use for glass creation. So, as it doen's work well as described by than in Base Pack thread, is there somebody already experimented Tyrann's remove_skip tool, and did the results were what has been expected ? 
1 post not shown on this page because it was spam
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