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Real Oneway Glass In Quake ... It's Possible, But How?
I've been looking around for how to make one-way glass in way. I am aware of 2 or 3 "wrong" methods.

The correct method is employed in the map ID3

In the map ID3, there is an observation area below the DM6 red armor area. You can see everything above it, but shoot a rocket at it and it explodes on contact but from above you can't even see that area.

(Of course this is the "best" glass we have in Quake).

Away, I can't find any info on how to make this type of glass.

Anyone know? Is there a certain color in the palette that is 100% transparent and you paint that face of the wall with it?
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There is a normal clip texture in the standard levels. I assume you use that on just one side of the wall. 
Not Quite... 
brushes need to be entirely clip or not at all.

previous comments in this thread pretty much answered this. Not sure why this Noah's Ark spam resurrected the thread so successfully. 
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Sorry For This.... 
I decided to resurrect this thread following the discussion started in Base Pack thread these last days. There plenty of informations in the previous posts, but things are not really clear on the method to use for glass creation. So, as it doen's work well as described by than in Base Pack thread, is there somebody already experimented Tyrann's remove_skip tool, and did the results were what has been expected ? 
if you want what baker was asking for, just use a func_wall with a skip texture on one side. I think that's different from what than is doing. 
Remove Skip 
is already causing me problems with my basepack map. I have some shots I will upload later (in the basepack thread) that all were taken with novis 1 to avoid showing up unsightly errors.

I will do a short tutorial on it in the near future. 
Please do... quickly... ;) 
Where To Get Skippy 
you can find tyrann's skip tool at
glass rocks! 
Thanks a lot for your tutorial, and about the map examples... Nice and interesting !!! I just jave a small comments: the 2examples are water/air based... Would it be possible you will give an air/air example ?
I tried to make a air/air glass in map current map, following the same method, replacing water by nothing.. (i.e "air") but unfortunately the results is completly unexpected and crappy (ingame you are either stucked or map leaks, and you have thousands HOMs everywhere..) 
I have them all over the place in my map, but I know it has worked OK because enabling r_novis 1 gets rid of them. I'm holding out hoping that Tyrann will release a new version of skippy. He told me it is planned, but I think he is pretty busy with other stuff atm so I've know idea if he will do it before christmas or some other time. Fingers crossed.

I didn't have problems with air/air glass, by the way, only air/water. 
Than, Other People: 
have you verified that the HOMs are not there when you don't run skippy? 
No I don't get any HOM with normal process (QBSP + VIS + LIGHT) Including skip run (QBSP + SKIP + VIS + LIGHT), ingame the map is HOM'ish as hell :( 
Yes, It's Because Of Skip 
I thought I mentioned that it is likely to cause problems earlier. Maybe I didn't :)

I tried using different compilers, reordering the compile process (makes some difference, and seemed to fix it last time I tried, but the problems just came back) etc. but to no avail.

Anyway, I tend not to have too many problems if skip is used in just a few places and only on bmodels. If I stick skip on the world then problems start occuring. The probability of problems happening also seems to increase with map complexity, number of portals etc. I had no problems to begin with when working on my map, but they slowly crept in, and are very evident when I do a full vis. However, it's a bit late to change things drastically now, so I am ignoring it and crossing my fingers that Tyrann will do some work on his compilers that includes skip ;)

If he doesn't then I'll have to do some work myself and I guess some of the cooler things in the map will have to go. Others I can replace with the trigger trick though :)

*the trigger trick is mentioned in my glass tutorial I think. 
.. at the moment Tyrann's skip tool is buggy... I was aware of that point, it is even mentionned in v0.0 readme text file.
But actually I am very surprised of the result ingame (at least with my map.... I was thinking the skip bug, mentionned by Tyrann, would have generated some weird effects (i.e HOMs, leaks, etc..) were the skip texture is located, but not everywhere in the map...
Well, we have to seriously ask Tyrann to improve this cool stuff :) ... quickly :P 
If You Are Mapping For Quoth... 
then you can probably use this entity in place of skip covered func_wall:

It also has the advantage of being toggleable.

However, you will still run into problems if you plan on doing the same stuff with water and glass that I am doing. Otherwise, for glass air/air it is perfectly suitable and you won't ever have to use skip again. 
Thanks for the infos, I'll check it out, while I'm not mapping for Quoth (shame on me... I know ...) Anyway, I can avoid glasses use in my current map, even if it would have been a nice goodies there...
In anyway, Tyrann must work on his skip tool now to make it bug free... :P.. ASAP I would say :D 
I have seen glass on a map and it isn't any of the ones you have mentioned here. And it looks great to me.

There Are A Few Ways Of Doing Glass. 
If you make a 64x64 single-color texture (grey or whatever) and give it a *blah name so it behaves like water in the engine, then you can put a skip-texture func_wall over it (so the player cant swim through the window) and set the wateralpha accordingly.

Or you can just make a func_wall and give it an _opacity key. Both rely on non-standard engines or some progs.

The first version I mention above is limited by the fact that you need to trigger the cvar wateralpha, do-able with the Quoth mod's info_command or trigger_command entities.

The other version requires an engine that supports transparency via the _opacity key. Most do now, but Vanilla GLQuake doesn't for example. 
The Good Engines 
Support the 'alpha' key now.

Just give an entity (any one you like) an alpha value of less than 1 (solid) but greater than 0 (completely transparent. 
You can get the edfm9 here, in case you don't have a copy and want to check it out... 
Non-bleeding Glass In Quake1 
Hey all.

I made non-bleeding glass and uploaded it to a really old Quake1 map editor website that I can't even remember the name of. I came across the property shift in a func_trigger (I think?) if you give it a health attribute and super-long delay time. In start.bsp for quake1, the "dopefish lives in the crypt of decay" shootable texture on the stretched face leading to the nightmare teleport... I noticed that while it was doing the 'cool-down' that you could stand and walk and interact and it would produce sparks instead of blood. The trick then is to have an func_trigger on spawn points in the map which triggers a one-time nail to shoot th glass when the level loads.

Super ghetto - but it worked - and it required 0 engine modifications. This eventually made its way into the observation areas for the initial release of Rocket Arena. I chatted with Zephod on a rocketarena server once and we were both like "oh wow its an honor to meet you." I cherish those uber-dork moments :) Love you all and keep on quaking. cheers 
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