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Shad3DM2 - Deep Freeze Released
This is Shadowdane's last Q3 map. As he claims it turned to be his best level.

More info & Download links can be found here:

if its not obvious, shadowdane made this map, I just cut and pasted his post. 
woops.. its been quite a while since I posted here. Didnt see the submit news link, otherwise I would of posted it myself. :)

Anyway after Shambler posted about my large screenshots, resized them to 1024x768. 
What Can I Say.... 
....except if I had Q3A which I don't and if Q3A's gameplay was remotely tolerable which it isn't, I would be over this like warts over a whore's gash. W3rd.

Looks very nice. 
Shambler Is King Of The Simile 
I, in fact, like the Q3 gameplay, and this is a nice-looking map and fun to play. Nice job on getting this one finished up. I look forward to seeing what you do with Q4. :) 
Really Great Map 
This map is top notch, all the way around. I was quite surprised actually, because even though I know Shadowdane is a quite capable mapper, the screens didn't thrill me all that much.

However, the map has a level of visual detail that is nothing short of awe inspiring. It was quite amazing to see so many areas that had been carefully thought out in terms of coherent and eye-catching details -- the piles of snow, the pipes, the lighting, the little offset rooms, the missing foundation bricks, etc. The screenshots really don't do the map's brilliant level of detail justice.

The layout is also typically wonderful considering Shadowdane's prior maps. 'Deep Freeze' for Quake2 was one of the first custom maps I ever played, and I remember being so impressed by the fact that it was an 'amateur' level.

'Deep Freeze' for Quake 3 has that wonderful "you can see every room and ledge, but how the hell do you get to it" layout -- the same kind you'd find in any great ztn, paradies, SleepwalkR, or Yogi map. It takes a few rounds to really know the routes, but that is what's so great about this sort of map -- it's like an RPG experience system (Navigation LVL up with every round you play!) that rewards learning the layout.

The bots seem to know their way around without any major issues arising in the rounds I played, and I'm pretty sure they even went for the quad room button once or twice.

Speaking of the quad room, I really enjoyed how it is set up. It flows perfectly with the map, even though it's offset a bit, as you might expect from a quad room. I also liked the various jump pad locations, especially the one with the Cavern of Death(tm) that has the nice touch of a skeleton at the bottom!

The atmosphere was excellent -- the towering structure with piles of snow everywhere and the haunting, icy music really push the 'snowy outpost' feel.

Overall, great map, and great work Shadowdane 
Oh Yeah 
I forgot to mention the one minor flaw. I spotted it in my first run through the map as well.

^^ That pile of snow with the part of it that is sticking over the ground casts a pretty noticable shadow as you go by it. Oh well :D 
Not To Derail The Thread 
but paradies, there's a name that brings back memories. 
Does Anyone Have A Mop? 
To wipe up the enormous puddle of drool Bltiz just left on the floor... 
Well To Be Fair 
I too thought the screenshots looked a bit wank, but the actual map in game is gorgeous. A bit too bright overall perhaps, but I guess that is because tards (q3 players) don't like shadows. 
thanks for all the nice comments.. yah I found it hard to get a good screenshot which really did the map justice. :P

And originally it was a bit darker but pretty much everyone that played it kept complaining it was too dark, so I increased the lighting levels a bit.

Oh and blitz.. I was aware of that weird shadow near the snow pile, was never able to get rid of it so just left it. Wasn't a big enough flaw to worry about really. 
Too bright, and I wish you'd taken more notice of Shamb's point regarding the brick texture on the underside of structures. It looks totally naff, especially when the texture meets at an edge and doesn't even line up.

Having said that, bloody awesome layout! I've really enjoyed blowing through this one, time and time again. Thankyou. 
Shamb's Point? 
That was me bitching about the brick. :) 
O... bad. 
I did think I also said there was a little too much brick originally. Not that, looking at the screenies, it's a major bad point. 
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