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Night Journey Revisited - Q1SP
A big pak with lots of outdoor scenery and intense combat in classic style. There are 6+1 maps and the pak was originally made by Tronyn/Daz and released in 2003 in an unfinished state. Please check the readme for details. Special thanks to Tronyn for the permission to re-release this great pak.

Download: (zip, 6,7 MB)

Have fun! Any comments are welcome.

Note: Quake Mission Pack 2 required to play this level.
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fuck remove this 7zip shit file... fuck use normal rar or zip... 7zip dont work in my computer... :( 
honestly, all releases should include a standard compression format before any non standard ones are used. :P 
So does this mean the pack has now been finished? 

looks even weirder when it moves, and weirder still in its melee attack.

No time to dig, it's pub o'clock! 
"Also, please note that the final level nj4 is still missing due to it never
being released publicly. This means that after finishing nj3b "The Second
Portal", the engine tries to load nj4 which isn't available. Just press F10 and
quit the game."

guess is not totaly finish... 
RAR opens the 7zip archives. 
This Is News To Me :) 
well Im glad its in a semi-playable state at least, this pack of maps was insanely cool when me and tronyn were working on them back in the day. I would ahve loved to release a full pack all polished up but I haven't mapped for a long time and I haven't worked on THESE maps for even longer...

I hope they stimulate some people into mapping something at least... 
hope you enjoyed your beer!

From NJ Readme1st: Besides Quake1, you'll also need the Rogue mission pack "The Dissolution of Eternity" installed.


Moderators: Please remove my local link above now that the FP link is up. Also, please add the text "Mission Pack 2 required" above. It's in the readme, but it could be good to see it directly. Thanks. 
Yeah, I realise that, because it fails to even load the map if you forget the -rogue... 
i'm gettin killed on the 1st level constantly.. have to use cheats it seems..
total lack of ammo!!! 
I'm finding that aswell. I want to really enjoy the pack because it's got excellent build quality by the looks of things, but I'm spending far too long running away from deathknights with nothing but an axe. 
So If You Need DOE 
how do you install it ? It seems ot hav eits own progs.dat 
Text_Fish and nitin: please read the readme for instructions how to install and play it. Important tips! 
installed as instructed.

I hadnt seen that before (ie -rogue and -game together).

But like others, I'm out of ammo and struggling on the first level (about 24 monsters in).

Playing on normal. 
Same here, I tried easy cause I read people here were having trouble, but still I'm always running out of ammo and having to run ahead and avoid monsters to get some extra firepower. =\
Just finished first map though, and build quality is quite nice, but gameplay is just too frustrating. 
I Followed 
the instructions in the readme to a T and it wouldn't even load. It kept crashing to the desktop and saying:

"Mod_LoadModel: progs/****.mdl not found"

where **** is any number of .mdl's that were apparently missing. In the end I copied PAK0 from the Rogue folder in to the Night folder as PAK1. If other people weren't having the ammo problem I'd assume the 'special' ammo from the Rogue missionpack has somehow become lost in the process, therefore leading to the ingame shortage. 
Those Who Are 
having ammo shortage, have you found the GL in the start map? It's near the other supplies and is basically required to manage nj1. This info is also in the readme. Originally, there was no GL until nj1b, but I added it to the start map.

Text_Fish: What engine are you using? Standard engines should load this pak without any problems if you've followed the installation instructions.

There's not much rogue weapons/ammo in this pak so that's not causing the shortage. Have you added the -rogue option as instructed? 
I had missed the GL... Having a GL in a start map is just plain weird... �__� 
Nice Work So Far 
I had played through these maps a while back, and thought they had a lot of potential.

Although things are vastly improved from the first version, there's still a few issues.

1. I still didn't see the GL in the start map, so playing through the first map was very hard, until i found the GL secret.

2. Wait, that's it.

I like the new fiend skin. Not really fond of the new Shambler skin. Fiend skin makes sense, Shambler skin, not really in context with the story.

I only just finished the Ankhbar's Curse map, but the added Rogue monsters and such add a lot to the experience.

I remember looking through the old NJ zip, and seeing a "NJSECRET" map. I had tried compiling it once, to no avail. Is that re-inserted into this at all?

Regardless, nice work on finishing this up AguiRe.


I could have sworn i saw some old screenshots from a ikbase/arabian hybrid map for this project. If those are still around, maybe that was the intended NJ4? 
Hope To See Things Like These All Weeks 
great map pak...realy impresive... why didn�t anyone finish for good? :) just was said about something... were rl??? found lots of secrets but none had rl 
Like The B0rked Monsters... 
...they look bloody marvellous, random chaotic blob of chunderous polygons.

First map was too easy though. 
Map2 was badly balanced in the middle and end. One armour change was all it would have taken.

Map3 had the worst gameplay I have ever experienced in a Quake map. The use of the Rogue flying things was appallingly bad. After this I just cheated to see what the maps looked like but gave up on that pretty quick, and deleted the pack.

The green maps did look very nice, but there did seem to be a lot of "vore spawning on platform next to you whilst a dozen spawn spawn below" bullshit. If someone would care to release those in normal form with better gameplay that would be good.

I wish whoever decided to release this had done a proper job of fixing the monsters, sorting out the skins, and actually putting the slightest bit of thought into the gameplay. 
I Dont Get Borked Monsters 
up to map 3, but this is very tough. Barely made it through map 2, was under 10 health for quite a while. Couple that with low ammo and it can get frustrating. The room with 8 of those super mummies wasnt enjoyable.

Also, regarding the GL, no one looks for that sort of stuff in a start map.

Still, I hope it gets a bit mor eenjoyable from here on, the maps look fantastic. 
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