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Speedmap Pack #106
3 wet and wild speedmaps, ready and willing for you to play!

This week, we sent deep sea drivers to the bottom of the oceans, searching for the lost world of Quake. It may or may not have been found, we only gave them 100 minutes of air, and it was a long way down. Only 3 brave drivers returned: generic, PuLSaR, and TextFish; with some maps of the HORRORS they experianced. Enjoy!

SpeedQ1 site:
These Were All Nice, But Some Were More Nice Than Others 
All mappers are equal, but some are more equal than others. 
Scampie's news items are better than the maps are likely to be!

P.S. That will have b0rked your 1337 post count BTW. 
Huh. I Was Expecting More For This One. :s 
Right then!

sm106_generic: Pretty textures and nice open spaces! Gotta be conservative with ammo though. I've played it three times now and still not killed everything.

sm106_pulsar: Best of the [small] bunch! Bathes otherwise simple gameplay mechanics in watery goodness to add a whole new dimension. It was all a little boxy but then, speedmapping isn't about the architecture. Nice use of textures to add detail in lieu. I also liked the floating crate a lot. I'd play this one even if it weren't a speedmap.

sm106_mine: *Cough* I'll try a little harder next time. Infact, I think I'll start a fresh and spend a couple of weeks transforming this in to something spectacular. 
sm106_generic great looking map! but gameplay? u forgot it :) shamblers with axe? ops i can�t beat then...

sm106_pulsar another great looking map but this one to easy...~

Text_Fish the must poor in textures but the best in game play was realy fun the map love the rl place :| died 3 times :( hehe

nice pak guys keep on it!!! 
My Thoughts 
sm106_generic liked how it looked and tough gameplay. ammo was just right for me, last shambler took one hit from the axe to finish off.

sm106_pulsar enjoyed the panic after falling down the hole but the end was too easy. boxy but still looked good and the underwater sections were done well.

sm106_textfish had to scratch my eyes out after seeing the sky, the rest of the level didn't look much better. quite awkward and a little confusing to play but the hardest of the bunch to finish.

I liked them. Generics pissed me off, because the gameplay ruined the pretty theme. I really liked pulsars, even though the game play was too easy. Textfish had a funny sky, but his map was actually very fun to play. Keep coming out, guys! Maybe I will, too. 
I Thought We'd Dive Deeper 
but inspite of that the maps were ok.

pulsar's map is the best from the pack, interesting texture's, too. could have been harder.

text_fish's has a cool rock texture and an ugly sky. gameplay was ok, the spawn room is pretty challenging with 8 health ;)

generic's has the right texture theme, but not enough water. couldn't get all shamblers with the ammo available... 
Same opinion as everyone else's. 
Muff Diver 
Nice to see a new(?) mapper :) You all sure the theme wasn't "b*stard difficult maps"? Only played one so far and a quick look at Text_Fish's map.

sm106_generic After a couple of minutes play it became obvious it wasn't possible to kill everything, and the objective was just escape. Completed first time. Nice Atlantean textures. Clean design. Nice.

sm106_textfish New to speedmapping? Good effort, but holyhorsepoop, can anybody complete it? AHhhhhh :0 
I thought you weren't supposed to kill the 3 shamblers in generics map, I didn't have any difficulty luring them around the pillars slowly, then just taking the blue key and jumping in the end portal before they could shaft me to death. 
cunning Bal! 
Me Too 
Took one look at the shamblers in that map, my ammo selection (poor) and my armour/health (quite good) and just ran for it.

And, yeah, I finished text_fish's. Wasn't *that* hard, though it certainly took a few tries. 
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