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Early/abandoned Projects
It would be nice if different experienced mappers show some their very early (ugly) works (bsp's or screenshots) in this thread. Or post some screenshots or even sources of some abandoned maps they will never finished for other people to inspire. I know some people upload their early crap/unfinished maps to their sites, some don't. Let's do it here.
Let's Start From Me 
Here's the screenshot of a q1dm map in wanted to make but it turned out bad and I abandoned it:

I'll probably upload one my very old and crap q1dm soon 
Weird Timing 
only today I was pondering what to do with all the leftover crap that got chopped out of my main maps.

I'm getting a bit nostalgic lately though, and there's a good chance I'll rework them into something playable at least. 
What would be the point of uploading ancient utter crap maps? So we can download them, knowing their skill level now, and giggle? 
I think it would be just interesting to look at.

I re-played thru my early crap a few days ago with my friend. It was like a travel to the past - watching some weird things I never do now, some strange (even sometimes unusual) ideas etc. It's fun and interesting imo. 
Uploading, linking, and explaining useable map scraps (not early, ugly, crap, but just unfinished stuff), of whatever game, could be useful and interesting. Seeing, for example, what Mike Woodham has done in the past, or what others have done with combining speed maps - it's obvious one can get quality maps out of leftover bits, with a little TLC.

Even the crap ones, maybe there will be interesting ideas and concepts that can be used. 
there are czg scraps already
very good scraps 
I tried to suggest to speedy last night that he release his scraps. He's resistant. 
Cause there is no reason. If you (anyone) really want to finish my map - I will gladly give it to you personaly.
But uploading plenty of unfinished bits is usless 
upload your scraps! 
Have Fun 
Holly Shit! 
czgdm03 go finish this one...looks to good to be lost...

lsame stile as maevola map orange.ops 
not orange... agent.bsp 
... I'm using bits of some of these bits. 
these are what's worthy to look at
you might find some bits familiar 
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