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New Q1DM: "Final Frontier"
I felt like making a ffa map. So I sat down and in 1 hour I had the gameplay at 95%. I began testing the map with a few people, when Drako asked to do the textures and lighting, much to my delight. I am a newb at textures and my lighting wasn't working at all. He also suggested the city idea, which I thought was a good idea. I spent a few days making the city, then turned the map over to Drako, and a few days later, he had retextured most of the map (very beautifully i might add) and added 300-400 lights for the city.

If you like ffa, you will probably like this map. If you don't like ffa, you probably won't.

Downloads: (ty inert)

Screenshots: (Vondur's analysis)

Thanks alot to the guys who answered my questions and helped me on #tf.
Propose Solutions Too 
Make the "box" a sky texture, right? (if necessary, a black custom sky tex)

Test fps with ez/fuh though. 
fun to play is not a great texture map, but is a fast dm to play :) good job! 
Glad to see you got this out the door. Props for doing a two-mapper dm map! That doesn't happen everyday. It plays pretty well, too. 
Now featured on and mirrored on FileAlley 
i've heard and read that sky textures are faster, but on a map like q1dm17 where 90% of the map is sky, on my computer it runs extremely slow. I tried to avoid that on this map.

Thanks for comments guys, and thanks for mirror cybrvillain. 
Oh Yea Bots Too 
trinca made bot way points for frontier!! its quite fun 
when you have a space map/floater, upscale the surrouding box brush's textures up by a lot. it will cut down on lightmaps and faces thus giving a higher frame rate.

if it's not a sky texture, then it may bug you that lighting will be a bit off on those, but if it is a sky texture, than the change will be completly invisible to the player (except in performance increase ^_^)

also, if it's a sky texture, people using engines that support it can turn on a skybox, thus increasing performance even furthur. 
Or Even Better, 
use r_fastsky 1 like i do 
Final Frontier 
I really liked the map. It's fast and fun to play on it. The textures are not that good, but since we can use external ones, it's not a problem at all.

What really bug's me, is the impossibility of using a skyboxes! If you correct this, the map is perfect.

Good Job! :) 
I suggest you demand a refun from Drako. Not sure what he was thinking with the texturing but the map looks pretty uninspiring from the shots. The god-awful washed-out crappy-item engine they're taken in probably doesn't help, though. 
Not Sure About Gameplay 
I'd say hand it over to a more experienced mapper so he/she (are there any she-mappers?) can make proper details/texturing. As a mapper the screenshots bug the hell out of me, and it looks rushed. I know more hardcore QWers don't care too much about looks, but it just annoys me to no end.

As a casual QWer I'm more interested in looks than all 1337-crazy tricks you can pull out and whatnot, but that's just me. 
Sure About Gameplay 

q3dm17 is gold compared to what this appears to look like..

if the gameplay was "nailed" in apparently 1 hour, at least spend another 1 hour on the visuals before releasing. 
Have You Played It? 
Drako spent a good many hours on texturing and lighting. 
Electro is his first map i think u should read more...give the man time... i know u got a good maps made but u also made some poor maps in the beginning...and i think the map is not that bad... 
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