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New D3SP : Evacuation Protocol
I just stumbled upon this over at D3W and thought I would give it a try, turns out its absolutely fabulous! 1st map (I think) from "BKT".

Download, info and screenshots -

The map is 11.6mb to download, and does NOT require RoE. Enjoy.
Absolutely fabulous eh??

I bet it breaks free from the tiresome D3 tradition of being set in a gloomy industrial base map.

"Absolutely fabulous"

I would say "fairly adequate" is nearer the mark.

The gameplay is pretty good, challenging but well balanced for the first two thirds. The last third dragged on somewhat teethgrindingly, with a couple of "impossible to survive first attempt" combats, but then the ending was good. Atmosphere and a few unnerving bits were pretty neat.

The style was basically the same base style seen in every other base map. Designs were quite unmemorable, just the standard series of boxy rooms with pipes and stuff. Nothing that would make one go "wow".

It was also so dark I hard to turn my monitor off to see the map better.

Overall, the mapping quality is good, but it's wasted on yet another D3 gloomy industrial base map. 
very quality level! i liked it alot. i'd agree with smab, nothing unusial thre, but it's still top notch quality. and i liked that it was rather big and like neverending. the route was quite peculiar.
one of the top custom d3 levels! 
I didn't think it was possible, but this guy managed to make owl neck even worse by sticking you in PITCH BLACK trapped in a corner by 2 zombies with just a flash light. PITCH BLACK OWL NECK, PEOPLE. We truly are making significant strides in Frustrating-Gameplay Technology (FGT.) 
Bah If It's Pitchblack And You Can't See 
how does the owl neck then make it any worse? I guess you mean you get flashlight owl neck in what was pitch black before you switched from weapon. 
Off Topic 
but is this much-maligned MONS (Mutant Owl Neck Syndrome) entirely absent from Quake4? Worse/same as in other Quake games? 
It's not as bad in Q4, there is a bit, but they also use a screen blurring effect which is more fun to have done to you. 
do yourself a favour, type "g_kicktime 0"
(not sure about the exact var g_kick**soomething) also u can get rid of screen shattering (g_screendouble ? dont remember)

in q4 there is not much shaking at all
or maybe its only cause you always get a chance to kill melee monsters from distance? 
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