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QUAKE IV Discussion
This game deserves its own thread for sure.

Post your impressions please. (but no spoilers, or use warnings).

How it stands, compared to other Quakes and Doom3

What about MP?

Tell us how it runs on your ti4200 or r9600
(6800+ owners dont bother please)
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Romero left. 
I found it got better as it went on. Some of the later levels are terrific. 
Actually I've just been stroggified, and it seems it changes here and there some small things, that makes the game better now: I hope it will progress like this till the end :) 
The Strogg Changes Stay 
the levels get even better looking IMHO. 
Easier Boss Battles Ever. 
Quite enjoyable progression, though... 
Easiest Boss Battles Ever. 
Is probably not a bad thing.

I liked Quake 4. It felt pretty much like Quake 2 + Doom 3. I'd have prefered more exploration and shit, but it was still good and a good atmosphere. 
Easiest, Right. 
And, true, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I liked it, too. Nice interactive movie thingie.

More exploration and a dozen more levels(coupla secret ones, maybe?) wouldn't have hurt one bit, though... 
I Still Wonder 
Why no official addons were made. It's a really good game, i wanted something more of this theme 
Right. And For That Matter... 
...Why so few DOOM3 e Q4 user made addons?

The last fps that I remember having a decent scene in custom mapping is maybe Q2...

I don't dig often for customs, but I don't think I have more than 10 DOOM3 and maybe 4 QUAKE4... 
Thats Just Because 
its a lot of work isnt it? especially if you want to make a new theme.

most new games require way more time to make maps than your usual q1/q2/unreal map. 
Indeed a lot of time. I started to make a q2 styled q4sp map, but is still <50% ready. But i hope i'll finish it someday.

Btw don't you think that custom mapping era is very close to it's end? 
Indeed a lot of time. I started to make a q2 styled q4sp map, but is still <50% ready. But i hope i'll finish it someday.

Btw don't you think that custom mapping era is very close to it's end? 
I don't think it's at an end but IMO it's very fragmented. You have those who are willing to put in the effort to map for newer engines and you have a bunch of people who like the engine they're on (Quake, Half-Life, etc) and just stay there. If you're having fun there's no reason to move ahead in engine unless you really want to. 
I think for most newer games, yeah. Especially new themes in new engines are hard to do without a team of people working on a mod type scenario.

But you'll get people making some custom maps, if only to try their hand at new engines but most of these will utilise the art assets that shipped with the game rather than have too much new stuff. 
Philosophical Post 
I have been thinking for a while that I'll be moving on after Remake Quake. I just find DOOM3 an all around pretty good shooter game. I might just map for that engine as well once I have a machine that can reliably run it. Less reason to make mods for it, too, because it already has all that stuff like breakables, pushables, rotateables, ingame computer consoles and entering keycodes, inventory, NPCs/scripts, several bosses, high quality sound and graphics, a predictable target engine, better AI etc., yadda yadda yadda. All the stuff that is such a big part of Remake Quake (and that some people view as crazy ideas), for example, is already there. No need to invent CSQC or code breakables in DOOM3.

And obviously, I think that stuff is needed. That's what I'm interested in, really. Additional devices. Not so much additional monsters, game modes or weapon mods. I don't want to play soccer in a shooter, I want to splatter monsters across the wall with a shotgun in the dark. I do like some scripts or cutscenes though, I don't think they take away from the monster killing somehow. Time to roll a fag, indeed.

Why mod it? It is the result of years of modding. It's all there. I would much prefer a project where I could simply map, with the whole modding part already done and in place. This is what I hoped Quoth would be. As it turns out, Quoth is not a next-generation FPS toolkit for Quake. I don't blame it, it just means you have to code your stuff yourself, and partly your stuff is even redundant. :)

I like the D3 look, too. I might be a very ... simplistic or linear thinking mapper, but the variety of themes never was an issue for me. I like games with a relatively uniform look that tell a story in one or two places from A to Z. I think fewer, but more varied themes are good. Idbase for example is super limited. I find myself wanting more different tech textures and gadgets. Idbase has wall panels out the wazoo, but very little actual things. It's like that with all the Quake themes. Anyway, I don't care about the looks as much as the things that happen in the game.

As for it being harder to map for than Doom or Quake, well that's the price you pay then. The upside is that very little modding would be required. In my book, that's a good deal. 
Will you add a grappling hook, call it RedoneDoom and make a software-rendered port? 
Gonna suck when people won't be able to map for newer games... Who want's to have fun downloading 4gb, megatextured Rage maps? 
Tbh 4gb is only like 30 minutes. Back in the dial up days it'd take me as long to d/l a few hundred kb map.

It's far more a question of the time envolved in creating a more detailed map (altho there's the argument that map object pack will become the new texture packs) 
The mapping standards in terms of design and the level of detailing grows every year. If we compare it to the time of quake or doom, it was much easier to a newbie mapper to make a good map than today. The time of large mapping scenes is in the past. So what will be in five or ten years?

Maybe this subject deserves its own thread for discussion? 
Is It Possible 
that we just need better tools? Or is what we have now as good as it can get? (Aside from tools that automatically generate exactly what you envision in your mind, of course). 
Tools are getting better and better, obviously there's always room for improvement. 
UnrealEd and the Crysis editor are pretty damned slick, at least as far as placing assets and getting the level working. Creation tools, like Max and Maya, I dunno if there are better alternatives. 
There's A Ridiculous Amount Of Room For Improvement In Tools. 
when I'm using Radiant, I'm thinking of Hammer. Sometimes when I'm using Hammer, I'm thinking of Radiant. I just can't choose between the two! 
No, quite the opposite. 
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