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Hey all,

painQuin and I created a handy little application a while back, and, seeing as I just released the 4th version, I thought I'd present it here to see what all you mappers thought.

It's just a random terrain generator with a few nice features. It exports a .map file (in Q3 or Q1 format), and has several options and paramaters for different sized maps, more smooth, etc. Try it out and tell me what you think!

Darn this lack of edit button!

Yeah, I forgot to post a link - here you go: (also the home of my glQuake engine) 
In The Immortal Words Of Darth Vader 
Please submit this as a news item not a discussion thread. 
Well, I can't delete it, so it seems like a waste of space to post it in both areas... 
anybody tried it yet? What do you think? 
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