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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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@raverx, RE: #20866 
nathnolt made this for you:

It's a solution to the elevator issue, read his comment. (It's a clever useage of vanilla entities) 
Ilumination Bugs On My Map 
I'm making a Quake map, and on testing the ilumination on floor looks very rare, I'll provide few screenshoots to show you what I mean:

An idea why happen that and how fix it. Im using Jackhammer. I'll give jackhammer map file to see if there is something wrong on map. 
Those pillars are floating 1 or 2 units off the ground. I would make them touch the ground (or even intersect with the ground).

If you are using current tools then you can make the pillars into a brush entity func_detail_wall, or func_detail, give them "_shadow" "1" as keys/values (I would also give them "_phong" "1" for a smoother shading).

You can also add dirt mapping for baked ambient occlusion - run:
light.exe -extra -dirt

The tools I would use are here: 
looks like floating point imprecision varying between the light util and that specific engine. such issues can often be worked around by nudging the texture scale slightly, just enough to change the rounding without being noticeable by hunams. 
I decided change from editor because jackhammer were giving me a ton of problems. I re started doing it, but exist few bugs... for example rocket box don't spawn in game and on kills part says there are seven enemies while there are only five. 
Fish Bug 
There is a bug where the killcount gets messed up when there are fish involved. This would be a good use for the Copper mod!

Those pillars aren't touching the floor BTW.

Also the rocket entity has some strange keys/values. I wold try without ritem, respawncount and respawndelay. It might also help to move out from the wall a bit. 
Reply To My Help Thread Map 
Why do you say me about a Quake mod called "Copper mod"?
And pillars are touching floor/ceiling.

Btw For some unknown reason trashing fish kill count is fixed and rocket problem is fixed too. Thank you 
The Pillars 
I loaded the rmf file, the pillars were definitely not touching the floor.

The Copper mod is a nice mod that keeps the original feel of Quake, whilst fixing some bugs and adding a couple of nice features.

It has become quite popular: 
I Need Help Deciphering This Return 
SetQdirFromPath: no 'quake2' in E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\215.bsp
#### Finished with exit status 1

I have Trenchbroom compiling Quake 2 just fine.
It's Kingpin and other games giving me this problem

If I just "test" the map this is returned:

#### Using working directory 'E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps'
#### Exporting map file 'E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\'
#### Executing '"E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\bsp\kpbsp.exe"'
#### Executing '"E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\vis\kpvis.exe" 215.bsp'
#### Executing '"E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\rad\kprad.exe" 215.bsp'

I can find no leaks, it's just a box with a light and player start.

I don't know why it's telling me no 'quake2'
The map compiles and it runs but 'kprad' is not working

#### Using working directory 'E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps'
#### Exporting map file 'E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\'
#### Executing '"E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\bsp\kpbsp.exe"'
---- qbsp3 ----
entering E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\
0...2...5...7... (0)
0...2...5...7... (0)
writing E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\215.prt
Writing E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\215.bsp
0 seconds elapsed
#### Finished with exit status 0

#### Executing '"E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\vis\kpvis.exe" 215.bsp'
---- vis ----
reading E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\215.bsp
reading E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\215.prt
8 portalclusters
18 numportals
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (0)
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (0)
Average clusters visible: 8
Building PHS...
Average clusters hearable: 8
visdatasize:84 compressed from 128
writing E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\Kingpin\Main\maps\215.bsp
0.0 seconds elapsed
#### Finished with exit status 0 
Check How You Have Configured Your Kingpin Game 
In Trenchbroom. At a glance it looks like the map compiles, but the game didn't start? Check the game path. 
I didn't read the whole post.

Can you run the tools from a command prompt, and see what works manually? 
From A Command Prompt 
E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\rad>kprad 215
----- ArghRad 2.01 by Tim Wright (Argh!) -----
Modified from original source code by id Software

----- Settings -----

************ ERROR ************
SetQdirFromPath: no 'quake2' in E:\Quake Engine Games\Kingpindev\compiler\rad\215 
That Was Run With 215 In The Rad Directory 
so I didn't think I would need any switches 
I mean, try putting it in a folder with ‘quake2’ in the name? 
I Thought About That 
but would like to solve the problem rather than work around it. Thanks though 
Random Leaks For No Reason... 
There's Always A Reason. 
Is it on-grid? Are you SSUUUUREEE it's on-grid? 
I apologize for the inappropriate language in a prior post under my account name. I was in the middle of a lenghty question when I was pulled away from the computer I was using. During my absence, a coworker of mine thought it would be amusing to put a childish remark. Again, you all have my deepest apology. 
Random Leaks For No Reason... 
OK let's try this again... ALthough I'm new to mapping for Quake, I have been using worldcraft/hammer/J.A.C.K. for over twenty years. I've come accross pretty much every compiiling error that you could possibly think of. I'm very aware of the main culprits when it comes to leaks (entities in the void, func_detail/func_wall not sealing the map, actual holes etc...) The problem I'm having seems to defy all logic. I'm getting leaks in areas of the map that I have essentially completed and have done exactly zero modifications to in weeks. I can compile that map and everything goes according to plan, then I will open up a new room or pathway, I'll do some work in that new area and then BOOM, a leak in some random obscure area that I haven't touched in ages. If I copy and paste the isolated problem area to a new file and compile it works just fine. I can replace a brush that the pointfile indicates, I can shuffle brushes around, I can completely rebuild the area in the exact same way or in variations that seal the map, nothing seems to work. I've had to resort to putting brushes behind seams in order to fix some of my problems, which after decades of experience I know it is a really bad fix. I feel like my map is quite literally a sinking ship. Efforts to solve these issues are really slowing down production. Any help would be greatly appriciated 
There can be a lot of reasons why a sealed map suddenly starts leaking on places that make no sense. Almost every time a leak traces to a light or entity it gets really hard to find the abused polygon.

One thing I am surprised about is.., that tricky outcome with different compilers. I mostly use Ericw tools, but not long ago I had the same embarrassment with an old large map that suddenly started leaking. It fainted on me and it really did hurt. So I left it behind.

Then, some months later, I compiled it again and I used another compiler version, and to my surprise it compiled fine.

It isn't always the construction of your map, sometimes the compiler version gets screwed. 
Thanks Madfox! 
Thank you! I was starting to have my suspicions about the compiler being at fault (ericw tools 0.18.1). I am, however, very grateful for the hard work put into his compiler. 
I Had An Issue With A Leak Recently That Seemed Weird 
Then I discovered that some of my brushwork was on an 0.5 x 0.5 grid, instead of a 1x1 grid. I changed that brushwork to go on a 1x1 grid, and the map stopped leaking. 
Random Leaks 
Although it doesn't help you fix this, I can at least provide a bit of insight to why it can happen. The first thing is to realise that faces in your map get stored as floating point values in the BSP. Floating point format is subject to rounding errors when the face is angled, and that could produce a leak.

The other important point to realise is that your entire map is an interconnected structure. Decisions made in one half of the map can cause splits to be built in a different way elsewhere. The exact way the splits are built could cause one calculation to round a float differently compared to the previous compilation.

This explains why:
- a leak appears even though you didn't change the brushes in the area (the other areas in the map had a cascading effect that changes how the compiler handles the earlier sections)
- the leak doesn't appear when you compile this bit in isolation (that eliminates the cascading effect)
- changing to a different compiler can make the leak vanish (the chain of cascading calculations could be different in each case)

I think that local mitigation is probably a sensible move, rather than bad practice. Boxing your entire map is obviously no better than leaving the leak unfixed. Having simple cuboid brushes sealing things up behind complex brushwork is more pragmatic. It might even help the compiler make better choices about how to do the calculations, as if they insulate this area of the map from changes cascading in from elsewhere. The backup brushes get culled as if they weren't there, but that doesn't mean they were redundant. 
Excellent explanation, Preach. Thanks!

I'm not the person who asked the question in #20892, but this is really valuable knowledge. 
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