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Quoth: Expansion Mod Pack For Q1SP
The intention behind Quoth is to provide a large portion of content in as easily accessible form as possible for both players and mappers. The components are designed to be consistent with each other as well as the original id content. More is under development and updates will be released as and when they are ready. Yes we are mad, but ours is a madness brought on by divining the blasphemous truths of a terrible cosmos. Or something.

More info, download and images:

Direct download ( FilePlanet, sadly ) : (22 meg)

This pack contains several monster/weapon/power-up modificiations, and some test maps. Additional full map releases posted below...
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my Quake1.def reads from the scripts folder of my Quake 3 Arena install (c/:Quake 3 Arena/baseq3/scripts) 
Mirror For The Three Separate Maps 
Also, Nice Work Necros And Kell, 
the skins on the new monsters are first rate. You may need to rework the original Quake skins just to get them up to your caliber.

One suggestion to help fill out the base monsters -- reskin Wally the Spider as a Deus Ex like spiderbot and add a lightning parameter for its pinchers.

Thanks for sharing the love. 
Ignorant Babble 
first impressions after playing the test maps and necros's marble thingy.

rough things:

There are exactly how many death knight variants? Too many? And they're always mixed, I get messed up who shoots what kind of balls etc.

And the enforcer variants too..
The red/blue/green shirt enforcers just don't fit that well with the overall brown enforcerness/base-enemyness. :/ Some of these too seem to be strong both close and far and really don't serve that much tactical purpose in my mind. It's also kinda annoying that "small weak basic monsters" shoot the most powerful things in quake like rockets (guided?). Dunno.

And some of the new enemies seem to be good both at close and far range which can make them kinda untactical to play against. Just trigger to the bottom and hope for the best.

The graphics are good, I like the death guard the most. His sword animations are pretty nice too.

The flying bat monster is ok, adds a new dimension to the combat when you have to try to figure what the next cover from the shaft beam will be. Though if deployed in packs, they're really frustrating to play against. It kinda sucks that it's quite detailed but the quake engine can't handle.

vongug.dem was great :D The monster is a bit big for it's bounding box? It shows through doors at times. Anyway, it's damn scary.

polyp, spidy and octopussy are already familiar from chapters and work nicely and are quality work.

I really dig the skybox and the sounds. Adds quite a lot to the atmosphere.

Necros' map: had that "sense of awe" thing. All that machinery and those different kind of areas. And the evilness. The combat balance was really very very good. Saved over 20 times and died a couple of times and was often surviving by a hairthin margin.

Departure from brown worked surprisingly nice. Some places reminded me of doom somehow.
The main arena and couple of places had really low fps (40 for me). I think it's because you had joined the various rooms or areas often with simple straight corridors and not doglegs...

Overall the whole thing rocks. And come on, fgd's seem super-simple if you edit them in wordpad. If I knew the specs I might just do that myself... 
i'm heterosexual and the plasma is ok. The pink is so light blue- 
Necros, you rule!!

I liked Crescendo of Dreams most out of the 3 full maps. Texture set/choice/work was absolutely first rate, lots of nods to doom in the design, I really enjoyed it.

Red777 was also good, the outdoor city section was the highlight there. I was a bit dissappointed by Rats in the Walls, but it was good fun blasting those zombies with the new gun. 
Had the most Doomish feel to me. It just totally reminded me of those urban Doom2 levels for some reason. The whole thing is r0x0r except for the very over-abundance of "1 gug then 2 gugs at once in super cramped area with no ammo" level finishing thingy. Gugs > droles at most annoying enemy now. Gotta hate that earthquake attack. 
It's also kinda annoying that "small weak basic monsters" shoot the most powerful things in quake like rockets (guided?).

that's why they do about 1/4 the damage of a regular rocket. ;)

their low HP means they won't survive long enough to fire more than a few rockets anyway, even with the shotgun. 
I still totally need help setting this up. I've put these files in like 6 different directories and nothing's worked yet. 
what version of gtk are you using? 

Wait, yes there's text.
I tried putting everything in 3 different folders in the Program Files/GTKRadiant folder, and in 3 different folders in games/quake (I think it was quake, id1 and utils or something.) 
if you have q1 entities show up in gtkr, then just dump the def files into the same folder that the q1 def file is in. 
what HeadThump said.
I haven't used 1.5 at all, necros only very briefly. The usual location for defs is in Quake III Arena/baseq3/scripts
If you don't have Q3 installed - and GtkR isn't exclusively for Q3 anyway - do a search for where your current .def file is located, whether it's quake1.def, or chapters.def or entities.def
GtkR 1.4 has the feature to read multiple def files, presumably 1.5 does too.
I'll have a look around and see if there's any more info. 
That's what I did. quake1.def/chapters.def were in the directories I dumped the files into, but nothing new showed up. I still have the Chapters entities, but not Bob or anything. 
I am so fast at replying o_O 
board ate my post with a recursive sql error something -_-

the gist was: there is something wrong with your gtkr. i have about a dozen def files in my scripts folder and they all load.

you can try just copying all the new def file text into your old def file. if that doesn't work, then i have no idea. 
good stuff... though I wish the different knights were visually more different. The blobby monster is just annoying, but the other new ones are cool.

Loved the style on necros doom maps :) 
Deleted all my Quoth.def files to start over.
Deleted all my chapters.def files, and Radiant still had chapters entities.
Copied all of the stuff from the Quoth.def files into a quake.def file, copied that file over all my other quake.def files, and it still uses chapters entities but not the new Quoth stuff.
Damn you for teasing me with new stuff I can't create with! 
Well . . . 
Worse comes to worse, just use a familar trigger, function, item, etc. then manualy rename it in the entity manager that pops up when you press 'N' when working in Radiant. I wind up doing that a lot anyway. 
if you deleted your chapters.def file and gtkr still had chapters entities, then you didn't delete all of them. otherwise, how was gtkr displaying those entities since you deleted them?

i'd search for all files *.def and see where the one that's actually being used is. 
I did a search "*.def" and manually deleted all chapters.def files it showed. I guarantee there are no chapters.def files on my system, but like I said I don't remember what I did to get chapters to work in the first place. 
i think you need to talk to spog or maybe an oracle. this is beyond my knowledge. :P 
This Sounds Good 
After a weekend of full blown Quake and Doom lan partying, I come home and find this, but sleep had to come first damn, all refreshed, downloading now, sounds quite interesting. 
Monsters And Misc Comments 
I really like the gug model. He is so cool, but I think some of his attacks feel a bit cheap. The earthquake is particularly irritating, and the oozeball things are a bit tough to dodge somehow.

The flying imp things are ok, not really got much to say about them.

The super hell knights are sweet. Love the textures.

The base monsters are all ok I suppose, but not as good as the Zer ME. The drone (Bob) is crap though. I really didn't enjoy fighting bob. Too small, fast, makes annoying sounds, takes a fair bit of damage. Just irritating. Really fucked up my e1m1 quad (or triple damage) run too - totally disrupted the awesome adrenaline rush of that section and spoiled it for me completely :(

Bob as a helper drone would be cool. When I saw him on the quoth page I assumed he was a helper at first.

I like the old Koth monsters. The drole is awesome, and I don't think he needs to be changed.

The polyp is also very cool, but I can't figure out if I am avoiding its attacks or not half the time. I know it has a wind blast, but it feels like I am taking damage, but at the same time is a little unclear. I always seem to be near to them when they die and get slimed a bit... Still, they shit all over the spawn, although don't scare me as much.

Vermis is pretty nice, reminds me of the tentacle pit monster in HL :)

Do you guys reckon you could get some more flexible destructible wall code in there? I have some pretty good breakable wall code that I nicked from Zer and enhanced for an old level I was working on. Customiseable debris models, sounds, amount of debris, type of collision (bbox or bsp) and some other stuff like how it takes damage (can only destroy by inflicting x damage in one hit, for example). The debris stuff is also very easily hackable without code changes, so you can make the debris any model you like and set the sounds to any sounds you like in addition to the provided variations. I can send you it if you like.

Also, last time I was working with your code, the info_notnull explosion hack didn't seem to work properly. I'm not sure if this was a prob with the hipnotic stuff or your stuff. 
Nice Map 
Red777 is very, very pretty. 
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