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TOP 10 Games Of All Time, What Is YOUR List?
Mine goes like this:

1) Quake, PC
2) Super Metroid, SNES
3) Neverwinter Nights (with expansions), PC
4) Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive
5) Unreal, PC
6) Ultimate Doom, PC
7) Killer Instinct, SNES
8) Enemy Territory, PC
9) Unreal Tournament, PC
10) Deus Ex, PC
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Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic - PC
Car Wars - Tabletop
Homeworld: Cataclysm - PC
Money-Puzzle Exchanger - Arcade
Neverwinter Nights (SoU & HoTU) - PC
Pac-Man - Arcade
Quake - PC
Quake III Arena - PC
Samurai Showdown IV - Arcade
Wizardry - PC 
Betrayal At Krondor
Hitman 1
Hitman 3
Fallout 1
Fallout 2

That's 9, uhh... 
''classic'' Thread Indeed 
i'm viney, so it should be ok, as well:

1. quake
2. gothic
3. gothic 2
4. ultima 8
5. doom
6. archon (c64)
7. giana sisters (c64)
8. system shock
9. newer game of your choice, let's say far cry
10. mortal kombat 2 (amiga)

the order may suck here and there, but deciding on favorites never really works out for me, anyway... all the shades of grey and blah... 
i already regret having posted that, for there are far too many games worth mentioning, all of the classic lucasarts adventures for example... 
Not In Any Order 
It's implied that official expansion packs are included with the parent game. I am basing this on Single Player.

Quake 2
Duke 3D
System Shock 2
Diablo 2

Honourable Mentions:

Wheel of Time
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 
Oh Yeah 
Since I forgot a 10th item to my list, thanks for reminding me:

Blood :D 
3 Categories 
-civilization 1
-quake (roughly qwtf, qwdm, sp)
Then after some gap
-star control 2
-indiana jones and the fate of atlantis
-the curse of monkey island
-ultima v
-slicks 'n' slide (1.28 or 1.29)
-commander keen 4
-space quest 4
-wing commander 1

I've prolly forgotten some. I notice all these are from 1990-1996. That's when I played computer the most. 
Duh, Forgot 
-red alert

Basically exposure to games has been a function of computer up-to-dateness as you can see. :) 
In No Particular Order 
...and PC only, otherwise it would take forever.

Quake 3
Deus Ex
Trackmania Sunrise
Halflife 2
Quake 2
System Shock 2
The Longest Journey
Quake 4

Number 10 on the list would probably be Wolfenstein, or perhaps Vampire, or maybe Riddick... 
I didn't think anyone else was a Carmageddon fan.

My list ... heh, quite different than others I would think because I usually don't like first person shooters.

1. Quake (the one true Quake)
2. Alpha Centauri
3. Ultima 7 - The Black Gate
4. Carmageddon 2
5. Half-Life
6. Sid Meier's Pirates

... hehe ...

7. Quake: Insomnia
8. Quake: Once Upon Atrocity
9. Quake: Castle of Koohoo
10. Quake: Lunaran SP1 
Bleh Drunk On One Beer 
"Top 10 Games That Should Have Been Great but Weren't" would have been a far more interesting thread, me thinks. 
Start one R.P.G 
...don't think I've ever posted in any of the incarnations of this particular thread before, so in no particular order...

Quake - PC
Quake 3 - PC
Master of Orion - PC
Unreal - PC
Mortal Kombat II - Arcade
Myst - PC
The Fool's Errand - Mac
Bloxter - Mac
Deus-Ex - PC 
Halloween Harry. pwnage. 
Master Of Orion 
Never played it. Did some light research on it, looks like a turn based strategy/conquer the galaxy game.

Did you play the sequels II and III? 
Of Couse The Only One I Play Everyday Is Quake :) 
1- Quake
2- Doom
3- civilization II
4- Duke nuken
5- Quake2
6- Quake3
7- Herectic
8- Elifoot
9- Mohaa
10- day of defeat 
The List. 
Daikatana - PC
E.T - Atari 2600
Pong - Arcade
Superman 64 - N64
Big Rig: Over the Road Racing - PC
Intergalactic Cage Match - Commodore 64
Master of Orion III - PC
Halo - PC
Fired Up - PSP

And the best ever:

Jeep Command - Commodore 64

No List From Me 
But I gotta shove StarCon2, Syndicate and Dune 2 out there as being list-worthy. Tie Fighter was also fucking amazing. 
Lol@ Friction 
thumbs up 
Quake 3

and er...7 other games which i cant be bothered to think about ;) 
Oh Damn It 
The Fool's Errand - Mac

I can't believe I forgot about that game. I know I was going to stick to PC,'ll make an exception in this case. The Fool's Errand is a really amazingly excellent puzzle/logic game. 
syndicate was pretty cool, indeed. i preferred the amiga version, though, because the pc version was too fast and thus too difficult (think atlantis). 
In The Order In Which I Played Them - My Favourite 10 Games 
Gauntlet II (Arcade)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Megadrive)
Worms (PC)
Quake (PC)
Mario 64 (N64)
Quake II (PC)
Dungeon Keeper (PC)
Unreal (PC)
Half-Life (PC)
Unreal Tournament (aka the game that was so much better than Quake3 it wasn't even funny ^_~) (PC) 
Hmm Yeah 
dungeon master and master of orion were damn good too.

Somebody asked: Master of Orion is a space strategy game, turn-based. 1994 or something. Explore, colonize planets, industrialize, research, build ships, negotiate, wage war.
The interface is pretty original and functional, the game is logical and fun - one of the nice things is you can design your own ships and put what engines, weapons, computers, shields you want and add special stuff like repair modules or extra fuel tanks... combats are turn-based chess-like things too.. And the ai is good. Sometimes there are a few huge ships facing thousands of little ships and it's hard to gauge what will exactly happen. 
10, Not In Any Order 
Myth 1/2/expansions
Total Annihilation
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (console)
Command & Conquer/Red Alert (glorified expansion)
Heretic 2
Far Cry
The Ultimate Doom 
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