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Speedmapping Pack #112
4 rather unthemed maps by Generic, Neg!ke, Trinca and Zwiffle. (I refused to wait for Generic's map for the sm111 pack last week so it is included in this pack, sorry!)

Generic created a not totally but much symmetric map. Neg!ke used Drew's awesome scraps to create an impressive map I would almost not call a typical speedmap anymore. Trinca becomes better and better, rooms are getting less boxy ;) And like usual Zwiffle shows off a small but very polished looking map (this map requires Quoth!).

Screenshots are available here:

Download here:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,896/Itemid,52/

Thanks so much for putting this thing together.
And thanks to everyone for helping keep Speedmapping alive.
I haven't played it yet, but I'm sure Neg!ke's will be really fun for me. 
Yeah, you'll like that you get smashed to bits. I mean... nevermind that.

Neg!ke's was the best, followed by generic's (which is really tough and haven't finished) followed by Trinca's (also really hard and haven't finished OR found the gold key so I cheated) then mine.

Good pack overall, as expected from neg!ke and generic, although the Quoth elevator system bugs the hell out of me and made parts of neg!ke's map really annoying. W00t for maps. 
i would have expected more drewish maps...

trinca: managed the jumps, were not so difficult after all. secret was helpful, but wouldn't have found it without the demo. rotated crates=nice. 8 shamblers=hard, even with quad. vis!

generic: great. nice textures, light. tough end. fun. shame on you for the box.

zwiffle: winner of hearts. once again shows who the one true speedmap king is. please no more quoth sms, tho.

drew: awesome scraps. had a hard time making the decision. even thought about turning that one into a full-sized map.
have fun in thailand and make sure you get deported soon! :) 
Just played through all of them. Neg!ke's blows me the fuck away. You expanded and improved that theme so much. Gameplay was great and bombastic.
Thanks to Generic, for putting my name in his map. It's strange that I'd be able to play these 5, 10, or hell maybe even 50 years down the road, and I'd have maps dedicated to me.
I appreciate that alot. Zwiffle, thanks for Quothing. It's the next big thing. We're trendsetters. Also, I started a SM in that sockegypt theme a little while ago! didn't finish it obviously.
Trinca, I actually liked yours alot. It's cool to see you improve every week.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this community. Keep it up while I'm gone so I'll have hundreds of maps to play when I get back. 
first sorry to all for downloading another Trinca�s crap... next time a map from me that will be out u guys wil be least i hope... :)i want to thks JPL, Gobbie and Neg!ke for the help they give this past week and the error�s that i give this week i learn and will not make it again.

about maps!

Neg!ke's map was as usal very good love the textures set and layout was great.

generic also like the map very much but final part could have a Quad :)

Zwiffle explains how a small map can be so fun... it was realy fun... :) and textures set was also to much good :) good work guys keep on it! 
"It's Drew!" 
Haha, good pack.

Maps were a bit on the hard side.

In trinca's map I could find nothing to do after the first big crateroom. 
Cheers, buddy, we hope to have you back and speedmapping soon!

Have fun in Thailand ;) 
bambuz find the trigger there are two trigger each one open the crates rooms... 
I played this. What happened again?

Trinca, yeah, those steps were annoying.

Generic, I really quite enjoyed for some reason, I'm not sure why? Oh yeah, the ending room and the shambler getting confused with the piece of wall you can hide behind.

negke, can't remember this at all but I think I got through it. Oh yeah you were chasing drew or something. I have vague recollections of fun and a skin of teeth ending...

Zwiffles was short and hard. A bit like his.... 
i know steps was not wel done...but there were no more time to rebuil... the better stuff in this pack was that i�ve learn many stuff was realy important! 
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