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Stealing Map Layouts
I haven't started a new thread for a while (if ever) so I though I'd post this.

Have you ever been so lazy/crap that you couldn't be arsed to think up your own layout for a map?
But you knew that if you tried to steal a layout from an existing map somone would recognize it, and people would realise that you're a loser. So what do you do? That's easy...

...You steal the layout of a building or real life structure you know well.

I'm currently using the layout of a night club in Sheffield to make a DM map. Anyone else used real life buildings as map layouts? What kind of buildings work well? Did you learn anything about the buidling by trying to build it in a game? Did anything funny happen while you where building the map or thinking about something vaguely related to this? How funny was it?

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so we might see DRANZ_BAR ? 
Stolen Map Layout 
Anyone else used real life buildings as map layouts?

Unfortunately, yes.

What kind of buildings work well?


Did you learn anything about the buidling by trying to build it in a game?


Did anything funny happen while you where building the map or thinking about something vaguely related to this?

Diary Of A Mapper 
In the beginning of Quake I once got so curious
why my own maps always got much bigger on data-account than those of ID.
So I decided to take the challenge of remaking
"the palce of the two deaths" e1m2
Don't ask how I made it, but I did.
That's maybe a kind of "robin hood", but it
explained me much about the hows and ifs of
Quake mapping.
Later made a splendid level, by tossing the
pieces into another layout.
But I can't call that stealing, as anyone see
immedeatly it's Quake own "furnish".

But stealing maps from others seems a lack of
fantisy to me, as sur as the shambler's catch-if-catch-can. 
...that was the most random post ever. MORE! 
I've Stolen Many Layouts 
only one from real life though when I didn't know better and did awefull maps in thred. 
in answer to #5
see #1
you start the topic, you make it random... 
Um, What? 
MadFox... I think Drannerz was saying that you sounded like a rabid monkey on crack.

and that you killed Jesus. 
Yeah This Is A Pretty Popular Practice 
hence the endless stream of "this is a map of my school/house" releases you get at the start of any game.

compare the layout of your favourite dm maps with some common normal architecture layouts. nuff said. 
Chorstorphine Hill Bunker 
Nuff indeed. I kinda wrote about this on my page for my HL map Ashpit - it's the closest I ever got to 'basing my map on a real place'. The fallout shelter that was its inspiration is not like any other kind of building most of us spend our time in ( house, office, school, mall, hospital - all of which have been the basis for maps at some time or other ). The shelter was mostly subterranean, concrete and military in design - all ideal qualities for a FPS map.
However, I never tried mapping it accurately in Quake. I did try in HL, specifically for CS, and it failed utterly. The max viewdistance was an immediate hinderance because for a CS scenario to work, the players needed to be able to move around on top of the hill as well as under it. The layout, though absolutely real and totally appropriate to the HL theme, wouldn't neccessarily have made for good gameplay.
It was worth trying, though, just to learn. 
Try the cathedral for inspiration , the new , modern bit. Kinda cool, shows how rightangled stuff can work pretty well. 
scampie, i think he might be offended at the religious remark!

top mappers prolly can take good inspiration from something real but most things will be a bit boring like telling a joke you heard from a comedian. it might not work in another situation.

picking bits and assembling them like a jigsaw is prolly more successful 
"Strange Jesus" answered the rabid, "you just blew a good opinion to cracks..." 
I Think I 
stole the layout for a box map.

the enter key is your friend, but not your horse-dealer. 
I would never make my enter key my horse-dealer. 
Title Cannot Be Empty 
Taking ideas from real buldings doesn't really work, except for those 'realistic' games. And even they tend to look bit bland. Thats my two base currency units anyways. 
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