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Speedmapping Pack #116
This week's theme was to build maps that require the use of various tricks like rocketjumps, grenadejumps, circlejumps and so on. Even though only two mappers participated there are 3 maps, heh. Adamllis made two well designed maps, the first one is mostly about grenadejumps, the second requires quite a lot of techniques and is damn hard (I _almost_ beat it!). Neg!ke also made a map that requires various techniques. And as usual his map looks very nice. Well, I really like the results of this theme.

Screenshots are available here:

Download here (456Kb):,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,927/

Quaddicted Link:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,927/
adamllis1 was nice, the grenade button in particular. i didn't see the artifacts at first, so i had a wtf moment after grenade/rocketjumping through the teleporter.
adamllis2 was a nice idea, too. but there's no way i could beat it with the pathetic trick skills i have... demo please! ;) 
I like the theme of this map pack. But only the first map (adamllis) was enjoyable for me. The others were to complicated, not intuitive enough (adamllis2) and to hard (neg!ke). I couldn't finish adamllis2, I just can't get the clue. If it is just about fast movement, I will replay it at home on my pc (now playing on laptop). Neg!ke map was too hard because of the monsters. I have finished it with hfr and genocide :)
The first map from adamllis was great. I like rocket/grenade jumping and that's what the map is about. Nice touch with adding quad and pent there. 
after a while...
adamllis2 is also ok. It's tough and nervous but also ok :) 
there is already some talking about midair scrag boosting on adamllis.bsp on #qdq :) 
adamllis1 was nice the other two is frustacion pack in netquake... with qw clients is easy... 
...someone who has been into trick moves and speedrunning for many games but mostly Quake, for many years, I can safely say that these maps are all tedious shit. 
...for sharing your absoluty vapid opinion.

(Wow, 'vapid' is a nice word I just looked up. Must remember that!)

Can someone help me doing neg!ke's strafejump? I can't get the width... 
Wow Neg!ke! 
Awesome map man! The ending was so crazy and hard and fun. cool visuals too.

thanks a lot spirit for putting this speed map pack together, i enjoyed making these speed maps.

has any one beaten adamllis2 in nq? i haven't hehe.

thanks for comments guys. 
What's this so called "circlejump"? I can't get pass that barrier in the third map. 
assuming you are talking about Neg!ke�s map: jump "towards" the barrier and then immediately use the mouse and strafe keys to fly around it.Takes a bit practice.

Adamllis: very enjoyable, love this one.

Adamllis2: too hard for me, always screw up the first gj because of panicking :)

Neg!ke: cool carnage, but I also can�t do the strafe to the rl 
no time for second gj or so, or was it third... do you have a demo where you finish this? :P

Wicked map though it is a bit hard...

I found out that at leats in fitzquake you can look straight up and thus if you fire grenades, it's hard to get them straight up. Is there a variable to toggle this? 
Ah I See 
that you haven't yet beaten it yourself. I think you have to somehow fire the grenades very early and run up to them when they bounce around to get sufficient time for the jumps. Of course this needs a lot of load-try-again. :)
Maybe joequake and the SDA qwprogs which allow a gren timer... 
i meant progs.dat of course. 
cl_maxpitch "90" //def 85
cl_minpitch "-90" // def -75 
Sm116_adamllis Is Sda's Lotw 
See for more. Apparently someone has a 20 second ER already... 
this isn't sm116_adamllis2, right? The one with the black crusher... 
Adamllis(1) - tricky, but I managed it.
Adamllis2 - nearly got to the end, but gave up after probably 30 attempts.
Neg!ke's - "Get to the top!". Okay... (brings down console) fly... enter. I can't do this map because it needs a long strafe jump and that's out of my skill set.

All nice looking maps. Thanks for making them. ;) 
Wicked Fun! 
sm116_adamllis2 is wickedly fun! 26 seconds is possible if you can keep your cool.

very nice, adamllis! 
i can't do the strafejump in my map, either (obviously). but if strafejumping works in vanilla quake - as i was told- this one shouldn't be a problem, since the distance is only ~16 units longer than a regular jump. 
i made the jump, it took a few tries but its perfectly doable. 
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