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HL2 SP Pack: "The Island"
Thanks to Blues for this news.

"The island is a singleplayer, first person shooter mod. There are no puzzles here, just pure, intense action. And who are your enemies? An army made up solely of zombies, particularly fast zombies, and their headcrabs. Where is this taking place? Any random island; the location is irrelevant. This mod will be best suited to skilled action-oriented gamers. The mod is eight maps in length and includes many of the Source engine's advanced features and effects."

More info and shots here:

Download here:
(or: if moddb's wanky download system doesn't work)
No No No 
Apart from some well made outdoorsey bits, this pack pretty much sucks imo.

It ranges from nice looking but very small outdoor areas to COMPLETELY UNLIT winding corridors. This is ALL you get over 5-6 maps bar some crates and containers at the end.

Enemies range from headcrabs, to headcrabs, with some added headcrabs, and some zombies too.

Best part is in the 4th (I think) map where you have a horde combat situation against a fair few fast zombies and can use barrels to take them out. Other than that its very predictable and linear.

Lack of ammo is annoying too. Did I meantion pitch black indoor areas EVERY LEVEL??? Oh yes I did. 
But you still payed it through to level 4? 
What Kell Said 
gameplay is really kind of annoying, especially since the fast headcrabs and furthermore the fast zombies are definately overused (despite hl2's blatant unvariety of enemies). i didn't run out of ammo and died only once, but frustration was always present.

and the problem about the unlit corridors is not the darkness itself - in fact, the need to use the flashlight and the limited duration of its battery added some tension - but rather the totally senseless appearance of them. not only are they plain, rectangular labyrinths, they don't feel like a real, functional environment, because there are absolutely no details, hardly any doors and no (non-working) lamps. but then, there are some lamps on the ceiling of a cave?!
the footbridges bits also annoyed me, for i fell into the water so many times and mostly had to swim all back to the beginning to get out - on the other hand, it saved me from killing quite a few of the runners as they were following me and drowed...

nevertheless, i would say this mod is okay. it has flaws, but at least it's some 1,5 hour single player experience and not a pointless, never-to-be-released mp mod like the rest...
i don't know if skill settings are supported, but if so, i recommend playing on easy. 
Oh, I Meant 'what Daz Said' 
never mind... 
Sounds crap.

Dunno why I enjoyed HL2 so much, because I didn't enjoy fighting the combine for half the game, I didn't enjoy fighting the headcrabs (always placed in really irritating "BOO!" spots) or fast zombies, and until the antlions were my friends, they pissed me off too.

Hmm, I seriously don't know what I really enjoyed a lot about HL2. I did enjoy it, but in retrospect, I'm not sure what it was that made it fun for me. Maybe the driving parts, prison with antlion helpers and fighting the big enemies was is.

Come to think of it, those manhacks pissed me right off, as did the buddy AI (artificial irritant).

Still, I definitely had a great time playing it, and felt it was well worth the money but... 
Must Have Been The Crates 
I Think Its The Ending 
the ending is well done and makes you forget all the bad parts

antlions pissed me off when they were my friends (yeah, I killed them all the time) 
I tried to avoid killing them when they became my friends. I liked them from that point in the game. They were a pain in the arse before, but at least they enjoyed killing combine back then too. 
I Liked HL2 
Ummm yes. 
The Ending Is Utter Shite 
the ending is utter shite? 
The Ending Is Utter Shite! 
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