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DOOM3 SP Pack: "In Hell"
Thanks to Blues for this news.

"In Hell is a new episode for Doom3, designed to revive the classic Doom games of the 90's. To achieve the same oppressive feeling as in Ultimate Doom or Final Doom for the Playstation 1, the focus is set on the atmosphere. Then and now the previously mentioned versions featured the best atmosphere for a horror shooter. The lugubrious sound has to be mentioned as well, since the atmosphere wouldn't appear half that grotesque and antic without a good sound. This makes those versions even better than the already excellent PC versions."

More info and shots here:

Download here:
(or: if planetmultiplayer's wanky download system doesn't work)
i couldn't finish the first level because it's TERRIBLY unbalanced and i had a pistol with like 10 bullets against like 8 soldiers with whips... that just plain sucks... so i quit... 
it look�s very good in textures set�s maby i will install doom3 to see the map! even with vondur coment! 
this is not my personal interpretaiotn of hell but why not, the screenies look's good and a screenshot (for me) feel's like "place of two death" q1dm1. SO i'm not playing doom3 atm. 
it's a mixed bag, really. not bad, but some pinching flaws.

basically, 'in hell' is a 8(?) map episode that one has to play two times - the second run is harder, let's the player start from different points in the maps and opens new areas that were not accessible in the first run.

first of all, what's most obviously lacking is coherency (could've been done through some kind of story, no matter how off-beat) - the levels don't really fit together, at least not in the given order. they also look a little strange in places, but this is mostly due to the fact that they are neither in base textures, nor nearly as dark as the original d3 maps. (i think another reason is that d3's bump mapping looks fairly unfamiliar on non-base textures). some of these maps are bland in places, while others are nicely designed. though generally i would say none of them is bad.

the balance is another thing. the first few maps are quite hard (i started on skill 2, but soon changed to normal), because there is fairly little ammo - also influenced by d3's problem that the weapon/item models are too small and inconspicious if not deliberately placed in obvious spots (and these levels unfortunately support this perfectly) - later on, however, it gets better. i didn't find many secrets, either. but it's possible to finish all levels in one way or another

the new weapon sounds work well: pistol, shotgun and chaingun sound sound pretty good (way tougher, with more bass); the machinegun sound is too weak, as if it had a silencer.
the monster modifications are good, too. many monsters of the same kind have varying levels of health, so one has to be constantly prepared for anything. i liked the skeletons - simple realisation, but nice. there is a new kind of zombie, too, i think. and the spider monsters rock (maybe they are regular d3 enemies, but if so i totally forgot about them).

there were some minor flaws, like obvious typos in the oncreen and ending messages, solid candles, some z-fighting and the falling damage that really pissed me off sometimes (likely d3 related). apart from the item placement (which, in retrospective, wasn't *all* that bad), the excessive amount of button finding/pushing was annoying, and especially since some of them had ridicously high wait values; and the last map ('demonic'), not only relied on highly overused platform jumping, it also ran extremly slow whenever monsters appeared, at least on the first run. (in the second run, fps were better)

the need to complete the maps a second time wasn't a very good solution, since most of the time the extra effort isn't really justified. some maps then have to be played in the opposite direction without many changes, others offer some nice premises, which however should have been futher executed. in the end, for me, the second run was a tour de force for the most part, just to finish the mod.
the boss fight in the final map is also somewhat annoying, for one often falls into the lava gaps between the floor blocks with no way out.

i must note that one of the two? secret maps (which i didn't find by regular means, of course) - e1m1 by kai moosmann - is really a kick ass remake of doom1's e1m1. awesome looks and gameplay - this map alone should make the download of this mod worthwhile! i wonder why the author hasn't released it as a standalone map...

anyway, all the rambling above probably makes 'in hell' pretty much sound like crap, but in the end it is, particularly considering it's a one-man project and the first real doom3 sp mod (episode) out there, definately a nice effort and quite worth playing.
[plus if you managed to read through this post, you can most likely deal with those levels without any serious problems, i guess ;)] 
How To Install? 
New to doom3. How do I properly install this mod? I've been unable to install it like I have other mods. Suggestions? 
extract it to a subfolder in the d3 directory, like "doom3\inhell", then run it from 'mods' in the main menu. 
I want to try it on ultraviolence with god mode. How do I get it to work? 
How do I enable the Cheat codes in this mod? 
Sounds Of Hell 
Jason x and 
Sounds Of Hell 
sammy dick 
in retrospective, my final verdict sounded too positive. 
Hey, There... is it I can't get to run any mod on doom 3? Everytime I load one, it quits to the desktop with an error reporting something about somw wrong config(can't seem to make the error screen stay, have to read it while it writes, then disappears). This has happened with In Hell, Pathway Redux and Classic Doom mods. RoE works just fine... Anybody have any clue? 
This Sentence Does Not Parse 
anyway, all the rambling above probably makes 'in hell' pretty much sound like crap, but in the end it is, particularly considering it's a one-man project and the first real doom3 sp mod (episode) out there, definately a nice effort and quite worth playing.

I am confuzzled. 
Potential Fixes 
On a very strict approach, I have to agree with Neg!ke's comments. But, despite the lack of polish and some authors arguable design choices and unbalanced gameplay, I had HUGE fun playing this mod... Mainly because of the ambiance owing a lot to Hell and Caverns, my favorite D3 levels and dedicated old Doom references...

1. To access usual D3 cheats, remove gamex86.dll from In-Hell.pk4 [from authors ReadMe, recent edition]

2. Inside In-Hell.pk4, modify autoexec.cfg according your needs and rig (screen res, key binds, etc...) Original autoexec.cfg default selects Nightmare skill! 0_o

Possibly this helps to avoid crashes too... 
i wonder why i wrote so much in the first place 
Forgive Me, Sirs... 
... but I'm completely crap at technicalities... Dunno how to unpack a .pk4... And anyway, why should that affect mod loading? I believe that gamex86.dlls are different for all the 3 mods I mentioned...
Thanks for your time... 
.pk4 are basically .zip files. Only suffix changes here. I use freeware TugZip for convenience. Right-click the file to peep inside and do whatever change you want, using drag and drop.

I'm not sure either if removing .dll and matching autoexec.cfg content to your specs will work in your case. But it worked for me. I suppose it depends also on D3 config on your machine. Anyway, removing these 2 files is fast and safe. Worth to try... 
Some mods require Doom 3 Version 1.3, and some require version 1.3.1

Failing to have the correct patch for the mod will cause the problems you describe.

I dont know how easy it is to patch the steam version (if that's the version you have), I have the CD box. 
Idioy me is now giving advice to the Silent for something he asked 4 years ago.

Highly Appreciated Anyway, Ricky... 
I have the physical version anyway... And you know what? I don't even remember if I found a way to have them mods work. I'll have to check myself... 
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