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SM117 - Tasty Like Human Flesh In A Surreal Environment
4 singleplayer maps by Ankh, adamllis, neg!ke and Trinca:

While Ankh and Trinca invite you to a vertical dance with Ogres and let you explore an ancient temple, neg!ke and adamllis send you to escheresque worlds with strange planetoids and convoluted staircases.

as usualy neg|ke map was the best!!! the rest

Ankh was very wel texture and realy crazy game play was fun :p play in skill 2...

adamllis remenber me the strange maps that hapear durind 1997 had intensive gameplay was nice! :)

my map u guys coment... :) i just leave a hardcore demo for u guys to wath in my level!!!

good work guys! 
by the way my last version in the rar file in my #1 post :) neg|ke forget to upload... 
i left your demo out on purpose, because traditionally the packs only include bsps (and txts). i forgot to mention it in the post, though. ;) 
no neg|ke is not the demo...ehehehi know is normal demos not in pack... is the map :) eheheh 
sm117_trinca is in the pack. 
i really thought i had replaced it with the newer version you sent me. but apparently not..
sorry then! 
trinca - i liked the temple and terrain a lot, good work

ankh - insane man!!! so hard yet so intense and fun. great idea. u don't get things like that in q1 sp too often i imagine. looked great too.

neg!ke - cool idea and nice visuals. map should be renamed 'leap of faith' at the end hehe. 
Trincas map was a good effort and good progress in mapping quality. The rocks and entrance to the building were well done. I liked to battle the ogres after taking MH. With quad it was even bettet. I would like to get the SNG earlier - shooting all the ogres on the rocks with SG took a long time.

Neg!kes map - always wanted to make such moving rock :) Nice idea with duplicating the whole thing upside-down. Fighting the ogres was ok. Didn't like the stronger ogres tho. I had also problem with finding the exit after being gibbed after the first try, but I guess it was intended so.

The map from adamllis was the most "escheric" one. Strange textures and design. My eyes still hurt :) Nice trick with the door at the beginning.

My map: well, I like to play it :), wanted to make this map for a long time 
Nice Maps 
some variety.
adamllis' map was most escher... damn i was somewhat confused at times. No cover & only shotgun ammo in the end so i left the last enemy alive.
With more time you could also concentrate more on the looks etc.. ;)

Ankh's map was small and nice-looking and crazy and all. gw.

Trinca's map was nice in the looks but gameplay was not nice when you had to shotgun those ogres up there for ages... Although avoiding the grenades was a challenge.

Neg!ke's map was weird, it was a bit too long imo, not clear what I had to do in the end since the buttonpushing and ogrekilling didn't have any really visible effect. Also the teles brought you at times right in front of ogres and you couldn't avoid saw damage.
Gloomy props :)

I feel Escher is a theme that is hard to do in a speedmap, since there is so little time to make good geometry etc. 
bambuz Marvin|made in 52 seconds :) not much time with 100% kill�s

Yeah, Nice Maps 
trinca: as i said, nice blah. just try to get rid of the unused spaces. eheheh

ankh: those raising columns were a crazy surprise. kind of reminded me of bits from classic doom.

adamllis: good job. this is what i expected from the theme. i also started a stairs map, but after some ten minutes gave up and went for the easier solution, for mine looked like crap.
you forgot to link the gold key door to the fake one, though. ;) 
Good Pack... 
Ankh's was a wild ride full of ups and downs ;) and would make for a nice set piece within a "proper" Knave level.

Adamllis' was an eyesore but Echeresque indeed. It was also a bit too tough and those 1:1 stairs were irksome to navigate.

Neg!ke's had plenty of room to move in and lots of ogres to kill but I think it fell a little short of his normal, stellar performance.

Trinca's was the best of the pack for its well-balanced looks and gameplay :)

Generic's sucked :)

Actually, I didn't do one this time because of what Bambuz said: not enough time to pull off any fancy architecture -- just simple stairs and ogres :( 
Really Tasty... 
I played the pack yesterday night, and I have nothing more to say than others said.. I just would like to thank Trinca for the personnal message he printed at the very beginning of his map.. I'm very honored guys.. You rock ! 
i�m the one that should thks you JPL if wasn�t you i probably quit mapping :( u were very importand on it :) i also thks very much neg!ke and Ankh for all the help they gave me...

and thks all for playing my maps :)

generic thks :=) 
Hey, Somebody Liked My Map 
guess speed map are no use anymore :| 15 msn and 12 are from the guys that made the maps... nice feedback... :( this make us think... 
dunno if the speedmaps are usually that high quality to have that much commenting, for me at least i'm having some fun and learning to map. 
one coment is easy to make... we waste more time to map a speedmap :| and we all like coments bad or god :)

omg sorry for who dont like this post i made! :) 
I Like To Comment, So.. 
Trinca: that awesome powerplay is becoming a trademark, great !

Adamllis: strange textures but top gameplay, one of those "carefully key-tapping" maps

Ankh: fun stuff, but instead of dancing, them ogres just wanted to rip me a new one..

Neg!ke: Mr. Escher has my full sympathy, noisy ogres, I had to silence them as fast as possible ;)

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