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Share: Amusing/cool Gaming Memories
Remember something funny/cool that happened while deathmatching or playing a game? Share it.
From what I can recall, I remember bot DM'ing in Quake 1. I fired a rocket straight ahead of me, aimed at one opponent. He moved somewhere as another bot jumped into view - precisely at this time, that bot thrusted himself into my rocket.

I also recall a friend telling me he dropped a bomb onto another jet in Janes ATF. 
Let's Broaden It To Any Game Mode Eh Phait. 
SP, DM, CTF whatever. Good thread otherwise.

/me thinks 
having to kill shamblers with axes, because you have run out of ammo, i remember that from a few different maps. 
my friend and I were playing a lagged modem game in end.bsp

I kept seeing him appear in the "windows" between stone pillars. I was at one end of the map. I fired a rocket into the other end of the map, between the last stone pillars, right before the teleporter. I watched it fly away until it was nothing but 1 pixel, changing from grey to orange and back again (this was in software mode, WAAAAAY back in the day). then suddenly, a huge shower of gibs. I had somehow timed it perfectly, that he had apparently appeared in that window, just as my rocket arrived! 
Once while Bal and I were dueling on Reinc1, he said to me "ping is for teh l00zerz!". Periodically, when I've been winning by a large margin and it's at least partly attributable to ping, I quote that. 
Even though I've been playing really shitty lately, I've had some cool frags. Today gibbie and I were playing on aerowalk, and as I was bunnyhopping on the top ledge (by the RL) towards the RA, gibbie spawned behind me and grabbed the RL sitting there (it was DMM3)... While bhopping away I did a 180 degree turn and landed a rocket into his face. Unfortunately he landed one into the wall right behind me as well, but it was still cool =] 
Q2 Deathmatch Memory 
Once i was duelling a friend on q2dm1 and we got into a one-on-one fight in the main arena, strafing around and shooting at eachother for at least 2 minutes until we were just using blasters. after a loooong while he killed me, and stopped to write a message, but while he was writing it i respawed right behind him and fragged him with one blaster shot :D

my favourite Q1 memory was playing on dm4 once on an overcrowded server (had about 20 players), then getting the quad and mowing everyone down with the perforator :) 
Railgun Memories... 
back when i didn't suck with the railgun, i remember a FFA on some public server (perhaps running one of the city maps ... perhaps "the outer courts." Anyway, guys were jumping all around, and i managed to skewer 3 opponents with a single railgun blast. Obviously i was only aiming for the first one :) 
q2dm3, rocket fight at the top (at cells, near the plat to the quad) I`m getting killed and respawn at the machinegun/slugs, and my own rocket I`v fired before getting killed hits me there. self frag.

prolly the most hilarious
I was at some school playing q1, and LAN was full of lamers. hey spawned and stood there at spawnpoints shooting around till they got telefragged by next spawned player. More skilled guys were erraticaly running around shooting nonstop till they ran out of shells and fought with axes. I really couldn`t stop laughing looking at them. Also the puter I played at had no mouse, but ofcourse I won with ease. 
Some SP Stuff.... 
Just a random selection that I can remember...

--- Battlezone 2, one of the missions on Bane, fighting as Scions, I'm supposed to be defending against ISDF coming down this big canyon. Two bloody huge Walkers stroll down and I just manage to hold them off....then another two....then another two. One of those moments where the immersion of FPRTS works perfectly, really intense and intimidating.

--- Wheel of Time, one of the maps around the dark castle near the end. About to fight this mini-boss near the edge of a lethal precipice. In a moment of inspiration I just use the 'whirlwind' spell, pick up the boss, and dump it over the edge. Problem solved =).

--- Quake, Zerstorer map 5, doing the speedrun (funnily enough the only record I still have on SDA). Trying to telefrag one of the two ogres....I don't quite get it right and am SHOT across the room somehow....not teleported, but moved very, very fast. No idea what this bug is and no-one has found out how it happens.

...maybe some more l8r 
Typing in the equivalent of notarget cheat, stepping up behind an enemey and laying about 50 pieces of dynamine. Run back, aim and shoot one stick and BooooooOooooooooommM - you don't see the guy until you look straight up and out as he sails over the city and falls back down. 

oOo what have I create here.. interesting.. dynaMINE... hmm :D 
Ping Story 
Once I was playing quakeworld at a public server with a BIG ping. Over 600 at least.
I fired a rocket than ran forward and continued shooting the enemy. I forgot about my rocket and about the fact that I move faster than my rocket. Then I stopped and... eat my own rocket that came slowly from backwards. 
sorry for that f**king tag 
i remember playing duke duel with a mate and my first experience of camping. so i found about 30 pipe bombs and threw them in the same room (lay bomb, select bomb, lay bomb etc).

when the guy came in the room i dunno what he throught but i told him later. just as well he wasn't armed in real life :-P 
I remember when midair first was released I played a match on endif against Ibsen, a fellow norwegian. While I was in the air both of us fired a rocket each and his one hit me, killing me. Mine hit him just beneath his legs and send him flying towards the roof. at the same time I respawned and managed to stomp him. it was hilarious.
Jump to the 1:42 minute mark if you want to see it: 
Playing A Chick In FallOut2 
And scoring some girl on girl action with a mobster's girlfriend.

Oh yeah, everybody has great GTA3 moments -- mine was being cornered by several cops after a crash and blowing the vehical I'd stolen up, taking the pigs down with me. A blaze of glory . . . 
Wolf: Enemy Territory 
On the "capture the radar parts" offical map, I had just grabbed the east radar parts and was running back towards the main gates, I jumped and just as a did an enemy Field ops' artillery shell went off behind me and launched me right into the truck where I had to get the parts too! Flew like 120 meters through the air :D Fantastic moment!

Another Enemy Territory moment on Siwa Oasis map, I was playing axis and we lost of forward bunker after like 1 minute and then proceeded to defend both AA guns successfully for 21 minutes! It was non-stop carnage but we pulled through :) 
Q1E2M1 In 12 Seconds 
My first attempt at speedrunning took 3 days. Q1E2M1 in 12 seconds. Not a record setter, but I was damned proud that I got it :) 
I jumpcrouched off the balcony on Aztec in order to shoot the guy who was camping the other side of the pillar on the balcony. So I jump out and spin 180 degree and blatt the guy absolute deadcentre in the forehead.

Unfortunately, he was on my team.

Also CS, when 1.3 came out with Dust2 in it, I'd already played Dust3 a lot. So me and a friend stacked in the corner of darkness in the corridor area with Elites, and we killed SEVEN out of eight of the other team this way.

Playing Black Ops on Aerowalk one time a friend and I recreated the final scene from Replacement Killers, quite by accident. We only had pistols and were blasting each other across the map, climbing higher and higher, to meet in the LG room, only to both empty our clips at exactly the same time. Facing each other dead still, guns aimed at each others heads with our pistol slides back, we both realized what had happened and raced to reload first. I got there marginally sooner.

Great fun, but I can't help thinking that most pepole don't really care that much about other peoples' anecdotes. 
Q2 And America's Army 
I was playing Q2DM against another guy in my town and I was sucking really bad (like I always do - I can count my DM sessions on one hand.) The final score was 120 to 1 and not in my favour. I don't know the map name but it was one of the id DM maps. I was riding up an elevator which had one wall with horizontal bars and the view overlooked some water and an outcropping structure. As I was riding up I could see my opponent run out and stop on this outcropping, obviously having spotted me. I was sure I was going to die yet again and figured that he was just taking his time judging where to shoot to gib me as I rode up but just for the hell of it, I timed my rocket to go between these moving horizontal bars AND GIBBED HIM WITH ONE SHOT!! I don't know who was more surprised but I was very glad that my one and only kill was so cool.

I was over at a friend's place and was watching him play the mission in America's Army where you parachute at night into a defended compound and your goal is to enter an ammo cache stored in a small building. It was the first round and he jumped out of the plane and was describing how hard this mission was. You could see muzzle flashes on the ground and it looked like he was in trouble already. He ended up landing about 10 feet from the door to the ammo cache - AND JUST RAN IN AND HIS TEAM WON!!! No shots fired. That was too funny. 
"AND JUST RAN IN AND HIS TEAM WON!!! No shots fired. That was too funny."

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