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SM118 - Dark And Scary, Granny Approved!
This week's theme was "Darkness" and brought forth 3 single player maps by adamllis, generic and neg!ke, proving how pointless the creation of doom3 was in terms of darkness and also showing good examples of 'bum mapping' in Quake:
adamllis got carried away in a labyrinth (read the .txt!), generic justifies the need for fullbright textures, and neg!ke locks you in an abandoned part of a base to find the power switch.

Screenshots, etc:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,929/Itemid,60/
If The Download Failed For The Extended Sm118_adamllis 
Maybe Extended Is Not The Right Word... 
The Highly Recomended version :)
Its the same map, but much more interesting. 
generic - cool work with the fullbrights, looked a bit like TRON. it was neat battleing the otulines of enemies. ending was weird tho. i guess you just jump over it?

neg!ke - wow. the map really shows how effective lighting can be! very immersive. looks were great, monster battles were just right (expect for the predictable placement of the hallway enemies). only other thing was finding the exit was a bit confusing (same as last time heh). but, wow, great map. i don't know how you make such great visuals so quicky. 
hehe Tron 
Uh Huh. 
This week's theme was "Darkness"

That's nice. Lucky that I played with Fullbright 1 then - I occasionally switched back to normal (fulldark) mode, which confirmed that all of these maps would be spectacularly SHIT in normal mode. Well done all round o_O. 
Uh Huh. 
This week's theme was "Darkness"

That's nice. Lucky that I played with Fullbright 1 then - I occasionally switched back to normal (fulldark) mode, which confirmed that all of these maps would be spectacularly SHIT in normal mode. Well done all round o_O. 
I didn't even post twice! I saw the post taking ages to submit and deliberately left it to see what happened.

Metl, func is fucked. 
nice pack!!!

omg omg omg Sm118_adamllis was to coolllllllllll best in pack!!!

negke as also very good but i lost so many times that i "impulse 9" :+)

generic light�s stuff were very nice

good work guys and thks! 
adamllis: the band thing was a somewhat nice way to interpret the theme. the labyrinth part in the beginnig sucked though. all corridors looked alike, which made me wander around without any sense of orientation and i soon ran out of ammo, so i ended up noclipping out of the maze. the arena fight was ok.

generic: small, but nicely done. the light texture helped a lot. reminded me of tron, too (and not at all of sin city?!) 
heh i didn't realize how hard that part was going to be. The first person to play that map was Peppe, and I had to get on ventrillo and guide him step by step through it.

There are some easy techniques to get thru that maze tho. Best way is to look at any lightsource you see and +back into the darkness. That way you keep your point of reference. 
I Believe In A Thing Called Loooove! 
Yea! the map was hard but so much fun.
The trick was as you said, using +back :)
and the arena in the end! hah! never had so much fun playing quake. More of this stuff in coming maps(unusual sounds, maybe some weird textures etc). 
My Reviews 
generic: Nice little map

neg!ke: That's probably the first time that I've been scared while playing Quake. Nice use of spawns

adamills: You're fucking crazy... I found taht sing the nailgun was enough to light up the area where I was looking. 
Cool As Always 
Generic: argh!! my eyes..lel

Adamllis: atmosperic beginning (light the way with the muzzleflash, nice concept), the arena was a bit annoying because of the stairs..also quite hard (btw cool riff, but gaaay vocals.. which band is it ?)

Neg!ke: have you made a full map yet ? You should..great stuff, the moment when the fiend teleported in was pure adrenaline.

Keep them coming :) 
the theme of the pack was "darkness," so i decided to make a little fun and do a map about "The Darkness!" (and still keep it dark)

I think the band is so funny cause its the last thing you'd expect to hear in a quake map hehe.

Yea you're right about the stairs, you get stuck in the columns a bit, shoulda clipped em. 
The Darkness 
...never heard of them, but still, its a nice rocking riff, lol I�m just waiting for a friend to fix my speakers, blown them up with some Faith No More today rofl (I do hope its just a quick job, note I blewn up the speaker and NOT the amp... second time wtf) 
it's not so much the music that makes them the last thing to expect in a quake map, but their appearance / overall picture. never seen one of their clips?

also, the only proper (more or less) full map i've done so far is the sm100 turtlemap. 
i was going to put some kind of picture of them in maybe the last room, but i forgot. 
So that's what you were asking about sounds for, adam :) 
Rock On Dudes.. 
I just LOVE speedmaps, quick and cool fun and you guys always find ways to make this cool/BEST game more interesting.

Now if Drew would returneth, "pakedoverflowvalley" is ...(I love it)..

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