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Q4 SP Map: Cold Steel

A solitary and mostly reasonably well done map. Expect solid, detailed, if somewhat arbitrary designs, pretty fun and mostly "low level" gameplay, with some random cutscenes and a pointless boss combat stuck on to what is basically a good map.
is there mirror of this file? that german server reached user limit... 
but this one is probably even worse 
played it, the brushwork and overall designs kept q4 style properly. there were weird design decisions though: sometimes it was unclear for me where to go and what to do, but that's ok. the gameplay itself wasn't that rich and fun, though i liked blasting barrels and a lot of physic enabled objects. overall: the best custom q4 sp to the date. 
Another Mirror 
If you are still having trouble downloading you can try here: 
Nice Map 
with proper design.
gameplay is enjoyable, although it doesn't offer anything special, indeed.
the first cutscene was partly strange, partly pointless - the others were ok, but felt somewhat out of place, too.
awkward bsp names; why doesn't the intro work when the pk4 is renamed?!
don't know what else to add to what was already said... it's worth playing, after all. 
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