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Deus Ex Machina For Quake II Released
A new Quake II SP campaign from a new mapper. Info, screenshots and downloads available here:
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Many guys are reporting this issue concerning the turret. Please, can you be more detailed concerning the level? Is the turret you're talking about the ride-on model in level 3 (Arsenal) or the ceiling turret in level 4 (Treminal-2)?

Thanks for your positive feedback & suggestions Scragbait, I hope I'll find some spare time to design another SPQ2 game. 
The floor mounted turret above the crate handling belt was the killer. I ended up using god mode when in range.

The fog problem was in the map with the lava boat that goes around a central generator. In some reloaded maps, it was totally dark, as if the lightmaps were turned off. I could only see with the blaster flash.

Looking fwd to more Q2 if you find the time. 
This is strange. I've made several attempts and that turret always kill me without crashing the game. I play on a P4 @ 1.8 GHz.

BTW, why did you use 'god'? Didn't find the remote operator? If you kill him the turret stops firing and you can ride on it... 
The Turret 
it�s level 4 in the wide open area above the drop down into the loading area with crates, the turret controlled by the remote user. I think I remember it as an index_overflow that causes the game to be unable to load so many entities at once, either enemies or small pieces of flying shrapnel produced by the turret. The shrapnel has a few seconds before it fades and is forgotten about by the engine but as the turret fires constantly there are always 10+ active models from when you first see the turret. There�s a few ways to fix it, the most obvious being how I mentioned in an earlier post - setting the corpse_fade flag in worldspawn. The downside is that Lazarus will auto-remove your medics if you do this.

As to the other methods it�s all down to experimentation on how much you can remove / modify without spoiling how it plays. It�s a common Q2 problem in that the engine rigidly limits what it allows your PC to do.

A different engine might help (quake2Max for example) but apparantly its alot harder to make an �unrestricted� version of quake 2 than most other engines (q1 included).

(scragbait) - don�t know if this will help because lazfog is gl rendered seperate from the q2 engine (which is why it turns off when you load a game or change level - so you can see the menus) but try "set developer 1" and "fog 0" at the console - which does exactly what you�d think, though this sounds like a card-specific problem.

Anyhow, still great maps - I think I�ll play through again. 
Didn't Find Operator Until Late In Level 
I did eventually find the operator but it was by accident since the door to the gun room doesn't look like a door. It looks like a wall panel so I ignored it. I did get killed by the turret and did reload my game several times and it didn't lock up but then other times it did. To avoid getting shot, I bailed over into the lower warehouse to look for the operator. I also threw grenades down that hole near the turret barred by red lasers thinking he was there. In the computer room, I thought, he has to be here, likewise the upper control room overlooking the gun level. Nope. Nope. Nope. I did go up the ladder and did step on that button but it was only after clearing the level looking for secrets did I find the door to the gun turret room. Fooled me.

But good solid episode. Recomendation for new maps: if you want the player to use a door, make it look like a door, otherwise consider it a secret. BTW, this map had very nice secrets. 
Does anybody still have this mod somewhere? I tried to download it but the link was dead. 
The Link Is Indeed Dead, Maybe Email The Author 
also, he has done this (Which works) : 
Damn, we need someone to archive Q2 SP like Spirit did for Quake 1 
^ That.

I propose Spirit for the job :-P 
Heh, Sure Thing 
If a link is dead, simply use your favorite search engine for the filename: 
Does "sure thing" mean you'll do it? 
I think he means it more along the lines if RTMF... 
I wasn't seriously expecting him to. ;-) 
I Knew You Didn't. 
yhe1: No. Never. Me no like Q2. 
Or You Could Try 
lol. stop giving people false hopes.

How much is it for you to maintain quaddicted? 
Lots of grey hair probably. That's what obsessive-compulsive does to you. 
I'm going to be nearly bald in ~5 years.

For 100� per month I am your man!

Quaddicted is fun so it's irrelevant how much time I invest. :) 
Plus The Major Description Contributor 
negke already has a shiny bald head. 
lol, I thought your favorite style was base, didn't you say you didn't like SOE's medieval settings? 
lol yhe1 :) Spirit favotire stille is castles and medieval stiles everybody know that :p

and i agree with Spirit Q2 suck sorry :\ 
There is more than base and medieval. And it was the whole setting in SOE, I do like >Quake< maps with an medieval environment.

Before this gets more awkward: I do like girls, not guys. 
They are the egg heads, I am the walrus!!

I replayed some Q2 lately and... hmm... let's just say... I prefer RMQ.

If it's between vanilla Quake and Q2, IMO Q2 fares better.

But yeah... Quake is... more fun. Implant Q2's new features into Q1, and you have the best of both worlds :-P

Not talking about deathmatch here, Q2 deathmatch and teamplay is superb. 
Will remake Quake be Aguirre quake compatible? 
Everything is BJPQuake compatible, but yes.

RQ will be expanded limits engines only though - we have lots of stuff. Luckily there's fitz085, SDL, DP, BJPQuake and so on.

Making it cut down for older engines leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. 
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