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Hangover Devastation - SP Level For Quake By Ankh
Here is my second Quake map. Enjoy!


More screenshots:


There is a download limit on my web page and you will be blocked if it is exceeded :( Can someone mirror the zip file for some time after release?
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It can stay there as long as you like.

Screenies look great, no time to play it now :( 
As I already told you during the beta test sessions, this map is very cool, I had a lot of fun playing it. I think the skybox fits very well with the map. Good choice ! Architecture is very good, and texture choice (particularly the contrast between blue stones and red metal) is excellent. Lightning effects are good as well, and gameplay is never boring....
Godd work, I will look forward to your next map for sure ! 
An Additional Mirror 
An Additional Additional Mirror 
Really Cool Map. 
Although the textures (mainly the blue walls and red trim) sorta got on my nerves. However, the layout was really nice, and the architecture was outstanding. Nice job, Ankh =D 
Yet Another Mirror 
Very Nice Map Ankh 
impressive stuff. Quite moody and atmospheric and the skybox adds a lot to it. Not too much of a fan of the layout but its still quite a blast to play and looks impressive. 
Do anyone know, is there is any speed demos of this map? 
Going to take some time to build up some speed first.

Maybe by tommorrow someone will have the layout mastered.

I haven't finished it, but its proving to be an entertaining level so far, Ankh. 
here's a quick speedrun for you, 24 secs, you get the route idea. 
Great Map 
I really enjoyed it. I was pretty chuffed with myself for getting the hidden quad, and it sure made things easier. The map is much better on hard, and looked great in Joequake.

I'll play it again tonight I think. :) 
Very nice map Ankh, I quite enjoyed it. =) 
great map ankh :) real fun and hard is real what a feast!!! 
Great Stuff... 
It had good gameplay and good architecture throughout with a couple of great set pieces, e.g. Scrags funneling down a long hallway and the final door area looking really good.

I wasn't even put off by any of the read and blue texture mix at all :)

It did suffer slightly for lack of ammo in some places and it had a few genuinely odd moments -- is that really an outhouse that you start in? If so, don't you think the seat is somewhat large? ;p

Also, I managed to find 4 out of 6 secrets and flew around to the rest, but I still haven't a clue to how I was supposed to reach them in the first place. Maybe you could give us a few hints, like how the hell do you get the Pent with the secret message?

Anyway, great work, Ankh -- you should be very proud of this one!!! 
/me Is Proud :) 
Generic: yes, it is an Ogre outhouse and as everybody knows ogres have a big fat ass, much bigger than the quake guy's :) So you have to be very careful when using it :)

There are 6 regular secrets, all can be reached by standard movements. There are also some hidden places and you have to be very agile to reach them (one is maybe the quad found by Megazoid). And there is the Pent. You have to shoot 4 evil faces to get it.

About speedruns: the run can be done in a few different ways. Maybe lodis foud already the best route. I'm really waiting for a 100% demo. There are 3 quads you know, and 1000 routes :)

Thanks for the warm feedback so far. Also thanks for mirroring the file. My site was down for 5 times now during last 20h. Maybe a moderator could add the quaddicted link to my initial post? 
Mean Level. 
Obviously above average. Great layout. Great gameplay... keeps you on the edge. A huge improvement on your previous level, great stuff!!!
There are a number of things to be said, in my opinion:
Overall strange feeling... First impression is of a HUGE mutha, and more so as you progress... but as you face the lava gateway, you'd expect to be teleported to another section and have lots of carnage ahead... Then you look at monster count and realize you've come to the end.. strange feeling... first time it occurred to me.

Secrets and items placement is a bit strange, most of them are useless, because you get to get them when you're already done with the monsters, like the YA, there are a lot of items that are not marked as secrets (and have no use by the time you get them) but seem to be more of an encouragement at trying trick jumping (final quad, pool on rooftop). These would be great if you either had the chance to use them or (as is the case for the RL at the end) the level was part of an episode.
Some secrets are very hard to come by, even and I'm not sure if the route i followed is the one you meant...

Anyway, these are just 1st run impressions... Played on normal... Only got 78/86 monsters, and did not manage to find the last "evil face" to get the pent, guess that spawned some more...

Maybe later I'll record a 1st hard run and send it to someone who can mirror it, being the Silent a poor sap without a site to host things on...

All in all, keep it up... it's agreat piece!!!! 
I cleaned it up a bit and got 22 secs

as you can see from the decimals 0:21 isn't far off and I guess 0:20 or 0:19 would be optimal with this route.

anyway, this map is sexy. I want it to have my babies. Great work ankh! 
Really Impressed... 
I'm going to test it today
The brushwork is really nice. Textures are beautifull. The ambience is really good.
And I love the apocalyptic sky.
I'm glad to test it. 
Fun, Challenging, Goodlooking 
Frantic beginning, very good use of vores through the entire map, though The Silent is right, after the big outdoor area I too was expecting even more epic to come, but that was not really a disappointment(great sky box also).

The secrets are generally very fun and very doable with careful observing, except that one "vore lift" leading to ammo/health, it lowers only once and the stairs lower only when touching the edge of the platform, annoyed me a bit..

Great map Ankh and also great demos lodis :) 
Demo =) 
only 2 secrets in skill 0 =(
and 52 /61 monsters ! ! ! 
Thanks for comments.

Siewolf: the vore lift can be lowered more than once, you just have to find the button, and you don't have to stand on the edge of the platform for the stairs to show up. If you have downloaded qdqstats you can use "impulse 111" to see the triggers. Thanks for the demo. I will watch it when I'm at home.

Lodis: cool demos. I wasn't expecting the ER time to be below 23s.

Here: thanks for the demo, I like watching demos :)

The Silent: The RL, YA secret and hidden places are designed rather for speedrunners than normal players. I hope I will see some speedrunning action with 100% demos. If you play the map for a second time you will find all secrets very usefull. Even the last YA can be usefull for those who want to do some rocket jumps to explore some more places.

First I wanted to design the end a bit different, without a teleport. I wanted to make the ending behind the door something like the e2m2. But after some trying I gave up. Also I didn't want the map to have more than 100 monsters, and adding another big fight at the end would make 120+ monsters. I also don't like teleporting big numbers of monsters too much. So the end is as it is. You can dose the fight to acomplish your needs if you are carefull. Also while playing the map you can always escape in any dangerous situation and then come back to kill the monsters one by one. In my opinion though you should stand there as a man and kill everything on the place without escaping :)
I think that the map plays the best on hard skill. There is simply more action and more fun. But you may consider playing normal skill for the first time and after that try hard skill. Ammo and health is the same in all skills.
Oh, and don't complain about ammo shortage. There is a GL and you have to use it :) 
Nice Work 
good length, fun combat, solid theme. 
nice map.
although i haven't played it again, i think you should have left the vore below the button on normal skill, as the hell knight doesn't make up for it.

the trick jumping compability (with the additional items) is a nice feature that i haven't seen very often in other maps. of course, i can't use it as intended, so i'm expecting a proper 100% demo, too. ;) 
well... i only saw some screenshots but i can say this thats nice map :> i will look for cd with Q1 and play map as soon as posible :)

pozdrawiam :) 
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